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  1. Or just buy another Chinese wifi relay. That was my first thought. Sure could take a while to be delivered but a lot cheaper and simpler. Then again where's the video to be made by doing this way…? Also Arduino maybe? I would have thought that you could keep the old school garage opener - which I am sure is more reliable - and just put an electronic motor to 'push the button' - so to speak. And I would not rely on anything that is integrated with Google I'd rather have it activated by proximity: wifi connects to phone when in range, that triggers the system to open t
  2. Well the original file was a few MBs and when upscaled and de-noised (from 640x480 to 1280x960) it went to a few GBs but when that file was compressed with Handbrake it came back to a few MBs just a bit larger than the original file but a lot sharper. I know near nothing about video compression but I do know a bit about audio compression so if it's similar it means human eye perception sees better image on the new compressed file but the system does not 'see' much better than the original file because the new file lost actual data when compressed…? EDIT: I don't know if
  3. Fired up Movavi, saved the file as 'highest' MP4 (it went from a few MBs to a couple GBs - no apparent change in quality though ) and it worked. Now it does show up as HD on YouTube…
  4. So… 1) it does not outperform the Samsung 970 Pro and 2) the best it can do is copy Apple's Fusion Drive technology to Windows…? (Which the video failed to mention by the way). Wow best to get a PCIe RAID board and 2 (or more) actual SSDs instead
  5. If you gonna 'jank it' as LTT always does, better buy it ready then…? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mac-Pro-Mini-Hackintosh-2021-8-Core-64GB-RAM-OSX-11-or-10-15-1yr-Warranty/265056198447
  6. Just seen on eBay and remembered this video… Well… a much better option if you don't want to 'jank it' as LTT always does…? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mac-Pro-Mini-Hackintosh-2021-8-Core-64GB-RAM-OSX-11-or-10-15-1yr-Warranty/265056198447
  7. Ah it might be bitrates and MKV files that are the issue… I'll fix that and come back here. Thanks!
  8. Mac here. What is it that you need exactly…?
  9. Says 320x240 - this particular video is originally 480x360. So even the low-res ones gets capped even further… This sooo frustrating…
  10. FPS is 29.97 How can I tell for sure if it is 720p? Not vast experience on the matter here I'm afraid… And ISP should not be throttling anything. Even if it were I assume that should not have impact on the file uploaded…?
  11. My videos are HD - not 4K, perhaps not 1080p either but definitely not low-res - and yet every time I upload something the max I would get is 480p on YouTube. I've seen/read elsewhere that it can take some time until YouTube servers actually get to the full resolution but I waited hours and yet nothing changed - I waited overnight and still the same low-res on YouTube. I used HandBrake to compress the videos and save space on my drive but they are still HD and looks great on my 5K screen. Am I doing something wrong? Could it be because the source file is 'compressed' MKV/
  12. PPCs didn't age well because only Apple was using them (I think…?). However they were still quite good for more than a few year as far as I remember and I could argue no PC from that period aged well either… As for recent M1 I'm still cautious about anything 'new' from Apple including software. Since Steve Jobs passed it's only about money (as in yes it was always about money after all it is a company but they did have a direction then - a 'vision' if you will - that they do not have today). For instance Photoshop was buggy as hell in Catalina and I am pretty sure they haven't
  13. T2 have several annoyances that can be real bad. For one it makes real hard (impossible?) to recover your data if something in the hardware fails and that is just stupid. ARM chips - and the current MacOSs - are more device-like than computer-like and if I am buying a desktop I don't want a tablet even if it is a 27" one… There are more than a few things to be ironed out for me to even consider it. I held on to my 2011 iMac till a couple years ago when I finally made the move to the 'slim' models for similar reasons. I mentioned the current GPU above: AMD 395M 2gb.
  14. It should be the AMD 580X Pro or something… Not entirely sure about vram vs gpu core - hence the topic - but from what I've read I would be needing those 8gb vram for bigger file sizes right? Plus there aren't many GPU options anyway… Unless I manage to find a VEGA with HBM2 vram but that could come with a T2 chip and I sure do not want that… I had considered an eGPU but it would cost pretty much the same - or more - as upgrading to a newer iMac. And I'm pretty sure the 2019 non-T2 would be the last good one till about 2025 or later depending in how they evolve their CP
  15. I only got 2gb vram at the moment so the i9 with 4gb vram should be a huge improvement. Will aim for the i9 and 8gb vram - no upgrades later on - but consider the 4gb vram if price difference is too big. Thanks!
  16. Topaz Video Enhancer, Movavi Video Editor, HandBrake, AVIdemux… I know it's hard but let's not get into Mac vs PC here please.
  17. Right so I got into this whole video enhancing AI thing but it can take about a day to work on a 30min video (literally over 20h!) on a i7 4-cores 4ghz Skylake and AMD M395 2gb - I've got the 2015 27" iMac 5K. I also dabble in video editing and do some conversions using HandBrake as well. Nothing professional, just personal use like editing/enhancing old home videos or saving storage space with format conversions and such. So I was wondering which option would be more efficient: going for a 2017 model with 8gb vram and stick with the i7 4-cores or get the 2019 with i9 8
  18. Uh… not really… I mean not in the sense of third party software anyways… I would config one VPN in the router's native software and config another VPN directly in my computer's OS. So I think in that scenario the router itself would have to crap out or the OS would have to fail and if any of that happen I would be forced to be offline either way…?
  19. Perhaps I didn't express myself properly - though it was understood above: I would be running a VPN in the router and another in the computer. As mentioned above I belive this is called 'layering'…? You are probably one of those who think 'I am not doing anything wrong, I have nothing to hide' sort of people. You are wrong (and I will not go down that rabbit hole) and it's your right as it is my right to say 'no' to all that but I have no other option of exercising my rights other than pay a VPN to ensure some level of privacy. Hence 2 VPNs. If one goes down,
  20. Oh yeah it's going to take me a while but as long as it works as intended I'm ok putting in the work necessary.
  21. What you mean? I will not be using any software - both would be config in the router itself then in the computer itself, no software in-between. You mean drop the connection though…?
  22. Those were examples of-the cuff. I will try to use a couple closer to where I live. Also my internet is what they call 'hyper fiber' - a lot faster than 'regular fiber' and I don't game online so latency won't matter much I suppose…?
  23. I was thinking I could use one VPN in my router and make it look I am from the UK then another VPN in my computer to make it look like I am from Japan (or anything like that). Pretty sure on the other end it will look like I am from UK (as the router it sending the signal out) but having it 'doubled' would only slow my connection or actually provide twice the protection in case one VPN drops…? Been thinking about this for a while since Facebook (+ Instagram/WhatsApp) and Google and Amazon got crazy hungry for our personal data. I mean it's always been like that but it seems th