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Is initialization of a new RAID 5 volume necessary ?

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Good day,


consider a RAID 5 array consisting of 3x4TB HDDs on an intel RST onboard controller


My understand is that initialization builds parity information for each data block on the volume, but since this is a freshly created volume, I don't really care about the current parity information status.


I also understand that when I begin writing data to the volume, proper parity information will be created for the new data and written to the volume.


so why do I need to initialize a blank RAID 5 volume ?


also if a drive fails on an uninitialized volume, will I still be able to rebuild it ?


Thanks in advance.

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Yes you need to initialize a new array. It's not building parity, its learning the block state of the array for parity. 

Background initialization is checking parity state to ensure everything is consistant - normally after a change to the array or some sort of failure. 


You can use the raid while the initialization runs, it's just generally slower performance until its finished. 



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