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    Ryzen 3800X
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    Asus ROG Strix X470-I
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    16GB DDR4 3600mhz CL16 Corsair LPX
  • GPU
    GTX 1070ti
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    NCase M1
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    Samsung 960 Evo 512GB + NAS server 10TB
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    Corsair SF450
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    AOC Agon AG271QG 1440p 165Hz | LG 27GL850 1440p 144Hz | 40" 4k TV
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    Case: Noctua NF-F12 x4 | CPU: BeQuiet Dark Rock TF
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    OLKB Wood Preonic | Massdrop Aluminum Preonic | 2x GH60 with 62g Lubed Zealios and Carbonfiber and Rosewood
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    Logitech G Pro
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    Edifier R1280T speakers | Etymotic ER4p IEMs | AKG K712 headphones | Schiit Fulla 2 DAC/AMP
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    Windows 10

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  1. Also check your audio settings in windows. It will detect the DAC as a different device and may apply different settings. There might have been some EQ or DSP applied to your onboard device, especially if you were using the proprietary driver for that device.
  2. I think you're out of luck there. ZealPC is in Canada and sells lube. https://zealpc.net/products/lube
  3. The NHU12A he's using has almost the same performance as the D15
  4. It's more about weight than actually size. Find how much the screen weighs then check the arms weight rating.
  5. In that case get maybe 10 more switches that you actually need incase of fuck-ups.
  6. You will have to build them by buying a pack of each and and mix and match the parts. IMO very not worth it for a first build no matter the budget. this is a LOT of work. It will be much easier, and likely cheaper, to just by some Tealios, lube and film. Done. If you want to go a bit extra you can get some after market springs like TX Springs or Sprit. Some people have said Zeal springs can be crunchy sometimes but I've never had that issue with them. Yeah I'd just do 205g0 on everything, but you can put 105 oil on the springs instead. 205G2 (Amazon sells tubes of
  7. Is the problem the same in the left and right channel? If so it's highly unlikely both would fail in the same way at the same time. Look else where. Probably the amp if I had to stab a guess.
  8. A refrigerator is no where near powerful enough to cool a PC. They are highly insulated so the compressor can be efficient and quiet. For a PC you need something like an AC compressor and those are not quiet.
  9. The last sentence is perfectly true at least
  10. With that budget you could get something better than a GMMK. Something like a KBD75 or BELLA and also use Zeal switches.
  11. geo3

    Post Removed

    Jamo S803 are like $150, or you can get the 5.0 system, which includes the S803s for $230.
  12. You can find used Aerons for under $500 on ebay and Amazon.
  13. I would only use full customs at this point. But if you must buy a prebuilt go with something with some customizability like the GMMK Pro or one of the Drop keyboards.