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I think my brain has delay time in fps games , i feel retarded

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Soo i had 3 diffrent pcs , and 2 diffrent monitors and i played skyrim on all 3 , it feels like it has latency , i miss hits , my sprint attacks miss and my sword swings delay , now thats peachy if this did not happen with heroes and generals , and nowits happening with battelfield 3 even thou this is frist time , is there an app to test an mouse ? or is the fact that i sleep a little and work a lot a problem ? 

Also all my current monitor has 2 ms delay and all the pcs filled the system requirments for the games ilisted

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You like you just suck.

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Input delay is determined by


without vsync enabled


mouse delay > cpu time(includes memory latency) > gpu time > frame transmission > lcd response time


with vsync enabled


mouse delay > cpu time(includes memory latency) > gpu time > frame transmission > double vsync/triple vsync buffer(wich is usually pretty huge) > lcd response time


having a mouse with 1ms response time instead of 2ms response time could mean the difference between it beeing in the next frame or not, same for the monitor


aswell it is determined on how much the motherboard has to calculate/process ( setting to manual will help improving input delay , disabling extra usb controllers, voltage monitors/temperature monitors, disabling features such as speedstep,c - states ect ) but it is also determined on the time that software has to do its job such as executing codes / commands  ( could add a huge list of factors that can improve input delay but the post would be insanely huge then ... so il leave it at this for now )


a piece of software such as  a monitoring software ( hardware monitor ) could have a pretty big impact on input delay aswell because not only does the motherboard have to process this, but aswell the software then


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It's gotta be your reaction time if not latency.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

yeah but it feels odd i dunno , i am national champion in taekwondo , i think im not retarded :D

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We all have a small delay between what we see and when our brain actually does its brain thing, I don't remember the exact time though, but it seems that your reaction time is the issue here.

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average ms on mouse , 371 on 6 tries , i will do more


Wow I got 221 average on my first 5 attempts

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average 300 ms after 10 new tries


I consider myself to have slow reactions, and I scored 286ms after 5 tries.

and we will live such tragedy in perpetuity.

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Use prediction.

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