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  1. Exactly, Zen was much closer to conventional x86 and it still took 3 month of updates. Now imagine the night that Alderlake may be
  2. Specific model? Overall, this seems like normal laptop thermal jumping. Nothing unusual her Eid you ask me.
  3. I went through several laptops when choosing my own - the thicker the bezels, the less bleed they had. It's also why this was never an issue 5 years ago. Laptops had normal bezels and monitors too so the backlight was properly insulated and didn't "bleed"
  4. Use it in a real world situation and decide. You may be better off returning it for an Eluktronics RP-15 with Electro Boost. The 2060 in that model will be very close to your 2070 due to the aggressive power table boosting and the 4800H will produce lower thermals. It also has smaller bezels and less bleed.
  5. You could also get unlucky and get double the backlight bleed from the RMA and they probably won't accept the second RMA
  6. No, I replied that this is normal as software always gets progressively more demanding with time. 10 years ago 2GB RAM was enough. Now, 8GB is not
  7. It's not good but it could also be worse. You will certainly have screen bleed. The only way to not have it is OLED, Micro LED or thick bezels.
  8. The G14 with the 1440p screen is ideal for you As for Quick Sync, it's a way to use the intel iGPU to speed up rendering but I've been having massive issue with it and support has severely waned due to the Intel F series that dont have integrated graphics anymore.
  9. Wait and get a 3050 (Ti) or 3060. Also maybe an upgrade to Zen 3
  10. The chassis doesn't make contact with the heatsink, I've seen that tested. It gets hot due to the entire board (small as it may be) generating heat and there being almost no airflow. The fan is positioned very strangely as it can't draw in air but also exhausts air and creates negative pressure that only really serves to draw in dust
  11. Quick sync support is pretty dead. It's been crashing on my for a year on my personal laptop with a 6700HQ. I had to turn it off because it was Infuriating. Look at the Asus Zephyrus G14 or G15. Two of the best laptops for 2020 and seem to fit your needs perfectly.
  12. Do you have observations on VRM thermals? They're packed REALLY tightly and have no cooling at all. That usually results in 100-110*C load temperatures
  13. All those models are horrid. Avoid them Look at a Ryzen 5 4600H model such as the Acer Swift 3 or Lenovo Legion 5. The Asus A15 is also an option. The 4000 series of Renoir CPU are so efficient and powerful that everything else is obsolete
  14. Those 2070s are slower than a full 2060 115W as found in the Eluktronics RP-15. Just because it says 2070 doesn't mean anything. Most are so crippled by the 80-100W power limit that they are slower than a normal 2060.
  15. Well, in that case the Omen 15 or Legion 5
  16. Yeah, I agree but in the case of Lakefield, the boost clock is actually non existent. It's being advertised but never seen under any type of load which is very odd
  17. 5x5

    Daily Reminder why I don't like to get my hopes up about anything. Disappointment is always the result. Anyhow, I'll go sulk in the corner now.

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    2. 5x5


      In this case, I have several years of experience and advanced training while the other candidate has zilch anything. And I can't say I'm ungly in appearance. Feels offensive tbh

    3. Bombastinator


       If they’re promoting totally untrained people above you it could be a warning sign.

    4. 5x5


      I guess I need plastic surgery 🤷

  18. Not really. Only I'd you're using a 2080 To at 1080p. In all other cases, the CPU vendor is irrelevant
  19. I mean, try to tell him that brand bias is a poor mentality and that judging current products by something he heard 20 years ago is foolish at best. But I'd you're stuck on intel, get a 10600K and beefy cooling.
  20. The issue is not whether the GPU will cope but whether the laptop will live that long. Most only last 2-3 years