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  1. depends on what kind of person you are - Like Movies? virtual movie theater - Like shooters? CSGO Vr - Getting lonely? Lovers Labs VR mods Try out Skyrim, fallout 4, No mans sky, Half-Life: Alyx (IMO must play)
  2. Good luck finding one, OP if you can wait, it will be woth it.
  3. Take 2 sticks out, and set the XMP profile on, see if that helps and upgrade to H2 windows.
  4. This, you can find the 1660 model on sale if you look around, they are more of a flash sale. , https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops/new-dell-g3-15/spd/g-series-15-3500-laptop/cng3024 This is 1k but goes on sale for 800 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8732466 lower tier model for 800 https://www.scan.co.uk/products/156-acer-nitro-5-nhq7pek001-144hz-fhd-ips-i5-10300h-8gb-ddr4-512gb-nvme-ssd-6gb-gtx-1660ti-win10-hom Look at Dell and lenevo refurbshed deals, look at i5+ 16
  5. All ryzen have OC features called Precision, which is fine. Unless you clicked an "optimized" OC buttion, it whould be fine. What verson of windows are you running? Are you full screen? are both ram running at 3200MHZ? is XMP on? are you running the latest windows verson? 20H2 try running only the game without other programs running in the background.
  6. trun it off, see if that fixes it. Are the drivers updated?
  7. Dell G5, try to get the 1660 model on sale. Acer nitro- 1660 model.
  8. All that and they still need to cheat on emission tests.
  9. no it dosen't, Pro has 6GB ram and starts at 128GB, more Storage option, better speakers, 120hz..ect. Overall, it's overpriced, 256GB air costs more then the 128GB pro, 64GB is unusable in 2020. SOC speed is barely better, used pros offer so much better value, if you want to save more money.
  10. The normal Ipad for 329$ is a steal, this thing is overpriced by 100$ IMO, if you spend a bit more the Pro offers such a good value.
  11. WIred connection? Specs of PC? everything upto date? are you using the official app?
  12. Unless your not happy with the build, keep it, upgrade when you hit a roadblock.
  13. yup, that's how the industry works, every OEM gets early samples,up to 6 months in advance.
  14. What kind of modelling? I would get a Cuda card, what's your budget?
  15. I would get a Pixel 4A, 3 years of update and the best camera on any phone in terms of stills. If you like stock, i would avoid the One plus. Its like One ui without the polich, mixed with shitty update policy and passable at best camera. Last years s10, provides so much better experience.
  16. 1- Run a benchmark 2- DDU and update to the latest 3- Revert to an older driver.
  17. You can't really compare devices like Fold and Due to normal phones like the 12/ 12 pro. Engineering it took to make those two are magnitude more then the iphone. Source?
  18. you have to use the GPU for that, FYI other then GPUs with G in the end, most Ryzen CPUs don't come with a gpu. This should be good. Good but try to find somthing beefer, see if you can expand your budget a bit more. Get an used 2600 for around 100$. CPU- 100 Storage- cheap 120GB( can be cheap as 20$ on sale) ssd+ 1TB hdd Case- get a cheap case for 40$ PSU- don't cheap out on it Ram- 3200mhz GPU- part out the whole system first and throw everything else at the GPU. r9 fu
  19. depends what kind of games?, For games like reddead, i would get a 1440p 60 hz, for csgo/ Apex i would get a 144hz 1080p.