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  1. ordered a 3080 TUF on launch night in August.. still no ETA in March.. looks like a decent amount of stock was coming in around November now its completely stopped. At least in Australia no stock has come in since just before Xmas.
  2. Find it more concerning people using Facebook as a news source lol. Don’t use Facebook don’t use google. duck duck go here. Understand why they are trying to charge but thinking of the implications after it’s passed what else will be impacted by this. I agree for a period of time someone’s news article that’s being recycled by these tycoons should be charged maybe for the first 24 hours. But you want that linking to be free after that so you can search it. Permanent charging sounds outrageous. Search engines would be dead.
  3. The issue is condensation on your water blocks. Remember physics if your liquid is below your ambient temp of your room is going to condensate. So if it's cooler outside you've got a problem. Unless you are dumping heat into your loop constantly and a lot of it. If the return water isn't cold enough you might be ok. In Summer you'd be fine
  4. That's what you were talking about by homelab discord. that is some serious hate. It is not an enterprise solution for disks it is not a raid solution where performance is stacking based on the size of your array. Unraid is always limited to a single disk performance because you read and write to your data drive and you make a copy of that on your parity drives (simple description). Folders of data can be scaled across drives but they are individual disks of XFS Filesystem data. The comment around Dockers crashing and VM's crashing, there was a bug once in 201
  5. here is my dev system. 382days up and still going.
  6. while the license is in trial you can reboot it as much as you want. when the trail expires you cannot reboot the system without getting a message saying trial expired and it won't let you start the array. you can click an extend trial button get an additional 30 days and then the trial expires again. but that being said if you never reboot the box the trial keeps kicking along. At some point if you reboot you will need to buy a key for your USB. But the license is tied to the USB not the system it's running on.
  7. wow its gone up in price.. yeah i bought it when it was $59 for unlimited. $129 now. With the trial you can run it on a system and reboot it as much as you want for 30 days. the license key only checks when its starting the array. After the license expires if you reboot the system you can extend the license one last time for 30 days and reboot it. I did have unraid on a testing server for 6 months on a trial key. when i rebooted it due to a power outage i could extend it one last time. Should be more than long enough to test out what you want. but what i love
  8. What you require given you have a lot of different size drives is Unraid. FreeNas is great but you need all the same size drives. With Unraid you want to take your biggest drive and make it the Parity Drive if you want redundancy. The rest of the Drives can be Data Drives of different sizes. If you want 1 Drive Failure tolerance then add 1 Parity Drive, if you want 2 then add 2 Parity Drive the Parity Drives must be as big or bigger than the Data Drives. You can now add in 28 Data Drives to this system, to get there cheaply add in LSI 9211-8i or LSI 9210-
  9. I wouldn't port forward your samba port to the internet. though Unraid does keep its security patching up to date it can lag 6 months behind current. If an exploit is present in Samba where a user can bypass the username/password your whole server is exposed. My suggestion is setup a VPN Server on Unraid either as one of the VPN Dockers or run a Virtual Machine on Unraid with a windows server with a VPN Server on it if you are more comfortable running one of the software windows VPN Servers. Port forward the VPN Server port. Now all you have to do is VPN in fr
  10. You can't have upgradable VRAM Slots, you would need to tear down the card to install them for starters. they'd have to design a VRAM Cooler to wrap around the Dimms. user error installing them or dust in the socket would cause crashes, let along thermal issues. We also have to look at the costs, that complexity and space usage of socketable memory is going to drive up the costs its also going to make the card bigger. finding memory 4 years or more later for the thing would be hard, and also the GPU is still old gen so more memory won't make it faster. Still n
  11. Maybe a really good reason to have a full cover waterblock this gen.
  12. could be a lack of CPU Horses, you could try this https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm download and run inspectre turn off Meltdown and Spectre protection close the app, reboot windows and see if that gives you more FPS and GPU usage. If not you can load the app again turn the protection back on.
  13. as great as these pretty pictures on hacker movies are they are very much fake. What actually happens when you key in a password say its 5-8 Characters long, the system hashes it usually a string of numbers and Leters 5-8 Characters long. The servers like icloud store not your password they store the hash file this string of letters and numbers. When you type in your password into the website, the server hashes your clear text you typed in makes it a string and Apple see's if it matches its database with that string of letters and numbers. When someone "hacks" a pass