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  1. well make a ramdisk and make an script that transfers all files of os to ram
  2. let me tell you something there are a metric butt ton of alternate measurement units in my region
  3. you are doing 16 8 8 16 it should be 8 16 8 16 or 16 8 16 8
  4. well you installed you ram wrong in your case you should install a kit in one channel and the other kit in another one
  5. manjaro is a good choice keep in mind ms office is not native on linux and the latest that works with wine is 2010 ( and 2013 with a lot of work arounds)
  6. irts relatively new it was announced yesterday
  7. crystaldiskinfo and HDsentinal
  8. well its a corrupted windows installation i suggest to reinstall windows
  9. shit is getting haywire i might not be active here for a few weeks 

    1. DoctorNick
    2. mahyar


      yeah well it wont affect anything 

      thank you though

  10. have anybody bought a winrar product key ever?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skiiwee29
    3. mahyar


      i myself am on linux so winrar is not an option that should be considered (although it works perfectly on wine)

    4. WaggishOhio383


      I just use 7zip. Don't feel like having to constantly dodge paying for winrar, and 7zip does everything I need it to.

  11. poweriso been using it for years and strongly recommend it
  12. manjaro is my daily driver being a rolling release distro it has to be updated constantly which is a bit of a pain
  13. manjaro or lubuntu puppy linux is also a good option
  14. well its very complicated this on of the reason linux is not mainstream as much the games tend to have a hard time on gpus that dont support vulkan