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Best screencap tools for mp4 and gif for tutorials?


Polling for interesting ideas.


I know how to use basic screen capture software, but I want to make sure I'm using the most effective tools because I'm going to be doing this more often. Some considerations:


1. I'm curious about exporting to a GIF (or similar) format -- the destination audience will be Microsoft Outlook users. This could be a cool way to have short tutorials in-line with an email. But, I'd imagine some email programs don't play gifs, and also gifs are large. I don't want to have a complicated process to encode and optimize, lower the framerate from  an mp4 into a gif, has to be easy to take a snippet from a longer video and make a gif out of it.


2. For long-form tutorials, I'm going to be uploading to Youtube. I tried OBS capture, one of the issues I'm running into is I want to capture only a "part" of the screen, and I want to be able to "move" the viewport or "camera", maybe via hotkey. The idea is to make it easy for the person watching the video to see exactly the part of the screen they should be paying attention to; capturing in full-screen 1080p is very bad for this. I also need to move the viewport around sometimes to avoid capturing irrelevant or confidential content.


3. Anything else that would be useful to quickly make tutorials that are more professional (e.g. Title screens, or basic powerpoint-style content to explain concepts). I could just use OBS to switch to poweropint, but I was curious if anyone had other ideas.



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