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  1. its less than 10% but the feather set of geforce is a lot more
  2. its not like 3060 is not a desired card imo its worth it IF they dont ask for money on top of your 5700xt
  3. If you want arch based i suggest either manjaro or Arch itself other distros are not well polished
  4. most important is ease of development. up until early 90s all of commercial games were written in assembly because of limited power of computers back then but now a game written in python will run very smoothly
  5. revisiting gravity fall and noticed something 

    that piramid pc that LTT built for dbrand looks awfully like bill cipher 

  6. your answer is 3070 if your budget allows 3060 ti if you want a better value
  7. what song you can't get enough of?

    mine is this

    1. FakeKGB
    2. Levent


      My top listened track of all time is this one (according to last.fm) however I do get stuck on songs due to pure laziness. For example this was my most listened song in the last 365 days just because it was the song at the top of my liked songs in spotify for half a year lol (its an amazing song though, probably going to listen to it on repeat the next 14 days now).

    3. lexusgamer05


      According to Spotistats, my top 3 songs of the last 4 weeks are An Awful Thing To Waste - Supertramp (1)It's Alright - Supertramp (2) and Where I Stand With You - Supertramp (3)


      I highly recommend the app Spotistats, it's really cool to see your listening statistics without having to wait until December for wrapped

  8. i suggest leave it at default xmp if it were ryzen i'd say to tighten the timings but intel does not benefit that much