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  1. This compatibility layer, is done with software or hardware?
  2. ARM still has a very long way to go if it wants to kill x86, think of all the software used around the world that runs on x86. Sure, you could emulate x86 with ARM, but it wouldn't be free of bugs or have the same performance. This will help Apple and its products, but outside of it, nothing or not much will change for the rest of us.
  3. PNY, their cards might not be the fanciest looking things or have all the bells and whistles that brands like ASUS or Gigabyte have, but the are a good brand.
  4. YouTube also shoots itself in the foot when it demonetizes some creators for the most lame thing, while allowing worse content to run ads. YouTube's logo should be the surprised pikachu face at this point lol.
  5. I've been playing around with Xbox, PS2 and PS3 emulators just to play games that never got to PC, I've had more fun with some of those old games than with "new" ones. Some for nostalgia, others to actually play them and have fun, and others just to see them at 1080p or even 2160p lol. A "new" game, does not always mean "fun game".
  6. I struggle with PS3 emulation with my current hardware and some games, the PS3 had some really good games, and emulation of the system can push most PC's way harder than PC games. If you don't plan to get into emulation and you can play most games just fine, then sure, I see no reason to upgrade at all. My last PC lasted me like 10 years before I upgraded anything lol.
  7. I don't care what they use, the videos are good and if it ain't broken don't fix it. Now, if only they went back to 16:9, the loss of vertical space is not worth it and sometimes they have problems fitting stuff in frame. Linus' videos are not movies, sometimes I try to scroll back up because I thought I cut the top part of the video lol.
  8. Won't happen, and even if it did, so much software designed with x86 in mind would have to be emulated with software, performance issues, bugs and glitches would pop up all the time. x86 will die one day, but it's still way too soon for that. That, or CPU's would need to have x86 hardware on them, which would make them too expensive. Don't worry, x86 is here to stay for a while. I've been hearing about how ARM would "kill x86" for years lol.
  9. HDR is never done on the sensor itself though, it's always done by software on the phone, otherwise we would already know which sensor is and others would be using it. All things being equal, there is no reason why sensor A shouldn't work on phone B, unless of course apple decided to match sensor to phone in an attempt to stop people from just replacing the sensor. You may think we hate apple as a whole, but we don't, there are some things that they do that are clearly good and I wish windows and Android did, but this is not one of them.
  10. Then you should be able to find someone who prints on plastic on Ali express, that should be something pretty simple and cheap for them, they have pretty much anything there lol.
  11. Printing on plastic shouldn't be expensive if you order a lot, and I mean 500+. A custom plastic mold on the other hand, now those are expensive and out of reach of the average person. You can probably buy USB sticks in bulk from sites like Ali express or maybe even eBay, no idea about having custom prints on them though. But then again, I could be completely wrong and there could be cheaper ways.
  12. Apple isn't known for letting people repair their phones, this behavior is nothing new to apple. Think, what's so different from 2 modules from 2 brand new equal phones? Nothing, so why should there be a problem if you just swapped them? You would be comparing apples to apples, pun intended. You could probably do the same with a Samsung phone and it would work just fine.
  13. It's a grey area, but think of it this way. If you buy a used copy on eBay or somewhere else, the publisher won't see any of that money so it's whatever at that point. I still have no idea why EA doesn't let me buy NFS MW (2003) on Origin, they could get my money if they did (but I guess is because music licenses and stuff), I did bough it back in the day but lent it and never got it back. If you have the option to buy it from the original publisher/developer, please do that, older games should be cheap anyway, but if you can't find a legit copy it's up to you.
  14. If you follow the pinout and make sure you don't short anything, I don't see why you couldn't do it.