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  1. Well whoever hacked into your account did some shady stuff and violated the Terms of Service. When you created that account you agreed that Sony had the right to ban your account if it was found in violation of the terms of service regardless of if you were the one in control of the account. There a whole bunch of reasons it could have gotten ban but it probably links back to the purchases in some shape or form.
  2. Yeah try phone lines, but it sounds like you might be screwed.
  3. Nah they care its just getting kinda late EST so less people are on.
  4. What games are you having issues with? At 1080p I would find it hard to be struggling not to hit at least 60fps unless your playing something super unoptimized like Arma 3.
  5. Double the VRAM amount and a significantly faster card? I think that getting the R9 380 is a no brainer in your case. (power shouldn't be an issue)
  6. The ThinkPad is a much better option if your going to have a lot of back to back classes or commute to school and need to be able to have more than 6 hours without charging. I also wouldn't expect to be able to anything graphically demanding in terms of gaming. With the HP Omen you have nice graphics cards options, but your going to have a much heavier laptop and can't expect more than 6 hours of battery life (according ot the site it like 6 hours and 15mins or so on battery saver mode) If your confident you have plenty of time to charge your laptop between classes, and you'll be able to haul
  7. I haven't gotten any keyboards refurbished, but I've bought a lot of my PC parts 2nd hand or refurbished and I've never had any major issues or complaints. Usually if something is refurbished its in pretty decent quality, or they would not have accepted the return.
  8. Should be, as long as its not also the PC your going to be playing from and you have a fast internet connection. It pretty much just download the server files, accept the EULA, and start it up. Just watch a video guide, theres tons out on youtube.
  9. New thermal paste would help but you shouldn't start worry about your PC overheating till it gets above 90 C. Plus pretty much all modern CPUs can tell when there too hot and will start to throttle if they get to hot then turn off if they think the heat might cause damage.
  10. I use the Corsair Void Pro RGB headphones. They got really nice padding around the ears, good mic if you need it, and great sound. I spend upwards of 10+ hours a day wearing them for the past 2 years or so without any major complaints or discomfort. Battery lasts for a really long time however you may need to charge it 1-2 times a day depending on use, and the cable can be a slight nuisance while your using it with it plugged in. Another plus for me, I use to get an ear infections as a lifeguard after I would come home and game, however I haven't had an ear infections since getting this headse
  11. Build looks pretty solid but Ryzen 5000 has gone out of stock so keep a close eye, might be worth signing up for email notifications for when it comes back in. I expect Big Navi to have the same kind of garbage launch as Ryzen 5000 and 3000s series GPUs and go out of stock within the first hour. This global pandemic is just wrecking to much havoc on logistics and production lines to keep up with demand.
  12. China has been ramping up production since March, theres still the issue also with the logistics of it, with global shipping suspended to a degree, not to mention the trucker shortage we have gets worse every single year (not to say there not qualified drivers, it's there terrible working conditions and pay)
  13. Your basically stuck waiting till stuff comes back into stock tbh. Even months later a certain pandemic is still keeping the production lines slow it would seem so it will take time for supply to catch up.
  14. Market will be very different by the end of next year, anything we recommend now will become outdated.