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  1. Thermalright pa120. Comes in white or black or alu too.
  2. It only means they've shifted operations out of China.
  3. Yea its definitely too late. Fans like toughfan, msi gale and scythe wonder snail have been out in the market for some time now. But fans of noctua will be happy.
  4. Blender's gpu rendering is way faster than cpu rendering. Blender's viewport performance depends on BOTH the cpu(single core) and gpu performance. Going with a high core count cpu doesn't do much for rendering if you were already rendering with a good enough gpu but it does give you headroom to multi task. What are your current specs?
  5. Thermalright pa120 would also be compatible. And it doesn't break the bank. Its currently the most underrated cooler that I know of. There are also other Thermalright coolers that are worth taking a look at.
  6. Noctua nhd15 Thermalright frost commander 140 The thermalright dual tower coolers are made to have an offset for clearance. And it seems that the nhd15 does fit fine too.
  7. Other smaller tower coolers you can consider: scythe mugen 5 (non black version) Thermalright silver soul 135 Arctic freezer 34 esports duo The nhu12a should have enough thermal performance for the 5800x.
  8. The parts you've listed have substantial performance differences. I usually buy the best that I can afford for workstation builds.
  9. You'll have to let us know what software you'll be using, your workflow and the projects you'll be undertaking. When working with a budget workstation, it'll be worth it to optimize the build for your projects. Unless you have unlimited budget.
  10. It seems that you won't be able to mount fans on the side panel in the nr200p max. It does not include the bracket and there is not screw hole for the bracket as well. Get the standard version if you want side mounted fans. I doubt either version will allow you to mount fans on the side if you mount the gpu vertically.
  11. I've had several powercolor cards destroy themselves and powercolor refused to honor the warranty. It seems the after service for powercolor is generally on the bad side even if the product is good. This is personally why I will not buy another powercolor card ever.
  12. Excellent write up. Oh and add to another fact that thermalright packages the heatsink and fans separately in a thick closed cell foam that encapsulates all the components tightly. The box itself will surely be able to take a beating. The tf7 thermal paste is a nice touch. I am surprised they gave that much. Its now my default thermal paste and it saved me from buying a new one.
  13. Make sure to run benchmarks and stress tests first and record the temps
  14. Hmm you seem to be too fickle minded about this, its alright to test the cooler and return it after. I feel that if you do end up getting a fuma 2, I'll be able to convince you to return another good cooler by showing you charts of how it doesn't have the greatest thermal performance and uneven heatpipe ends