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  • CPU
    9900k 1.3v 5.0 avx
  • Motherboard
    z390 taichi ult
  • RAM
    gskill 14-14-14-32 3733 1.49v 4x8gb
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080 ti xc slim
  • Case
    corsair graphite 780t (wanted a TT level 10)
  • Storage
    970 evo nvme 512gb + 2x 860 evo 512gb raid 0.
  • PSU
    evga g2 1300w
  • Display(s)
    predator x27 (gaming) pa272w (streams)
  • Cooling
    noctua d15
  • Keyboard
    g710 brown
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    z5500 5.1 (falling apart)
  • Operating System
    10 pro

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  1. 5600x would be better but i'm not sure it's worth the 200dollar extra, porbably better to put that extra money toward a better gpu.
  2. 5600x is better but if you can buy the 11400f then spend 100usd more on the gpu then a better gpu is preferred if you are on a budget.
  3. hdr monitors with certain certifications generally gives higher peak brightness and brighter colors in general, whether it looks better still depends on the content and display. FALD and OLED has better contrast/true blacks so the bright scenes in hdr pops even more. Without FALD and OLED tech, ips glow in dark scenes can obviously ruin a scene. HDR for the most part isn't ready yet, you only need an oled tv or monitor with good color coverage for everything to look nice. But here are some of the best hdr implementations i've seen in games: sekiro, hitman metro exodus,
  4. at that size i'd prolly just go with an oled, it's almost guaranteed that the colors and contrast would be worse on the aorus
  5. there are specific benchmarks for this from techtubers, hardware unboxed and gamer's nexus.
  6. usually 4 sticks give better performance actually because it's dual rank, oc might be slightly lower but benches are higher, with zen 3 alot of imc and mobo can do 4x8 3600 just fine if you get the right sticks.
  7. sent them an email with part #, they emailed a slip, i dont remember if i had to pay shipping when i sent the ram back, either way i got brand new sticks back in like 2 weeks, as no bs as it can get.
  8. you are going to get mixed opinions on this, but generally i like gskill (tested warranty) crucial, team group (save a few bucks), avoid corsair for ryzen.
  9. for 1440p 144hz non-curved, excluding the monitors coming out this year, the best overall is the MAG274QRF-QD for 4k 144hz the "budget" option is 27GN950-B There aren't any 4k 144hz high end options atm, and they aren't truly 144hz, gotta wait for the x32, pg32uqx pa32ucg etc. for 1440p curved, the g7/g9 has its problems (scanlines, colors not as advertised) but it's functional if you like an aggressive curve for a more mild curve the LG 34gn850-b is my pick, just beware that the LG monitors have low contrast. All that said, if your d
  10. depends on what you do, the 5600x is actually alot better than the 3600 imho, but zen 2 is largely out of the picture assuming normal prices, for each price point it's mostly 11400f 10600kf 10850k 5900x 5950x
  11. if it has to be 4k i wouldnt get curved, if it has to be curved i wouldn't get 4k, gotta pick 1.
  12. sorry i mean undervolt, if those options arent available then u need a decent cooler, as repasting alone can only do so much i like to exhaust other options first b4 buying a 40dollar cooler for a locked chip tho https://www.amazon.com/s?k=hyper+212&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  13. a slight undervolt* as long as it's stable will fix the issue.
  14. this is definitely not there in the older monitors, i'm trying to think if it's even usable (it's probably something most are willing to put up with), but it's definitely worse than just the white glow alone, could be a deal killer. No HDMI and response time is whatever (all about 4k/120 with colors) Also. noisy fans are back, can't get around the gsync module.
  15. that kinda changed with the release of 11th gen, the 11400f is the budget choice now, very rarely is zen 2 the pick anymore. for a higher end gpu 5900x and 5950x is the choice.