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Indian pc builder

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  • Birthday Mar 14, 1995

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    14paavang #0427
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    Navi Mumbai (aka just a suburb of Mumbai), India
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    building PC's(without having actually ever built one)
    everything else tech-related
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    I live in Mumbai, i don't think any more information is required other than I am just a regular person
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    chairman of the UN


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    Asus Zenbook 14 ux433fac
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    IPHONE XR (i will not share phone number)

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  1. that is the scenario i am trying to figure out
  2. because i did buy my own copy of windows and linked it to my Microsoft account and am trying to figure out if i need to buy one more for my new rig or can i use the same one in both places or can i transfer the old one to the new pc
  3. i am just trying to figure out if after linking the licence to my Microsoft account, after i bought it, will allow me to use it on 2 devices at once
  4. ok so i know how to buy a licence and use it but i am confused as per the advantage of linking it to my Microsoft account, does that mean i can swap out components and as long as my Microsoft account is on the pc, the licence will be active, also does this mean i can log on to un-activated windows on a new rig with my Microsoft account and still get windows on it without have to buy another licence? what if i remove my old computer with activated windows on it from my Microsoft account then log in to a new one, will i be able to transfer the windows licence?
  5. so in other words, i have to wait until 12th gen is out and reviewed along with ddr5 being reviewed by anyone before i can get a conclusion?
  6. Now I am not able to figue out if I should buy ddr5 when i upgrade to 12th gen, would there be any advantage over ddr4 3200 c16 ? Considering the price as well ? Also I would prefer g.skill as it has proven to be reliable enough for me
  7. Although I would like to mention that I will be going Intel for the cpu probably 12th gen assuming I can get ddr5 for a good price
  8. Where can I buy them? Note that I am in India and will have to pay for shipping from newegg or Amazon and cannot use Best Buy