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  1. I'm saying that wifi companies CALL it the 3G wifi when it's on the 2.4GHz band. I'm not referring to mobile at all in this case. Below you can see in my picture they use 3G and 5G in the names even though the wifi runs on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band. It is true with BOTH wifi and mobile though that the 5Ghz band and the 5G mobile towers have worse range and penetration when compared to 2.4Ghz and 3G mobile.
  2. Others in my house use to have issues with their devices when I router was on the 2nd floor and I was connected by ethernet. After they moved it to the first floor our ethernet had to go, and they installed a wifi extender upstairs thinking it would help out me with connecting. I played up for a decent USB wifi adapter though and it actually made my connection worse. So far I haven't had any disconnects like I did when connected to the extender so I'm calling the issue fixed. Tomorrow I'll probably just unplug it since its not needed with my family mostly using their devices on the 1st floor n
  3. Have you tried switching to the 2.4Ghz band network (usually called 3G under network options)? it's slower but has a farther range. I've tried wifi extenders but haven't had a good experience with them. (was getting disconnects 2-3 per hour) Your other option would be to find a way to run an ethernet cable down to the router. Usually people won't mind if you can run it along a celling or somewhere where people don't walk.
  4. Nevermind, I'm pretty sure this is my wifi extender.
  5. Been having a lot of disconnect issues lately and I noticed I am now connected to a 5GExt instead of just 5G. Anyone know what the actual difference is between these 2 networks and what the EXT at the end means? I'm going to try and switch off the EXT and see if that makes a difference, but it leaves me curious.
  6. Did he DDU his drivers and reinstall them after the switch?
  7. Is he running overclocks, has he reverified his files/reinstalled the games, what do his temps look like?
  8. I would sell. It gets someone a GPU who wants to game and can't fine one, your not wasting electricity on mining, and it's probably gonna take a lot longer for it to turn to ewaste. You might make more money in the long term (like 6-10 months depending on your electricity cost) but it also relies on a very volatile market.
  9. Read the description, more likely than not, he is selling just the "box" to bots that brought it because of their algorithm.
  10. Honestly might be worth backing up any critical data and doing a clean install of windows.
  11. I've done it multiple times now, only ever had one key that didn't work. There OEM keys so there 1 time use. (change the motherboard and it will stop working, though if you make a microsoft account I think you can transfer it then)
  12. Pick either the 3070 or 3080 then shop around on custom PC sites. Prices are always changing and theres so many sites it would take quite a while to compare prices. (unlike with parts on pcpartpicker theres no tool I know of to autoshop all the different sites)
  13. Right now the GPU market is absolute garbage. The only way to find a decent deal right now (and even then it can be hard) is too look around at the used market. I managed to pick up a 1070 for about $200 USD however right now I've seen a lot of bids hovering around the $250 mark and scalpers trying to unload them for $400 which is absurd. If you only doing 1080p gaming I would shoot for a 1060 6GB at the minimum however, if your looking for 1440p then I would try and find a reasonably priced 2060 super or better. (not as familiar with its used market). According to chip markers in Tawain the c
  14. They probably had it set to auto renew and the account they where using for billing got changed messing it up.
  15. His RAM is fine, DDR4 but your right about a new motherboard.