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  1. Usually find if you overclock at high voltages (1.45V) after several years of operating at that voltage the overclock is not stable and requires more voltage to hold. Since you are at a limit already of heat your only option is to downclock it 100Mhz and find the next stable overclock point getting a down step of voltage as well.
  2. i had mine overclocked to hell but had to clock mine back a bit because of memory controller issues 18 months later. 1.44V is not a 24x7 voltage i would suggest 1.40V max i clocked mine back to 5.1Ghz at 1.40 and its happy. The heat was my limitation, i have Conductonaut from the Delid and Conductonaut on top between my IHS and Velocity WB. Still runs hot but i got an extra 200Mhz out of it at a safe temp. Mine was a bad bin, some people get 5Ghz at 1.35V that would be nice..
  3. You’d get a 1-2FPS advantage from upgrading. Maybe a bit more depending on optimisation of the app. Resizable bar might be more useful from the upgrade. Waiting for ddr5 will result in higher gains later this year. If you can hold out then. Or sales of a higher end ryzen 9 with more cores when ddr5 comes out will give you more performance. Also why I am sitting on my 8700k processor it does the job and any upgrade isn’t a massive jump 30%+ to warrant doing it. More threads is great and all but I want to see higher core clocks not more threads the apps and games I play don’t use high cores
  4. Intel will probably do this but AMD won’t, think about it. If the psu was expensive and meets your needs are you more likely to move onto AMD and not have to replace your PSU if that processor meets your upgrade requirements. I can see it now just another thing to push people off intel. What happened to power efficiency. The point of a nm shrink is not needing more power.
  5. MiniLED allows the 400nit display brightness to hit 1000nits with some kind of burst brightness of 1400. What the iPad Pro can do now. More control over black zones of the display and a brighter picture in the sun outside. Game changing if you are one who has glare often. Its worth the wait if you are one who presses brightness up in your environment and it isn’t bright enough.
  6. the Magic Keyboard i still find the best to type on and i prefer gaming on its compact, responsive, and quiet. as a plus the battery lasts forever.. compared to other bluetooth solutions.
  7. Shouldn't Tesla's response then to Bitcoin mining be shutdown their China Gigafactory in protest to China and its bitcoin mining with Coal and lack of doing anything about the problem with mining in China.
  8. talking about a subject like Hackintosh is a bit different, you are allowed to talk about things freedom of speech. Providing links to downloading software is not allowed that is the I.P of Apple. Guides for installing modules and editing config files is allowed. With M1 here and being ARM, Hackintoshing is coming to an end. Once Intel Mac's are gone that is it for OSX dev for install in a few years time, most people use Nvidia GPU's there is no drivers for that. Apple has good hardware to offer with it's software i can't say they care too much about Hackintos
  9. using the same brush, will Telsa stop selling cars because the power being used to fill them is from coal in most countries? A 75kWh battery is a lot of power but most people plug them in when they get home that's well after the sun went down? How many mining rigs equals a Telsa car recharging every day? Sad publicity stunt to be in the news...
  10. Can someone 3d print a case for things thing that would be an amazing at home NAS with 32 bays directly connected to the motherboard
  11. Wow this took so long for us to do lol. coin batteries bad, coins good. lego fine. they added a few years ago watch batteries in this really tough plastic you can't even cut it with scissors. The only option is using a lighter to melt it enough to then cut it with scissors. I don't know who these children are that are mistaking a watch battery for food? do they need to make the Airtag bigger in Australia because it could be mistaken as a watch battery and swallowed? molly coddle Australian laws..
  12. Though in Australia I respect his dedication to this subject. Right to repair, this has a global impact for all of us. Not just an Apple thing. John Deere Hyundai, Asus, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. They're all against it also I am sure the list will go on. Donated.
  13. Wow I get what they're offering it's either outright pay for the device or lease it. On top of the already expensive vest. I guess from a risk perspective make the lease option a yearly thing then that way the chance of a failed payment is less likely and safety is maintained. People steal credit cards and banks can have processing issues. That's some exposure with a monthly based system. I see they have yearly.. dump the monthly. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.. what happens if the inabox module can't call home because of a network issue does it not deploy. When does it determine if it's