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  1. Yikes, this is a hard pass for me way higher power consumption than the 5800x and it just barely keeps up. 11700f looks to be the winner in the lineup. If you can buy one.
  2. Looks like a reasonable price. They've been trying to improve audio quality.
  3. The only thing about it is that damn cooler. Silent with massive cooling. Didn't even need triple fans. AIBs what are you waiting for? Nvidia has already done the research.
  4. Title has "three lives lost" but comments are "/s, china, espionage, spy, trump" Damn... I thought the forums were trying to be tame... RIP
  5. This actually seems like how a base model non FE card will perform. The FE coolers are great this gen.
  6. The parts you've already picked out seem fine, Optix is doing wonders for those rendering engines. But it will be advisable to wait till after the new 3000 series gpus to be released before you purchase your system. I'm not sure what your work flow is. If you could, you might want to consider re-purposing your old PC to a 24/7 render box. If not, I'd swap out the case for something bigger with higher airflow. 32GB of ram is fine. I guess you could optimize your scene. Particle baking will eat your cpu power. But that really depends one the phys
  7. Wait... Its just the price history of a particular brand... Is there no other brands to choose from?
  8. I've finally lubed & filmed & spring swapped the switches in my gk64. Oh and not forgetting the aftermarket pbt keycaps. I can nolonger go without building any future keyboards anymore. This really is a money sink
  9. It doesn't make sense to think about reducing waste when buying a brand new phone... Buy a used phone instead, saves another device from being wasted. I mean if you have a reasonable phone upgrade cycle, the charger from your previous phone would've been insufficient or slower than the newer chargers.