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i7 8086k overclock

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Posted · Original PosterOP

if my overclock doesnt crash prime 95 but a few of a stress tests fail is that a horrible thing? if so how would i fix that?

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Delid/get a better cooler.


Maybe increase the voltage if it's not too high already.

I like PSUs for some odd reason. Feel free to ask me about PSU questions.


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Lower the OC or add more voltage, simple.

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12 minutes ago, iammomo said:

if my overclock doesnt crash prime 95 but a few of a stress tests fail is that a horrible thing? if so how would i fix that?

Please do not run syntethic stress tests as it will only abuse your CPU and nothing else.  Also temps are 10 to 15c higher then a Aida64 stability test which I recommend you run which is not synthetic.  Who cares about prime when in the real world your CPU will not get taxed like that.  Do not take a fail in Prime meaning your system is unstable.  Just run Aida64 stress test for 1 hour straight and if it doesn't throttle or crash then your set.  Also your temps will be lower because no synthetic crapola is going on.

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1 hour ago, iammomo said:

if my overclock doesnt crash prime 95 but a few of a stress tests fail is that a horrible thing? if so how would i fix that?

lower 100mhz or add .02v imho, in real world loads, failing prime like means it's unstable but temps will never get close to prime fft temps.

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If your overclock is crashing in real world it is likely that you've left on all the speedstep crap.

When you throw a stress test load on the CPU you are likely hitting it with 100% workload non stop.


This is good for testing how far you are off of TJ Max when checking the temps to see how much room you have for overclocking more or dropping back your voltages if its stable.


My suggestion would be turn off power saving functions disable speedstep so it stays at the turbo speed all the time.

Likely what is happening is your CPU is clocking down and back up during loads somewhere in the middle it isn't stable at a low clock with that voltage.


Other things you can try and flatten out your curve with Load Line Calibration to get an even voltage, every motherboard is different for what Level is set.

it's good to google what the flat line looks like for your model.


I would probably start out with turning off speedstep throttling stuff and LLC first.


Prime95 is really not that great a representation of real world load unless your doing rendering, if you're doing gaming AIDA64 stress test is good and if it sees any bad data it will abort the stress test.

You can also turn on GPU stress with CPU stress if you have both on the same water loop so you can measure close to real world 100% load on both devices and dial in your fan speeds etc on the radiator.


If you have done any memory overclock certainly set that back to default for your sticks as its best to overclock your CPU first then memory later.

Also if you are using 4 sticks of DDR4 sometimes removing 2 of them so you're on 2 sticks total is better for some CPU IMC's that aren't that great at overclocking.

For example a stock 3400Mhz DDR4 kit a 8700k at 5.1+Ghz may not like running at 3400Mhz even though the memory is fine out of the box the IMC on the CPU doesn't like it.

But if you are running at 3200Mhz you shouldn't have any issues that seems to be pretty fine in the 5Ghz area on most 8700k's.


Make one change and test, save some Motherboard Profiles write some of the changes down on a notepad, make another change till you are all dialed in.

Took me 5 months to get the most out of my CPU.

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