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  • Birthday Dec 26, 1987

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    Kanada, Lowermainland
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    handy things, that cans be used IRL.
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    i like to read
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    professional cook and roofer


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    9590 @ 5.0
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    Crosshair V Formula-Z
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    4x8 gskill ddr3 2400 mhz
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    DUAL 290X
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    Enthoo Primoo ultimate/haf stacker 915F
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    a lot
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    1600W P2 platnium EVGA Supernova
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    Pg278q swift and two 1080p's
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    water, a lot, dual gpu, 420/480mm, Arcrylic hardline, dual d5. FansX13, AquaComputer Cuplex Kryos Next .925 w/Vision module
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    K70 cherry red/ G13 keypad
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    G502 Proteus/ ps4/ xb360 controllers
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    3.5" pioneer car audio replaced 1" samgsung desktop speakers, Hyper-X/Corsair2100 headphones
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    64 bit

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  1. internet fame will do that to you @Sauron @Geography @fasauceome
  2. yea, esp if you dont want to appear as a super anonymous person age is relative to the person perceiving it (chronologically aside; when i was young i felt old, now that i am older i feel young...) yea valid points i do feel a lot of the younger crowd skips over these introductions, and their own faults lead them to failures/unsuccessful attempts to wrangle crowd sourced info in a forum
  3. yea i try my best to show people with under 20 posts, how to do that if they start replying without the things.. i like @Geography for not having to quote, i like to quote the specific part i intend to reply to, and a mention just means this i meant for you. but also if i am active in the thread i will usually notice if its 'bumped' and go check it out I didn't know about it for awhile too, then i was on my phone in the work van stuck in traffic one day, and the drop down menu is more condensed/etc and i found these other functions (like that)
  4. if you go into your activity page, and choose the posted in function you can see if there has been a reply in the thread, regardless of whether they quoted you, or even was a response to oneof/your post.
  5. just meant that this case aside that the info i gave., if you can only mount it one place.. then you dont have much choice, so i described fan orientation effects to a very minimal scale.
  6. this can mean two things... i am assuming you are recommending that the fans should be Push Numerous people have studied fan push/pulling debate, and in the end the pull is slightly worse, not really a concern if you have poor air flow in your case. also a restrictive case is is better to push the air out of the case rather than into it if its small/restrictive. and only modest increase for push+pull config over either or. @SaltShakerOW in the case of mounting on the bottom or front of your case, in-between the case and the radiator pushing air through the rad,
  7. i watched a video and it can fit up top and mostly likely clear the mobo+stuff near it
  8. i was hoping the question would be like Why is RGB still a thing -snip- bad info link not ring only. the more mainstream the producer, the more likely they will be using some sort of 'proprietary' connector and or software in-order to give you 'all the options' Since RGB is actually a non-sale point for me i cant offer you much more advice than that, Beyond a controller, and good software: since i've heard getting all your RGB to do the same thing at once can be difficult once you start mixing brands.
  9. You can find out with the fan specs. Ie: a 12v 1800 rpm fan will run at 1800 at 12v; if the spin up voltage is 2.66v then it won't start spinning till 2.66 or greater voltage is applied. PWM uses this concept to adjust voltage input according to a specified input reading. Without the 4th pin your fan will just run at what ever percentage you set it to run at (75%)... The one you linked and the picture the last guy shared are both good. I used a similar one they work well; and are great if you are just looking to wire manage all the fan cables out of sight.
  10. thanks for the clarification. been using the fan controller in my 5.25 for too long i guess, happy holidays
  11. @freakyyyydo What woodenmarker says, Yes you can, but Bios control wont work with 3 pin fans. Use a Y split to run 2 fans off a single mobo plug (if using 3 pin) that box you linked will work, but you wont get any control;100% always as wooden says.Unless its a manual control device like my 5.25 bay 6 channel fan controller. you cannot set a custom fan curve for a 3 pin fan. the 4th pin is what regulates the input voltage (for the curve) If you dont care, using one of the boxes to power the extra fans, although they are designed for 4 pin fans
  12. i will clean up some things and jump a psu and give it a whirl, i'm curious to see what its movement is like compared the the D5. which is honestly the only pump i have used in my computers. i have messed about with quite a few pumps but none of them ever got into my system. Vertical?- Do you mean like how its orientated in the picture? or as if it were lain flat on its back side?
  13. yeas thats exactly what i was describing, just never looked for a silverstone version. when you use that thing, you only have to set one curve in the bios, and any fan connected will run at that curve.
  14. For putting 2 fans on a single MOBO spot that's good. But for more than 3 fans you should use something that gets alternate power from a different connector. Link the one you want to use
  15. most quality pasted perform in the 4-7 w/mk yes it displaces the most heat, but it is also inherently riskier if you over apply. there are some things to consider beside the OBV no aluminum, But that it does 'stain' a copper plate(block face) and if the chip runs hot enough it could make the copper 'absorb' it until the surfaces become saturated. i can only really think of two, conductonaut and Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra, there might be other brands available in some places. but those two, Coollaboratory and Thermal Grizzly are the main suppliers that are mentioned