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  1. I can't find much information on this topic, apparently intel AMT / Meshcommander are very different from AMD's DASH implimentation. My goal is to have remote desktop even when the OS has crashed, and to access the bios. This reddit post from MeshCommander seems to suggest AMD's implementation is lacking, and I would need to get a "ryzen pro" cpu and possibly a special motherboard as well https://www.reddit.com/r/MeshCentral/comments/d7a7ud/does_meshcentral_have_support_for_dash_amd/
  2. VMware workstation (on windows) does allow for things like autostart and autopause on shutdown, so it can sort of act like a server.
  3. That seems to be the case for the most part. Bluetooth audio streaming has not changed since Bluetooth 2.1. I've used USB 2.1 dongles on a Mac (with a broken internal Bluetooth) and aptX was supported just fine. AptX can also be turned on with romhacks on old android phones. The exception of course is Bluetooth hardware transmitters that are a completely different animal, software-agnostic
  4. Using a Class 1 transmitter helps. The avantree leaf is not very good. I like the Avantree Audikast. Will get you coverage in about 30 feet indoors, maybe though 2 walls. There are other "long range" Class 1 transmitters, but the Audikast is the only one I'm aware of that supports USB input, whereas others need optical/toslink (which is annoying because most laptops don't have this input). USB extension cable is also important for positioning. I'm suprised you're not getting good performance with your Galaxy S9 though. Most new phones should come with Class 1 these days. Apple start
  5. You could always add an extra fan at the back, that might be good enough instead of upgrading the entire cooler... also make sure your fan control curve makes sense and doesn't have drastic (audible) jumps. Multiple medium-low rpm fans are quieter than 1 high rpm fan
  6. From what I'm saying, unless both your phone and your headphones support "Qualcomm TWS+" not to be confused with "Qualcomm TWS non-plus", there's an additional leg of latency that occurs since the headphones form a mesh-like network with each other instead of both connecting to the phone. Like anything bluetooth, "Qualcomm TWS+" seems to be mostly vaporware at the moment, both in headphones and it's not supported by Android 9 afaik. Youtube for android manually compensates for bluetooth audio lag (and apparently, also on Windows 10) , such that this test works perfectly
  7. Welcome to the world of confusing BT standards and oblivious device reviewers. It depends on the type of dongle. If it's USB software dongle designed to add bluetooth to a computer that doesn't have it builtin (e.g. a desktop), it doesn't have to support aptX, because Windows 10 and MacOS both support it in software. However, if it's a hardware-based dongle designed to be hardware agnostic (most commonly used for TVs, often has toslink input), it needs to support the codec you want because the computer will only see it as a Toslink sound device (or USB 2.0 Sound card) and al
  8. Like you said aptx-LL is vaporware on phones, because it need a hardware-level encoder. However, android (and I assume iOS) devieces use a trick where they delay the start of the video by 150ms or so to make sure it stays in sync with lagged bluetooth headphones. This seems to work well with Youtube, but doesn't work if the application doesn't support this feature (not sure if netflix does). Some random video playing inside your browser with jwplayer, for example, will likely be out of sync. Use of BT on a computer could be a lot more hit or miss. And gaming for sure cannot delay it
  9. Okay, apparently I've managed to fix the issue with CRU, I didn't change my Freesync range, but I changed the Range of the Display itself from 48Hz to 50hz. Now I can do the pendulum without freezing up at any FPS lock, and so far in 2 hours of gaming I've yet to get a flicker. Nice! Too early to see if this fix will last. My advice to anyone trying this is to reboot when you make a change in CRU, instead of using the builtin restart64.exe. Keep a spare monitor handy (or perhaps connect using a different interface hdmi/dp) if you get locked out...
  10. I don't know how fancy OVH's control panel is. But uf you're using Linux you can edit the apache config manually https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-18-04 the magic happens in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ this will allow you to have seperate websites on the same IP address using multiple domains
  11. I've been looking into products like the streamdeck and various 50$ mini keyboards but many of them are MicroUSB. You would think I'd be able to find some dinky bluetooth one or ideally a wireless one with a proprietary dongle, at least on kickstarter or something. Why isn't this a thing?
  12. I recently got this monitor, but if I turn on G-Sync the whole screen goes back for a few seconds, as I'm told this is when the game lags and drops below a certain Hz for a quick moment. I read some forum posts that suggest using ToastyX CRU to set the low range number 50Hz instead of 48Hz ... but that was a terrible idea. I had to reboot my computer with a different monitor to even bootup again, I had to reboot 3 times as well with IRQL errors This is somewhat disappointing, I would have thought being an Asus monitor it would have better "G-Sync compatible" support
  13. Do a video on why they don't show gameplay in steam trailers. Also related : business software that has blurry low res screenshots
  14. Yes they have their only dongle with a proprietary implimentation usually. They do this because bluetooth , espcially in the past, has had: - bad range - bad latency - bad compresion - pairing problems - simultaneous stereo audio + mic not supported Some of these things have gotten better, some of have not, but especially the last one has not, which makes it a no-go for gamers