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  1. The full wiring diagram for that laptop (and most laptops) probably isn't published anywhere. The only thing I could think you may be able to do for the keyboard connector would just be to probe the pins on the board side and see where they connect to on the keyboard side and see if you can trace it out.
  2. Alright everyone, I think this issue must be motherboard related, however I figured I would ask everyone here first just in case. Just picked up another MSI GT70 from ebay. This one was listed as a no POST so I at least got it cheap. Started out by figuring it was just a RAM issue, and sure enough after removing the single stick of RAM that was in there and replacing it with a few known good sticks it booted to the BIOS screen. Got an SSD in there with windows on it and it booted into the OS. At first it seemed all fine until the screen went all fuzzy and it shut off. After that it wouldn't re
  3. Are you really expecting to notice a difference between 120hz and 144hz on a 710 anyways???
  4. People on ebay are selling them for around $700, seems pretty inflated for the specs though IMO. Might be able to find a local buyer around the $500 range
  5. Hi all, hope this issue is just because I am stupid. I'm trying to update the BIOS on this laptop, went and downloaded the latest version. Threw those files on a FAT32 formatted USB drive. Booted into the BIOS, however, there are no options in the BIOS to update it?? All the guides I can find on it all say to go to the advanced tab and select the BIOS update option, however my advanced tab doesn't have that. All I have is the usual splash screen logo options, enable / disable speedstep, and some other non relevant options. I have so far tried loading defaults, I tried rebooting an
  6. Okay, freezer 12 CO. It even has the same grooves on the top heat sink fin. According to guru3d they did make a white fan version as well.
  7. I believe its the Arctic Freezer 13. https://www.newegg.com/arctic-cooling-acfz13/p/N82E16835186039
  8. Oh yeah I figured, I should have been more specific. I just meant to use it as kind of an example that you can get away with some decent security cameras even using the cheaper ones on Amazon and even if you're over wifi. For your reference I think I paid about $50 for each camera. I wish I had a better suggestion for these, but the only others I've done any research or seen anything on are the ubiquiti cameras
  9. I've been using some cheap bullet style cameras I found on Amazon that are over wifi and they have been outdoors for nearly two years now with no issues. Might not be typical, but they are 1080p (claimed) and they do night vision pretty well. For reference on your storage needs, I have 3 cameras recording 24/7 at 20fps and with a single 2TB Hard drive it gets around 23-25 days of recording time per camera. As for software I have only tried QNAP's and Synologies. Synologies security camera software is much much better, however I think for both of these you have to pay a
  10. Yeah it's kept in my locked garage, and I work from home so even if someone were to try and break into my garage I'd be there to stop them. Plus I have security cameras.
  11. My Del Sol is an auto. I wanted a clean one and this was the only clean one around. Plus I didn't care to pay the manual tax these older cars seem to have these days.
  12. I've heard of people in the Sol community doing an h22 swap, and I know that K-Tuned sells a K20 and K24 swap kit. Hell I think there is someone out there with a J32 in their Del Sol. It's almost the exact same engine bay and chassis as an EG (infact it's litterally an EG6) so it fits anything that those do.
  13. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'm still stuck on these old Hondas, but it would be nice if they made a new type R with a little milder styling, or brought back the S2K