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  1. are there any vendors that stock these? I've only seen the U4s stocked
  2. GMK Lux, GMK sets are usually only available through group buys (~6 months lead time) and are quite pricey (90-160 USD base kits). Best price/way to buy these are getting them at group buy, alternatively you can try and grab one of the extras after the GB has shipped but those sell out in a matter of hours. Or you can pay way too much on mechmarket (300+ sometimes)
  3. I'm not sure about that vendor specifically, but usually keyboard vendors have Grade 0. However, keep in mind not all Krytox are created equal, I would look for Tribosys 3203 instead as it's more consistent between different vendors.
  4. Krytox GPL 105g0 would be similar to VPF 1514 and both are oils. I would suggest using a grease to lube mx linear switches, a thin consistent coat of Krytox 203g0/Tribosys 3203 or Krytox 204g0/Tribosys 3204 would be good. For beginners 3203/203g0 is good as it is most forgiving. Remember to apply thin coats, less is more.
  5. A bit on the expensive side but these wrist rests are pretty high quality. https://turbulentlabs.com/shop/tkl-keyboard-wrist-rest-navy/
  6. oof you missed out on the group buy for GMK Classic blue https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=106117.0 It's a fair bit out of your budget but it satisfies most of the criteria
  7. the left shebang is just a windows key and the right is fn(2)
  8. not much, gmk sol dark (Will be replaced with CRP Blue Arabic Dye subs), brass full plate, 50a Gummysnake gasket, tsangan layout with full backspace. Cherry clip in stabs.
  9. Just got a TGR x SINGA Unikorn 60% built with Fully milky housing Gateron Giant switches lightly lubed with Tribosys 3204, stock 62g springs lubed with 105g0 and LSD mix.
  10. Try dedicated silent switches, like Cherry MX Silent red or Silent black, they have integrated dampening pads on the switch stem, 10000x more effective than o rings. I would suggest the Leopold 750r/900r/980r as they have high quality 1.5mm PBT Doubleshot caps and a dampening felt layer beneath the pcb and comes with the option for silent switches. Imo it's the best pre built keyboard and probabily the most silent mx prebuilt. You can also take a look at the Silence Topre realforce keyboards they're really really quiet, except the stablizers which are quite loud but you can remedy
  11. Their newer mice are actually pretty decent...
  12. Look with mice with omron buttons, logitech mice use omron 50m (Which are also known to doubleclick), but are extra light with less pretravel due to their tension system. The Model O and Model D have Omron 20m which are slightly more reliable than the 50m and should have a similar feel and are very light.
  13. Milky top, black bottom is the best imo, milky top sounds better than the pc clear top. Try gateron yellows, they're a bit lighter than gat blacks but their spring is a really nice slow curve one.
  14. I would recommend against full milky gats, I would get the black bottom milky top gats, 3204 or 205g0 are fine, if you havent lubed before use 3204. Yeah 204g0 and 3204 are technically the same but tribosys/miller chemical has a better rep than dupoint
  15. Don't get silent gats unless they're healios or silent inks. Regular silent gats are known to be scratchy and inconsistent as well as having a "sticky" issue. I would use a thin coat of 205g0 for any linear mx tbh.
  16. The advantage Krytox has is that it is consistently smooth with its higher ptfe concentration and is easier to consistently apply, plus since Krytox grades are standardized it's easy to know how viscous, smooth, sound dampening, tactility reducing a certain krytox will be. That's why most of the keyboard community uses Krytox.
  17. Not consistent, sluggish and will probably gum up after a while. You get more variety with Krytox as well
  18. Basically, the 20Xs are greases, and the 10Xs are oils, the higher the end number the higher the viscosity. Krytox is a type of grease/oil and is produced by DuPoint (Original Creator) and Miller which is generally considered as superior to DuPoint and is most well know for their Tribosys 3203/3204 lines of lube, the main vendor for this is SwitchMod (Krelbit). 205G0 is usually preferred for linear, Grade 2 is the standard and has a peanut butter like consistency, Grade 00 is near semi fluid and I would recommend against this as it can actually separate in near room temperature environments. T
  19. my 3k usd tgr jane v2 makes me feel happy and can file taxes
  20. Eh they can be alright sometimes, if you get a retool batch.
  21. Cherry MX White (Milk) is terrible, it's basically a MX Green with grease applied in between the click jacket and the stem it mutes the click but makes it super inconsistent and just feels awful Cherry MX Clear (Translucent White) Is alright if you're fine with the weight and the scratchiness of the unretooled switches, and if you're fine with the keycap stems breaking off a few times because of the stem's really tight tolerances. They're p decent if you can find an older batch and lube/film them and spring swap them to make some nice ergo clears They're only good for mem
  22. There's a similar set for around 70-120, https://pimpmykeyboard.com/dsa-ruby-pos-super-system-keyset/, It comes with relegendables so you can reassign the legends n stuff
  23. Buy 400 vintage 1986 cherry mx blacks and cherry pick 90 of them, lube them with krytox 205g0 from Miller Stevenson, spring swap with lsd oil lubed kbdmod 55g springs, filmed with tx pc films.
  24. Maybe a surface arc mouse? It has a touchpad like surface akin to the magic mouse
  25. New Leopold "Star" Switch https://www.zfrontier.com/m/5788