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    I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science program. Graduating in June 2021, my interests lie in exploring the fields of DataScience and Artificial Intelligence, primarily using Python as the language tool. I have led various leadership positions including Microsoft Student Partner, Google Explore ML Facilitator at Developer Student Clubs, JGI and am now the Lead.
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  1. That sound good. I have an empty 3.5' HDD on the Desktop, I can use it to clone the Desktop Boot-drive, then put it on my laptop and clone the SSD back! Will have to create an external boot drive to hold windows though IDK how I can handle that as well. Is there any tool to clone drives on Linux, so that I can install an Ubuntu instance on a pen drive.
  2. I know, but I have no way to connect both the drives to a single machine!
  3. Can you check whether it's the GPU ? Maybe try the onboard port?
  4. I am trying to swap my laptop's SSD (512 GB) with my Desktop's SSD (120 GB) so that I can have more storage on my Desktop's boot drive. But I don't want to install all the desktop applications again. (Loosing all the data from Laptop's SSD is fine with me) Now it could have been easy if either of my machines had 2 M.2 slots, but they don't :( What can I do? Can I just recreate partitions manually and copy data using an external drive?
  5. I really wish I had someone like Louis Rossman near me. But the only place I can find a reliable person is 2000km away from me, in Bangalore. India lacks such repair services in general.
  6. I own a Predator Helios 300 (G3-572). I had a broken key on the laptop and wanted to fix it. I found out that the only official way to fix it is to replace the whole palm rest with the keyboard. I saved for 1yr to replace that as I'm a Computer Science Student and I often carry my laptop around for programming and other works and carrying an external keyboard along is not possible. While replacing the keyboard, I noticed a giant black spot near the GPU on the underside of the MoBo. Most probably a blown capacitor busting the power line to the GPU. When I talked to my local Acer Care, t
  7. I currently own a Predator Helios 300 (G3-572) and want to upgrade my primary SSD storage which I use as Windows installation (128GB) as I do a lot of programming, machine learning and gaming. Installing programs such as MATLAB on HDD makes it very slow to work on. According to this link, the M.2 slot supports Serial ATA/600 which as far as I remember, doesn't support NVMe drives. I need recommendations for 512GB/1TB drives in replacement of my current drive (KINGSTON RBUSNS8180DS3128GH).
  8. Should I OC my Predator Helios 300 laptop with 7700HQ and 1050Ti??
    I have replaced thermal compound with MX4

  9. Does anyone know someone in Acer india tech support up-the chain?

    I need a keycap of a laptop

  10. I have a predator Helios 300 (g3 - 572) and accidentally broke the 'E' key. I did looked up the internet for replacement, but only one place had that, that too for $13.74 including shipping which would be way to expensive for me ATM. Is there any other replacement options? Any way to fix it? Note: The broken part is the underside clips of Key which attaches to the butterfly mechanism. Images attached below: (Believe me, it's cleaner than it looks)
  11. I'm looking for RAM for my Predator Helios 300, an 8GB DDR4 SoDIMM, but I'm confused with 200, 204 and 260 pins. Would it matter, if yes, what?