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  1. Oh yeah it's going to take me a while but as long as it works as intended I'm ok putting in the work necessary.
  2. What you mean? I will not be using any software - both would be config in the router itself then in the computer itself, no software in-between. You mean drop the connection though…?
  3. Those were examples of-the cuff. I will try to use a couple closer to where I live. Also my internet is what they call 'hyper fiber' - a lot faster than 'regular fiber' and I don't game online so latency won't matter much I suppose…?
  4. I was thinking I could use one VPN in my router and make it look I am from the UK then another VPN in my computer to make it look like I am from Japan (or anything like that). Pretty sure on the other end it will look like I am from UK (as the router it sending the signal out) but having it 'doubled' would only slow my connection or actually provide twice the protection in case one VPN drops…? Been thinking about this for a while since Facebook (+ Instagram/WhatsApp) and Google and Amazon got crazy hungry for our personal data. I mean it's always been like that but it seems th
  5. I realize it's been a while but I'm not very active in this forum... if you haven't figured it out yet try to reset the SMC with the new battery on. Shut down and unplug your Mac. On the built-in keyboard, press and hold the Shift, Option, and Control keys on the left side and press the power button and hold all of these down for 10 seconds, then release the keys. Connect the power adapter and wait 5 seconds then turn the Mac on normally.
  6. Haven't got the 2019 EFI chip. Found someone online that sells it but if it doesn't work I'll never know if the hardware can't handle or if the chip was a scam… Oh and I am in New Zealand so pretty much on my own Or maybe not… Had an idea, will flick some emails and see what I can get
  7. My ulterior motive - and aspiration - would be run the i9 9900 CPU in the 2017 iMac 27" which according to everything I've seen online has the same hardware as the 2019 iMac 27". So yeah a lot more money than just a top tier board iFixit list the PSU as being the same in both 2017 and 2019 and even the specs listed on Apple shows both machines basically the same (at least the pre-T2 2019) the only noticeable difference being the GPU that goes from the Radeon 580 in the 2017 to Radeon 580X on the 2019. And of course different CPU lineup. So considering Apple does have
  8. Ah so that's pretty much where I was driving my point: it would work (conceivably at least) if chipset/BIOS were compatible…? So for the sake of argument, say you could replace BIOS and chipset (or flash them, don't know which is doable - if any) you could run the i9 9900 in an i7 6700 board…
  9. I see more similarities than differences: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/191789/intel-core-i9-9900-processor-16m-cache-up-to-5-00-ghz.html https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/88196/intel-core-i7-6700-processor-8m-cache-up-to-4-00-ghz.html Why wouldn't they work interchangeably? Different BIOS, Chipset…?
  10. This is mostly hypothetical - I am not buying or building a computer, I am just curious if both CPUs would run in a identical motherboard considering that they got the same socket and apparently have the same 'base': both are 14nm, PCIe 3, DirectX 12 and so on. So would a older board that was 'top tier' for the i7 6700 run the newer i9 9900 as they got the same socket?
  11. What's the difference from VPN and seedbox? Wiki wasn't too clear about anonymity issues… I'm considering paying for a VPN service but do not want one that is too well known (I figure those can be easier targets for both hackers and agencies). Also it needs to be able to run on the system (don't want to install extra software) and not bog down my bandwidth too much. A bit too specific I know but that's why I am asking here instead of Google
  12. I do like that idea for any sort of online interaction. An example would be: if I buy things from Amazon ever X days/weeks I could set it up to auto-delete my account if Y days/weeks went by without logging in. All the data would be kept in my computer and a random hash would be generated by my computer once logged in combining my password with my IP, the website address, my account name on that website and the time of login (or something to that effect). Same for social media and yeah everything online. Wouldn't that keep third parties from having have access to my data?
  13. Like you are doing here in the forum? lol
  14. That. But also, if it becomes a trend and every app starts to make this mandatory then what…?