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  1. You don't decide to run a specific OS, you decide on the applications that best meet your needs, and provide the level of support you need; then base it around that. One of their servers uses Adobe which is wholy a win32 application. Yes they could try run it under WINE, but why? What are the performance and configuration implications? If something breaks, who will look after it? They also use a mix of OS's on different servers depending on their needs. Their storage servers dont run Windows.
  2. Keep in mind if youre doing clustering you'll be limited to something like Proxmox which you mentioned. VMware will not properly support mixed CPU's in a cluster configuration.
  3. This is pretty key right here. Consider the below: - Your average system with a 6900K will idle approx 60W (between cpu,motherboard, memory, fans, etc...) - A GT710 - approx 15-20W idle - 13-14 drives - at a 1W idle, lets say 15W - Your HBA controller - say approx 7W idle Thats already around 100W Add to that your Plex will be doing scheduled jobs regularly and spinning drives up throughout the day, so you'll often have at least a couple of drives active which will push your idle power up.
  4. Why dont you just get a NAS? Qnap, WD, Asustor? They all have affordable options, and they use embedded SoC boards. Why complicate it with a Raspberry Pi and having to build everything from the OS?
  5. My understanding is thats the old Huawei install which comes with that network cabinet. Installs now use the newer Nokia unit which is quite small and just gets mounted to the wall directly. But if you really want a cabinet, it looks like youre after something like this: https://www.network-cabs.co.uk/acatalog/2u---4u-19--Low-Profile-Horizontal---Vertical-Mount-Network-Wall-Cabinet-ADLPC_4U_G.html
  6. I've not used HBS3, but perhaps Resilio Sync?
  7. Any computer that isnt broken has the stability of running 24/7/365....we cant guess on the crystal ball if you wont have any issues in that time though no matter what hardware you choose.
  8. Best value: https://www.backblaze.com/backup-pricing.html MEGA is dodgy as hell, or are you not aware that Mega is MegaFileUpload? It's still used for a huge amount of illegal activity with links everywhere, so be cautious with your backups in case they ever get taken down.....again. If you really must have Google, they do have Google One which is their higher tier plans: https://one.google.com/about/plans Also do a search on eBay for 'Google Drive Unlimited'....keep in mind though there are big risks in these such as the actual admin can access your files
  9. Remember not all of it is bought by LMG. A lot of it is sponsored and sent to them for review and is not paid for. It's mostly a joke and to add to the content, but also Linus is probably making a point since often they've clearly had it a while, and its still LMG property. It'd also be virtually impossible for them to prove it isnt being used for work related activity. Even just them trying the product out, is still work related given the nature of what they do.
  10. second the 3600. its a bit more, but the extra 2C/4T will keep you going for a lot longer.
  11. Pointless fan. Unless you have like 4 hdd's underneath that are mounted sideways so air can be pulled/blown between them. Otherwise don't bother.
  12. They cant connect because theres no "pathway" to it. If you're on CGNAT (your public IP is shared) then you're out of luck, and need to talk to your ISP. If you have a dedicated IP address (it could be static or dynamic), then you need to forward the port in your router. Your router needs to take the incoming requests and direct them to the server that is hosting your ARK server. A quick look it appears you need UDP Port 27015 (query port) and UDP Port 7777 (game port) at the very least. So you need to make sure you have a static IP address assigned to your s
  13. There are more that have some sort of cache, than dont have any. SLC cache is more common, while higher performance drives have DRAM cache. Keep in mind cache only becomes more important as you move up into TLC & QLC, and is really dependant on the workload. Also quality of the NAND itself and the feature set of the controller plays as big (or bigger) part as wether it has a cache or not.
  14. Do you have details on some of these? I'm after a 32" 4K 120Hz+ display as well to upgrade my existing QHD (So I can enable 4K HDR on my PS5; and I also switch to my PC for high refresh rate gaming). But the only 32" i've found is the Asus PG32UQX which is triple that price.
  15. What tikker said. Also check your PC and make sure you're connected using your Gigabit card, and not the Wireless.