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Aorus GTX 1080ti and Nzxt g12 Troubleshooting


Trying to figure this one out, I have been using nzxtg12 paired with corsair h80i then couple days back my temps on load started skyrocketing reaching 90c with load, first I watch what the pump speed and it goes slower as the load takes it time to reach 100%, then it seems I broke the pump and replaced it with my old corsair h100i with and without the usb with the same result. I put back the stock gpu cooler and poof problem solved temps are back to normal with load going up to 50c.

***I also swap to different fan header***


Aourus X470 gaming 7

Ryzen 2700x oc'd to 42.25@1.41

Aorus gtx 1080ti xtreme

Swiftech X3 H360

Corsair Tx850m


with this current set up is it possible that my psu has been causing since I saw how my pump slows down as load goes up?


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Couldn't even say my gpu is about to die since it is working fine with stock cooler, forgot to add I have 32gb Corsair vengeance pro @3200mhz, 4 corsair LL120 and 3 noctua nf12.

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