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  • CPU
    Ryzen 3800X
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix X470-I
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4 3600mhz CL16 Corsair LPX
  • GPU
    GTX 1070ti
  • Case
    NCase M1
  • Storage
    Samsung 960 Evo 512GB + NAS server 10TB
  • PSU
    Corsair SF450
  • Display(s)
    AOC Agon AG271QG 1440p 165Hz | LG 27GL850 1440p 144Hz | 40" 4k TV
  • Cooling
    Case: Noctua NF-F12 x4 | CPU: BeQuiet Dark Rock TF
  • Keyboard
    OLKB Wood Preonic | Massdrop Aluminum Preonic | 2x GH60 with 62g Lubed Zealios and Carbonfiber and Rosewood
  • Mouse
    Logitech G Pro
  • Sound
    Edifier R1280T speakers | Etymotic ER4p IEMs | AKG K712 headphones | Schiit Fulla 2 DAC/AMP
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. For the dac/amp in that range your best bet would be an iFi Zen DAC.
  2. No, don't use that. Only use the tube kind of dielectric for stabilizers, and even then it's there are better options.
  3. The best? That's pretty subjective but these are really damn good: Buchardt A500
  4. Converting how? CDs and DVDs are already digital. Are you just ripping the files to disk or reencoding? Encoding generally likes cores.
  5. Edifier R1280T. They have tone controls so you can up the bass if that's what you prefer. I'd recommend setting them on stands or foam pads/blocks, because they can sound wooden/boxy sitting directly on a desk.
  6. The sources where I notice it is all Twitch streams, most but not all YouTube videos, also local sources like playing videos in MPC-HC.
  7. ZealPC is in Canada and they have lubes. For gat blacks I would use Krytox 205G0, but 204 can also work as can Tribosys 3204 https://zealpc.net/products/lube?variant=14906580729919 FYI for anyone having trouble finding 205g0 you can make the stuff yourself by mixing 205G2 and 105 oil in a 1:1 by weight, both of which can be bought in bulk from amazon for much cheaper then what keyboard shops typically sell lube for. Also milky Gaterons don't really need to be filmed at all. I wasn't able to tell the difference side by side.
  8. NCase M1 is the SFF case to get if you want small without compromises. https://imgur.com/gallery/wC8vCHA Here's my setup. I've got a big aircooler (A Bequiet Dark Rock TF, but you could also use a Noctua C14) a 2 slot full size GPU and plenty of air flow. I've got 4 120mm fans ingesting air into the case and a 92mm exhaust in the back.
  9. Kailh BOX Browns are the only 'good' brown switch in existence IMO. They run about $0.30 a switch so around $20 to fill out a 60%.
  10. Does restarting the entire computer not restart the audio service? If not how do I do that?
  11. I ordered from Winnja in Feb and received the order in May. I spent $150 for 2 PC side cables with quick connects and 4 Keyboards side cables.
  12. Either the AKGs or Sennheisers. I would lean towards the AKGs though.