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    alive and doing well and younger then most of you think
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  1. young justice phantoms go brrrrrrrrr 

  2. well from the perspective of another arch user (me) i have to say that pure arch tends to break a lot i suggest manjaro and will be returning to it very soon
  3. not because of its arch experience driver support is a lot better on manjaro because of its specialized utility
  4. i suggest you try manjaro because one way or another if there exist a driver its highly likely to work on manjaro
  5. csgo, team fortress 2, and dota 2 have been working this new anti cheat support is for games like apex legends
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    2. mahyar


      1 minute ago, NZgamer said:

      This year is definitely the year of Linux Gaming (so far!)

      well this year we didn't get much progress (expect this huge one)

      and with just north of 2 months remaining from 2021 i don't think that we are getting much more

    3. mahyar


      3 minutes ago, NZgamer said:

      Well, the Steam Deck was definitely a huge announcement for Linux gamers

      its just a motive for developers

      this might be the first its effects  (which is arguable) but i personally haven't seen much

  6. you should use a forward slash after the dot like this ./a.out
  7. that was always ultron's goal vision was a new and more powerful body that he wanted to inhabit but he couldn't thanks to tony & bruce my personal theory is ultron was not from that time and he used time stone to come to the past for some reason watchers are not omniscient (at least in comics) their job is to document what happens
  8. what os your favorite animated series?

    post a quote or a piece of music (no visual content) that you think others would recognize. 

    mine are the file included with this statues and this quote:

    wubba lubba dub dub