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  1. Depends on day to day like many other roles I guess. Because we were doing software, we'd be trying to get through testing builds before the next deploy is ready. Sometimes this might be a day, sometimes a week. Some projects we might have 100 cases to test, some 300 cases. If a build only changed "x area" then we could do less testing, but yeah it wasnt uncommon for me sometimes to do a 15 hour day, and then have a day off. Testing would be much easier when we'd be fixing defects as typically that was more focused and meant we only had to retest certain functionality. As far as w
  2. I used to be a Software Test Engineer years ago, but seems to be very different from Hardware as far as the day to day work. Most of my work consisted of drafting out scenarios, and then writing test cases for those scenarios. I mostly used software testing suites which avoided coding since it would often be automated browser interaction (interacting with login scripts, filling/submitting forms, etc...) as I mostly worked on web apps (typically validated back end applications manually, or worked with vendors as they wouldnt allow us access to the back ends). A lot of it was
  3. Bhyve used on FreeNAS is not nearly as compatible as KVM or ESXi. As a homelab, it wouldn't be my go to as you might have compatibility issues which completely defeats the purpose of a homelab. Id stick with either ESXi or KVM (Proxmox). The cool thing about Proxmox is PVE just runs on Linux, and you can do native ZFS raids directly in Proxmox for your storage which is a really cool feature. If you were to go ESXi, id consider maybe keeping your TrueNAS Core on baremetal, you can do a Intel 4 port nic between the storage and ESXi host to connect them. Setup some iSCSi
  4. Heres a 'how to'. Basically create a certificate private and public key and use that to authenticate instead of a password. You should use this on anything that exposes SSH port (port 22) to the internet https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-ssh-keys-on-ubuntu-20-04 You should also setup something like fail2ban for ports like this as well that are internet facing. So it bans the IP after x number of bad attempts I think hes saying allocate more space than you think you might need. e.g If you think you need 12TB, then i
  5. No USB keys, SD cards, etc...plugged in either? Just it can be common if a drive is having a problem, for Windows to "hang" for a long period of time during startup/shutdown. It doesnt timeout a mount as quickly as Linux does
  6. Sounds like it went into a temporary profile after the reboot, so it was as if it was loading your profile for the first time. Possibly you could confirm this as there should be a C:\Users\TEMP folder that exists with the date it was created (probably the day this error happened e.g today) That can happen if there was a profile locking issue
  7. Have you checked your 1TB/4TB HDD's health? e.g CrystalDiskInfo? All your partitions are showing fine for those? Any Critical/Error logs in the System log in Event Viewer?
  8. Here 3070's are in stock for about USD$1050, but 3070Ti's are also in stock for the same price so personally I wouldn't pay over ~US$800 for a non Ti but it depends how much you need a new GPU. TBF I paid over US$2k for my 3080Ti, so how much someone would pay for something is really relative
  9. Still as into PC gaming as i've always been. Starting gaming on my Atari 2600 and 80286 PC when I was around 4-5yo back in the 80's. My games at the moment are BFV, Sea of Thieves and Overwatch. I'm looking foward to BF2042, theres definately no shortage of games to get into these days, especially if you have a group of friends to play with. Yes I loved the old titles on my Atari 2600, MegaDrive, PS1, etc...but thats nostalgia, things have moved on and i've moved with the times and really enjoying modern titles. Im not a fan of competitive FPS on console (COD, BF, Overwatch, etc..
  10. I don't know why everyone is saying Pi-hole works. The ad's are served on the same Google Video CDN edge servers as the videos themselves, so by and large you cant block the edge names/ip's on Pi-hole, or you break the YouTube video playback. Best solution? Use an India VPN to sign up to YouTube Premium, its ₹129/mo which is about US $1.70/mo. I think $20/year for a subscription is well acceptable. (You only need VPN to enable the subscription, you dont need to use it after that)
  11. First ask yourself...is it really cheaper to buy a really expensive CPU, motherboard, high capacity ram, nvme's and PSU (Risers etc...if you're doing more than 2-3 GPU's)....or is it better value to just buy a few smaller systems and have seperate gaming PC's?
  12. Also be mindful you were connected to Wifi here, so if it was a public wifi network there could have been something in between which could have caused it or connected to a rogue SSID. This is the most common way of performing a MITM (Man in the middle) attack, and why a trusted VPN is such an important thing these days on mobile devices.
  13. You can use a tool called WinMTR, to test jitter/packet loss over time to specific IP's I haven't seen that Starlink is expected to have drops, it should be a fairly seemless session handover between satellites like with Wireless AP's For gaming (disregarding downloading updates) speed means nothing, its all about the latency and stability of the connection. Starlink will in general have a higher latency to anything "local", but for longer distances (e.g across the country or to other countries) it could possibly have better latency depending on how good your ISP's peerin
  14. As Electronics Wizardy pointed out, theres only so much you can do with DNS blocking. Things like YouTube ad's for example really can't be blocked at the DNS level as theyre served from the same google edge cdn URL's/IP's as the videos themselves which is the kind of thing where browser plugins shine. As for Pi-hole itself, it comes with very few default blocklists. You can add adlists via the Pi-hole Web Interface > Group Management > AdLists (e.g https://pi,hole/admin/groups-adlists.php ) Once you've added all the ad-lists, you can restart Gravity , you ca
  15. some games are UDP which doesnt allow for packet queuing in the same way as TCP. Keep in mind though even if you have a multi WAN setup, it still has to wait for the TCP packets to be assembled back in the correct order, so if there is issues on one of the WAN links then you'll experience Jitter / Packet Loss as long as its trying to transmit/receive over that link.