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Laptop water cooling

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Posted · Original PosterOP

What about printing a plastic tub that the laptop sits in that is double walled with a thin aluminum bed that the laptop sits on as cooled water is pumped through the assembly. 



This thread is a resurrection of an old thread. 


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You could do that, yes. Or, you could buy a laptop that has good cooling to start with, so you can't addicentally flood it with water.

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So you're saying just set the laptop on top of an aluminum box that's full of water?

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1 minute ago, Theguywhobea said:

So you're saying just set the laptop on top of an aluminum box that's full of water?

But the water in the box is being pumped through a regular cooling setup Sewell as I understand it. So basically the box is like the waterblock in this scenario. And the loop could be something like ; res-pump-waterbox-radiator-res

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Would only work for Macbooks, and you'd likely have to take off the feet so it's flush

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i don't understand the fascination with sitting your laptop into a pool of fluid.  you would be much better off i think getting some sort of custom  cold plate block ( an aluminum block with channels in it that house a tube that passes cooler fluid to chill the entire solid block.)


but then at that point you'd be making a large investment into making a portable piece of hardware more or less stationary (if you needed that cooling performance)


At least if you did it the way I am thinking you wouldn't have to deal with filling the ports/ potential short locations to avoid contact with the bath you sit your laptop into.


The  video (like half of the video's Linus puts out)   seems to be for the shear shiggles of it.   which for the most part are interesting to watch something happen with out risking your own hardware/money  if it doesn't work out. or fails after a while  and water some how shorts your laptop.


But to each their own, swimming laptops for all (in the future)



-Upon re-reading i realized you are suggesting almost what i recommended.  This is a much more practical idea than a straight water bath.  And probably the best way to go about this, if you cant just get a laptop with better cooling performance.

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