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  1. Agreed. This is a shitty PR stunt. Yes, the idea is cool, but there are already so many easy alternatives to it if that's something you actually want to do. I have a very expensive 75" "Smart" TV sitting at home that can't connect to wifi or do anything related to "smart" functions because Samsung just decided to no longer support it. That is the kind of thing that encourages e-waste.
  2. 650w is plenty. Whether I’d run it depends on the PSU itself. Wattage rating =/= quality. You could always make a post on the PSU section of the forum. They have good knowledge to help you.
  3. Sounds to me like memory or some power component overheating. As a last case I’d try the card in a different PC or a different power supply. Might even be your RAM and not the graphics card at all. I’d just send it in for warranty repair if it still has one. Clearly a manufacturing defect since the card is so new still.
  4. I found my DT770s to get much better after a fair few hours of listening. Brand new they were disappointing (I imported them so I was stuck with them) but now they sound awesome, and it’s great to have the tank-like durability. The 80 ohm model can be used decently with a phone or laptop. Not sure about the 250 ohm. Only issue I have is the very long cable, which can be fixed for not too much money, especially if you DIY it.
  5. I think it’s great. Even if this only lasts a year or two, if that money goes straight into an investment and they just forget about it for a long time that is a huge safety net. Might mean debt free education or a very solid house down payment. He’s gotten loads of coaching as well though. Kids start rugby and American football at about 5 or 6 as well and start playing real games very quickly. At least he won’t have a broken body by the time he’s 25. Mozart composed his first piece at 5 IIRC. Given training and good guidance kids are very capable. Again, I just hope his
  6. Honestly good for him. Kids start physical sports very early as well so it really just makes sense that eSports would do the same thing. And in eSports younger people are actually the ones with the physical advantage due to faster reaction times (as @BuckGup said). I very much hope he takes care of his back and wrists though. Sports injuries are still a thing for eSports, and sitting all day is not great for a body.
  7. I would take that deal in a heartbeat. A GPU that is bottlenecked by a 5820k will also be bottlenecked by a 6700 anyway. And it’s very easy to OC the 5820K to an equivalent performance level (while using a fair bit more power). If you are heavily multitasking it will make a big difference having the extra cores, and it’s easy to upgrade RAM on X99. Basically this is a great trade for you. Provided of course that there is nothing wrong with the hardware. If you trust the person you’re trading with and you know it works I’d go for it. It’s a win for you
  8. Is it a necessity of asynchronous encryption that the provided public key is tied to an owner? What's stopping someone from just encrypting their data and the government not being able to track them. This would just be another case of everyone except the intended targets being harmed by a law.
  9. I'm fairly sure that if you get the seller to agree to a refund if the card doesn't work after a thorough cleaning and drying you should be in the clear. Water damaging electronics is caused by short circuiting. If it wasn't powered on while wet it should be fine. Just be sure to clean it properly as residue from the evaporated water may still pose a risk.
  10. Imagine being surprised that pre-ordering a video game in the current shambles state of the development environment is not a good idea. Just pay for the product when it releases. Otherwise you are just opening yourself up to unnecessary risk. With digital distribution pre-ordering a product is meaningless because there is no supply shortage, so you are guaranteed to be able to acquire the product on release. That said, this is still unprofessional from CDPR. They should've just stuck with the 'good games take time' approach and not disappointed their customers by making a final re
  11. As someone who owns a Modmic 4 uni... don't buy it. The sound is very underwhelming for the price. I've had loads of issues with mine and I just can't get it sounding right, despite trying a myriad of USB cards (as suggested by Antlion). Throwing more money at audio is certainly not a guarantee of a better experience.
  12. You enjoy that . Seems like you need a quiet moment.
  13. Some new paste and you’re off to the races.
  14. Froody129

    quality Chair?

    Fair enough then. I’d try and sit in one if you can find a store near you. I only weigh 80kg and my Vertagear (marketed for big people) is not looking good at all. I would assume that when Herman Miller say 350 is good they mean it. Loads of offices sell them used, though a size C may be harder to find.
  15. Froody129

    quality Chair?

    Imo the Herman Miller is still going to hold it better than the el cheapo gaming chairs. Or just lose some weight
  16. Froody129

    quality Chair?

    I would highly suggest getting a Herman Miller, if you can. *very* expensive but they last much longer than the gaming chairs. I’m 6’4” and I have the big Vertagear gaming chair. It’s been 2 years and the thing looks ragged. Herman Miller can be bought used after 10 years of use and still have plenty of life left.
  17. Jissis, boet. Microsoft gooid a young poesklap with the pricing there, my china. Moerse expensive. I doubt the launch is going to sell very well in SA if it’s going to be R13500. That’s a lot of money, especially in a struggling economy. It’ll just be a rich kid thing for a while.
  18. DT770s are cool for gaming. Nice strong bass and the soundstage is pretty decent for what it is. I’ve been using mine very often for like 2 years and they’re still like new. Beyerdynamic Pro line is built to last. I demoed the open-back G4me headphones when I was looking at options and I really don’t know if you’d be satisfied with the change. DT770 is good, but imo not the big jump you’d want from an expensive upgrade. I’d really recommend trying to demo some headphones (dunno how that works with Covid). Beyerdynamic has a ‘house sound’ with a treble spike which gets to so
  19. Personally I’d much rather have the peace of mind of double the write life. But I suppose if you’re at a point where you’re actually using that speed it will be justified to replace a drive more often
  20. It's still a good card, though for the performance it has it uses a boatload of power and produces a lot of heat. If you get a great deal by all means pick it up, but otherwise look for something along the lines of a 1060, RX 470/80/570/80, 980ti, 1070 or even something like a 980. Older used cards represent a great value, but you can't cheap out on a PSU for a card which will draw 300w (though really you shouldn't cheap out on one anyway). Take that into consideration when comparing the value of cards
  21. The thing is that they will use the data anyway because of the bullshit fines imposed on giant companies who break the law. You literally just build those fines into the bottom line as a normal business expense.
  22. I don't know how Facebook and Google expect their social media platforms to gain any traction if no-one even know about them in the first place. I've never heard of this in my life and I'm part of a demographic which is very active with this video apps like this.
  23. They're fine, just overpriced. They sell based on marketing, and there are loads of cheaper options who are also often 'better'. However, keyboards are all subjective. What works for you is what works for you.