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  1. Consider enterprise HDDs with URE rate of 1 every 10^15 bits read versus a consumer grade ssd, Do ssds have better URE rates in general ? Taking into account price and various reliability factors and especially URE, am i better off using 4TB enterprise HDDs for a 6-drive RAID 5 array, or should i use a bunch of ssds in a RAID 0 setup ? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a Gigabyte Aorus z390 Master and i'm using SIV to monitor and control Fan speeds, problem is I want to tie my side fans to the GPU Temp, but SIV seems to have a problem monitoring GPU Temp in a stable manner, as shown in the pic, GPU temp is missing, sometimes it works though, usually immediately after a reboot, anyone encountered this issue before? any ideas how to fix it ?
  3. I recently got the Aorus AD27QD gaming monitor, its a gorgeous screen, my only problem is that I've set Windows screen timeout to 5 mins, but instead of the screen turning off then, it just turns black, but stays on, anyone knows why is that ? update : Turns out the monitor does go to sleep ONLY the first time after the PC has booted, but if I wake it up and let it sleep again, it acts as described.
  4. True, the link shared by Semper shows that there's almost no performance difference.
  5. I recently bought a SATA Expansion card, which requires to be installed in a PCIe x8 to run at full potential, now the problem with my mobo (Aorus z390 Master) is that the x8 PCIe slot where I installed the SAS card shares Bandwidth with the x16 slot where my AORUS RTX 2080 Xtreme is installed, so now the x16 slot runs at x8, and I was wondering how would that affect the performance of the VGA Card, does it need the full 16 lanes to run with optimum performance ?
  6. so what are other options to reliably combine multiple drives in a Windows environment ?
  7. I did some research, and it seems that dual parity in storage spaces is only available in server versions of Windows, so I guess i'm back to square one.
  8. I'm looking for recommendations for a high quality, proven PCIe SATA Expansion card, doesn't have to be RAID capable as i'm running software RAID.
  9. Didn't know that, thanks for the info, but why would it need 7 disks when the typical RAID 6 requires 5 disks ?
  10. Storage spaces doesn't support double parity unfortunately, the 2-way mirror is RAID 1 not RAID 6
  11. I'm looking for alternative to RAID for my home Media Server because I'm beginning to utilize drives bigger than 4TB which doesn't work very well for RAID5, I need a solution which addresses the reliability issue of RAID5 with Large drives. it should also keep the data handy all the time, so cloud storage is not really an option, Would be nice if it offers expansion options in the future in case I want to add more drives, and it should work on Windows. I'm currently using Windows storage spaces in Parity mode (is it on the same reliability level as RAID5 ?)
  12. The 2 monitors are very similar which makes it hard to to chooses one over the other, I'm looking for opinions based on real life experiences that would help me choose. thanks in advance.
  13. This is a very good idea, I will try that and let you know how it goes, thank you.