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  1. Gta v will absolutely use the extra cores. I am unsure what you are talking about.
  2. Sli is a shitshow. No way of telling how well the performance will scale and honestly nvidia had pretty much given up support of it and same with most game developers. I would say more often than not the 3080 or 3090 is going to be the overall better experience regardless of the performance numbers.
  3. If you are in situations that need amx fps like running high refreshrate 1080p games then yeah you would want a 5800x over the 3900x but if you are playing games that are going to be gpu bottlenecked with a 3900x then there is little point in get the 5800x. Honestly I would say the reason most people say the 5800x is a bad deal is because of the rest of the 5000 series lineup. If all you really want to do is run games really fast and you don't care much about multithreaded workloads then just say your money and get thr r5 5600x. If you need more cores then speed the extra 100 bucks and get 4 m
  4. Granted I have alot of other applications open in the background.
  5. That's very strange. I have 16 gb of ram and when I do something similar it doesn't usually jump to that much ram usage. Granted it does take up well over 8gb of ram something like 10 to 12 usually for me.
  6. Yes and no. I would imagine that going from 60 to 75 might not be super noticeable but the reverse you would likely tell the difference fairly fast. If it was something like choosing between a 60hz monitor or a 75hz monitor then I would go with the 75hz monitor but obviously I wouldn't upgrade a 60hz monitor only to get a 75hz monitor. Granted I would always want at least a 144hz monitor myself as I can't stand low refreshrate monitors.
  7. Generally speaking card sag is more of an esthetic issue than a safety issue. You would have to have some pretty serious sag in order to damage the components. If its relatively level then I would simply call it a day as that's about the most you can ask for anyways.
  8. As someone who works in the construction industry i would say its not hard to have multiple offices done around the US at the same time. I would find it incredibly weird if it worked like you are talking about at all in terms of timeline. I am unsure how much they would have to change to retrofit charging stations in the existing post offices but I highly doubt we are talking about a couple of days worth of work. I would imagine a couple of weeks worth of work at minimum and then more for inspection and verification. And this is not including the work that has to be done to create the plans fo
  9. A loan for billions is not easily obtained. Also its not like the USPS has control over the amount of money the government provides them. That would be congress.
  10. If you have a budget you have to go within that budget. They already said that they can't do more than 10% now because of budget reasons and could do more if they were provided more funding so don't act like money isn't the reason when they literally said it was. Sure it would cost more over the long run to do conversion to electric like they are planning to do but so does buying a house with a house loan vs buying a house all upfront. The reason you do things that cost more over the long term but reach the same end result is pretty simple. They can afford to pay that cost over the long term b
  11. I just hope they have ok clearance because in snowy states it looks like it will get stuck fairly easily.
  12. Either the mobile 3080 to 2080. Totally depends on what one you can find and for what price. The 2080 desktop was roughly similar to the 1080 ti in performance and the laptop 2080 is in the general ballpark but is obviously going to lower performance than the desktop version. As far as the 3080 I wouldn't know its performance as I don't follow the laptop space as much but this generation is odd as the 3080 desktop and laptop versions are very different from each other. Where as the 2080 desktop and laptop were basically the same only one was power and thermal limited. I would honestly look at
  13. If you have the cpu and the gpu already then why not just throw them together and find out? Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  14. I agree there its just that alot of people take bottlenecks a bit to seriously as its not a big deal when it happens. For the most part you just don't want a super unbalanced system compared to what you want it to be used for. The problem is that those calculators generally don't take use case into account which is a big issue as it can be the difference between someone spending to much on the cpu if they are planning on running it at 4k rather than buying a better gpu by purchasing a less expensive cpu. And at a certain fps you can say that the bottleneck probably doesn't matter at some point
  15. I would honestly take a look at Intel pricing as well as I have had many times where the Intel cpus are a better deal simply because they have better stock. Also it could allow you to build the pc without a gpu from the start so long as you don't pick an F sku cpu such as the i5 10400F. If Intel turns out to be the same or lower price then I think it is a fair alternative if you don't want to wait to start the build. As for memory I would stay away from trying to buy a higher end kit and then putting at lower frequency as it would be much more of a hassle to do and you likely wouldn't see a to
  16. Websites like that are totally unreliable. Bottleneck totally depends on the situation and in most cases you will have a bottleneck regardless as a perfectly balanced system is pretty much impossible. You sorta have to go by the use case and use judgments based on benchmarks and other data to see if it would be a bottleneck issue. Let's say you are running a r5 3600 and a 3080 at 1080p then you can assume you have a cpu bottleneck but if you are playing at 4k then it would be a gpu bottleneck. Also that doesn't even take into account what games you are playing as some games even at 4k are so e
  17. Remember that without a graphics card a computer with the 5600x will not function as it has no integrated graphics. Also for memory the ideal speed is 3600 mhz and because the 3000 and 5000 series of amd cpus have fairly good memory controllers they don't have issues with running higher speed ram like it was the case for the 1000 and 2000 series. As for why you would want 3600 mhz ideally is well because the infinity fabric is connected to the memory speed so the faster the memory speed the more bandwidth and the faster the infinity fabric runs results in less core to core latency as the infin
  18. Tbh this is the high end of what is available on the market from what I have seen. Graphics cards are simply out of stock almost across the board.
  19. If you want to learn more about thunderbolt 3 you can look at this page as it answered some of the questions you had. https://thunderbolttechnology.net/tech/faq#:~:text=™ 3 port%3F-,Yes%2C Thunderbolt 3 ports are fully,with DisplayPort devices and cables.&text=Thunderbolt 3 provides DisplayPort%2C which,HDMI%2C DVI%2C and VGA.
  20. No laptop manufacturer would have put in thunderbolt 3 to only end up limiting its bandwidth. The entire point of thunderbolt 3 is that it has high bandwidth and amazing versatility. As far as I know its a standard so they can't mess with it otherwise it's not longer considered thunderbolt 3. Also I would like to note that some monitors simply don't work well with hdmi vs displayport. I had a 240hz monitor that only would do 240hz through displayport and 144hz through hdmi. Why that was the case I have no idea but its not an uncommon occurrence. Granted it could also be the case that your moni
  21. Yes like there are monitors out there that will do 1440p 144hz with 10 bit color but I would note that this is mostly for HDR10 purposes or just HDR in general. For day to day gaming you probably won't notice a huge difference between 8 bit vs 10 bit as 8 bit is sorta the norm while 10 bit is something extra. I should also note that I am unsure if there are any monitors that do 1440p 144hz over hdmi as alot of monitors focus on displayport. But your laptop has thunderbolt 3 which you could use to run displayport so it shouldn't be an issue if you have to use displayport for that.
  22. Generally speaking 10 bit color is more bandwidth than 8 bit so you are limited on what you can do as far as refreshrate based on how much info the monitor can receive. I have never heard of 32 bit color before so it might be a similar case. Granted this is usually the case when running into the max bandwidth of the hdmi or displayport standard. You can find ones that do 144hz 1440p 10 bit color easily as it is what you need if you want to run HDR10 hence the 10 in HDR10. for youtube and whatnot I have never had screen tearing issues when keeping my monitor at high refreshrate so I wouldn't wo
  23. Unfortunately there are many people who are messed up and do violent crimes not out of pure wanting to but because they are basically broken people. You have someone grow up in a fucked up environment then they grow up to be a fucked up person who can't really think properly and end up doing crime and being violent. There is a saying that says hurt people hurt people. Guy gets abused by his dad ends up abusing his son in return and the cycle continues. No amount of morality is going to fix the sheer amount of psychological issues within these people. Most violence isn't so much of a human choi
  24. I feel like there are some low hanging fruit like maybe not having public school funding based on property taxes. Idk who thought that would be a fair system to ensure everyone is offered the same level of education. Also making weed legal would be another good thing to do at this point. No reason to put people in jail for such a stupid reason as weed.
  25. Why does this guy think that these games that literally millions of people play causes people to commit violent crimes? If that were the case it would be a literal warzone outside all day every day. The places with the most crime probably can't even afford to play these games anyways so why are they so hung up on it? There are so many more productive ways to limit violent crime than this dumb bill.