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  1. they brought me the laptop straight from USA and im from Romania and it would cost me more than the laptop's price to send it back ;(
  2. forgot to mention that when i play a video on youtube i dont see those red lines anymore
  3. there is no red lines , but i cant install the damn drivers ;( i get stuck in a damn grey screen and i tried with iobit driver and i get the same thing
  4. when i take a screenschot of the screen with lightshoot tool there is no red lines ;(
  5. i cant install them , while that progress bar goes further the screen changes its resolution ( thats normal ) but for me i get stuck into a grey screen and i have to restart the laptop and the drivers are not installed
  6. didnt work , i cant even install the drivers anymore , when i install the graphichs driver it gets stuck in a grey screen ;(
  7. I got a gl502vy laptop with gtx 980m and i have been using it for more than 5 months but something very bad happened last night while i was playing CS GO . So i was playing CS GO the game crashed , laptop freezed and red lines started to appear accross the screen . I restarded the laptop and everything worked fine until i started to play CS GO again and the game crashed and laptop freezed again and red lines appeared too and now i cant get rid of them ;((((( . I uninstalled the windows and they are still there , the red lines are not there when im in BIOS or startup I need help guys