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good day. i'm from the Philippines. just starting my own exploration on server stuff on my own. :)聽i hope tips i can get here will help me alot.聽

help me learn stuff.please don't bash me.

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Hello everyone!

I started to watch this Youtube channel almost a year ago and now I'm full of doubts, questions and different stuffs I want to share with the community!

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hey guys, this is my "new here post"
I've realized that there is a huge forum sized hole in my heart since my last community died out so here i am.聽
you''ll聽all help to distract me from doing actual work while on the job AND help me to decide how to spend all my money.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

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On 1/3/2013 at 7:03 AM, LinusTech said:

Thanks so much for joining. My vision is a community based on positive member interaction and helping each other. I believe that if we all work together toward this goal, we will have success in the long run.

We don't have official forum rules or anything like that yet, but as long as everyone is respectful of each other, and patient with the growing pains that we are going to experience (vBulletin 5 is VERY beta right now) we can make this into an AWESOME community forum.


This is my first reply here, make sure to watch my first post introducing my self, and i will for sure always be positive and helpful and please introduce me to this new world xP

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Hi Guys, Linus is my go too. for trusted info and entertainment.聽 I have spent many hours watching and learning, not to mention laughing. I found this forum and just had to join.

Now maybe I can build myself the ultimate rig with all your help.

Happy Days

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Have been a long-time watcher and enjoy the channel(s). 聽Looking to build a new gaming rig and recently a convert back to PC from Mac. 聽Looking forward to getting involved in the forum. Good evening everyone!

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I've been watching LTT videos on Youtube for years. Every time they've mentioned the forums I keep thinking to myself "I Should join, it's right up my alley"

and then promptly forget


A little Bio: I'm a geek. Self admitted and I don't care. I follow tech everyday. I work in the tech sector. I have previously worked building custom gaming machines (oh what a failed business that turned out to be), A system administrator, A database administrator and now a software installation analyst.聽


"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." - Douglas Adams

System: R7-1700, MSI Tomahawk B350, Nvidia Geforce 1070. 16GB DDR4.

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Im not exactly "new" but uhh

Im a lil shy聽

But ill try to help anyone i can and i so far i can say that this community is one of the better ones out there

I love pc building and checking out different parts

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Just thought I'd pop over here and say hi for the first time. Hi. Only stumbled聽upon an LTT video聽a few months ago by accident (Linus wears a lab coat in Ultimate OVERKILL w/c PC) when I was doing a bit of research on buying an older GPU (Vapor-X 7950 to be exact) and because of the build video,聽I reckon I've watched about 20 hours worth in the last few weeks, so, as a result of my eyes burning eyes,聽I've decided to join the forum.

Here's a pic of my budget 2nd hand build (apart form the GPU, everything else is pre-owned. Any questions about it, feel free to ask .

Edit: Upgraded my AIO & GPU in the last few weeks and decided to update聽my pics accoringly.聽Have purchased聽a B grade 8Gb RX480 Nitro+ OC (1400/2100) for a not too shabby 拢190 and a Corsair H105. Looks and goes a bit better.聽

Before and after pics....





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Not been here for a while since I'm a moron and locked myself out of my account, not sure if anyone here remembers me but I'm back (kinda) :)

FireFox :)

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just recently discovered linus tech tips and joined this forum to get advice on upgrading parts of my desktop because watching the videos gave me the courage to do more upgrade stuff on my desktop. i am Norwegian btw any other norwegians here who can help me with finding stuff on norwegian sites?

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Hello there.

I've been an LTT subscriber on YT for a long time now. I just saw Scrapyard Wars and I was like: "yup, gotta register at that website, this is freakin' awesome!"

To be honest, I may not exactly fit the theme here since a lot of the LTT videos are about new and shiny stuff and I deal mostly with old junk people were just about to throw into the trash can but I was there to say: "No, no, no, wait! I can build a retro PC out of that!"

Still, I hope that I will feel at home here with my fellow聽tech geeks and nerds :)

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