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Look through my new build , i need help with some stuffs !!!

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This is my build and those are the parts that i already bought !

Well ass you can see i havent added the PSU , GPU and the monitor becaue im planning to buy them later on . Im actually waiting for 1080 TI and for the new monitors well the problem is that i dont know what how many "W" do i need for my PSU ( 850w or 750w ) ? Im looking for this one : https://pcpartpicker.com/product/74M323/seasonic-prime-850w-80-titanium-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-ssr-850td 

What do you guys think about my build ? 

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2 minutes ago, ChanceTheRapper said:

well all my friend who got an SLI setup are complaining about stuttering and tearing ( gtx 1080 )

we all have different experiences, i am not really a gamer. i got an sli just for looks mostly and futureproofing, the game i play most is civ. 

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1 minute ago, ChanceTheRapper said:

i thought about this a lot and i made up my decision , ill end up with a 1440p monitor when ill get the gtx 1080 ti because i want to play any games at ultra settings at over 60fps , what do you guys think ?


wait and see the vaga and 1080ti are coming soon

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