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  1. could be a lack of CPU Horses, you could try this https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm download and run inspectre turn off Meltdown and Spectre protection close the app, reboot windows and see if that gives you more FPS and GPU usage. If not you can load the app again turn the protection back on.
  2. as great as these pretty pictures on hacker movies are they are very much fake. What actually happens when you key in a password say its 5-8 Characters long, the system hashes it usually a string of numbers and Leters 5-8 Characters long. The servers like icloud store not your password they store the hash file this string of letters and numbers. When you type in your password into the website, the server hashes your clear text you typed in makes it a string and Apple see's if it matches its database with that string of letters and numbers. When someone "hacks" a pass
  3. If someone has a specific business application that runs on this motherboard and offically supports this board. Given its new in box. That has some value to someone who wants their application to kick along without issue for another 5 years fault free. I would try and hock it online see if someone wants it and buy a Ryzen system with a better IPC then you get more power for the newer cheap. Certainly not a boring looking board as well, you never know i've sold things online that i saw no value for and someone really wanted it. Worst case you list it for 10 day
  4. this looks really interesting so if there is a laser doing the read and writing does that mean you can't have a head crash anymore? nothing is physically touching the plater anymore, i wonder... Also might mean a repair to get the data off the disk is nothing more than switching out some laser. this is interesting technology for sure. half the issue is keeping the heads seperated when replacing them. Looking forward for a LTT tear down and see how this works. certainly going to add a lot more cost.
  5. If I was NVIDIA is rather sell to miners. A gamer will buy one card. A miner might but 12 cards. Who is NVIDIA making the most money out of? There is low stock for cards. They are being made in China and probably most of the stock is staying there for mining and gaming.
  6. That's ok I'm sure they will find something to rip off from TSMC to produce and sell in China in no time. Maybe some new cyzen processors.
  7. i was expecting x86 code to run like rubbish.. speechless.
  8. Wait for the m2 early adoption is never rewarded. This is good for Devs to iron things out. Not sure if these benchmarks are right. Benchmarks are one thing. Actual programs and experience is another.
  9. Apple never make a move like this unless they are sure. When they moved from IBM GX chips to Intel it was because a G5 macbook was impossible to power, IBM couldn't make their chip draw less power for more processing power. Apple don't get what they want they walk. Intel which has been developing for years has finally hit that same point 10nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ X86 has been stuck at roughtly the same Ghz for years with mild IPC increases. Here is hoping what Apple does with the M1 will do to the desktop space what Apple did to the mobil
  10. Many many years ago I cheaped out on a PSU. Aside from coil whine. I ran into a heap of issues. GPU stability issues. Couldn't overclock and at one point random things blowing up. I've learnt you can cheap out on your motherboard, GPU or CPU. But never cheap out on the PSU. The amount of issues I was trying to track down and blaming other items in the system. It all stopped when I put a $80 more PSU in. Without reliable power delivery many things can go wrong.
  11. The second an application has confirmed no encryption and privacy that company might as well file for bankrupcy. Everyone will dump the platform so fast even if they aren't breaking the law, people just want to feel that they are having a private conversation. Really would be no different than saying every room in every home must have a Gov Microphone in it and all conversations will be sent back to be looked into for security reasons. If the likes of P2P File sharing has tought us anything.. people did computer application P2P File sharing like Napster and Limewir
  12. The usually rule is 2x140mm per device cooling. 180mm vs 140mm is going to depend on fin density of the rad and static pressure capability of the fan. Depending what you are cooling air delta that will determine the rpm of your fans. In theory the more area sinking heat the better cooling. Probably need to tell us what you are cooling. i has a 480 monsta in one my systems it was so big and thick it could passively cool my system. It was overkill for the components at the time. Settled on a 600rpm fan profile.
  13. Unraid is good for home server stuff and has redundancy but the write speed is limited to the single disk speed. If you are doing big raw files that are requiring more than the speed runs at the performance might not be there. Read speeds are fine it will be the same as a raid platform. Something like FreeNAS uses ZFS and will give you read and write speeds of what you expect benchmark wise. Both can be downloaded and trialed for 30 days my suggestion is give it a go and see which one you like. It will come down to what you are doing with the footage is i