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Windows reset and installation

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys just reset my pc and it did everything fine until it came to reinstalling windows and this keeps popping up now, any help would be appreciated 


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Reinstall the OS cleanly. Your existing image is corrupt so you have to create a new OS image in a USB drive and use that

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It seems that your Recovery Image has been corrupted.  If you've recently been able to update to 2004, you should be able to connect to the Internet and use Reset This PC coupled with the Cloud Install option.  This will download a new ISO of Windows 10 instead of searching for the compressed, and now corrupted, Recovery Image.  If you've been unable to update to 2004, or just don't want to for stability reasons, you'll have to create a new system image.  If you have a DVD-ROM drive, you can burn a disc, but I'd recommend just using a USB drive for this.  Go to Microsoft's website and search for the free W10 ISO, put it on the USB drive, and boot with that drive.  You can either do this through the boot priority options in the BIOS or through Advanced Startup in Windows.  After that, all you might need to do is enter your product key.  Sometimes this won't even be needed.  If it requests it, you should check with any materials that came with your PC when you bought it or on the disc if you built it or otherwise installed Windows yourself.  If your MS account was linked to your PC for a digital license (if you even have an account), you may be able to just sign in to accomplish this as well.


Just in case you can't find it, here's the link on the MS Support site: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15088/windows-10-create-installation-media


Best of luck!

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