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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    z390 taichi ult
  • RAM
    gskill 4266 cl19 1.45v @ 3866 cl16 1.4v
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080 ti xc slim
  • Case
    corsair graphite 780t (wanted a TT level 10)
  • Storage
    970 evo nvme 512gb + 2x 860 evo 512gb raid 0.
  • PSU
    evga g2 1300w
  • Display(s)
    predator x27 (gaming) pa272w (streams)
  • Cooling
    noctua d15
  • Keyboard
    g710 brown
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    z5500 5.1 (falling apart)
  • Operating System
    10 pro

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  1. just wait, the difference is big enough i wouldn't touch zen 2 unless you need a pc right now.
  2. check the actual power draw of the card and make sure afterburner isn't limiting it at like 250w, it's happened to others before.
  3. to quote 2 of the most prolific overclockers on youtube, going beyond 1:1 on zen is just "dumb" (they went ahead and did it anyway for fun), and the voltages are unsafe for 24/7 use, people running SOC 1.19v at 1900/3800 are already pushing the limits with 4 sticks. For RGB kits, just go with the one @ShrimpBrime, there are like 3 bins that are better but if you want RGB that's what you'd need to sacrafice to fit your budget. If you live overseas, chances are you'll have to buy local or buy cheaper kits.
  4. stock performance it's largely 3-4 settings: cl14 3200 cl15 3600/cl19 4400 (they are mostly the same) and cl14 3600/3800 (slightly better, binned version of the lower skus), these are just the 3 SKUs that i use depending on the build, there is def more. As for the overclocking capabilities of each, it's silicon lottery, i've seen the cl14 3200 this bf for 95usd, the cl15 3600 kits for 125usd, and most recently cl14 3600/3800 for 150usd. B-die doesn't always clock the highest but for entry level overclocks it's the best, Rev-E is pretty fun with intel chips, or if you RE
  5. for RT, the simple answer is no, amd cards are faster this gen.
  6. likely just silicon lottery if you are sure about the load settings. 200w on a 360 aio should be fine. BTW there aren't 1.3v 5.3 chips out there for 24/7 use, don't trust random benches online. 5.2 avx 1.35v was top 2%, and that was before the 9900ks binning ruined the 9900k.
  7. 4.6-4.7 is like 6.1ghz intel, obviously it wont all translate to gaming directly, but with ram tuning intel's completely behind now except rdr2
  8. if you wanna game at 144hz it doesn't matter the resolution, the 5600x is the best choice, i wouldn't bother with intel at all, not sure about the turing and zen 3 thing, never heard of it, just wait for a 3070/3080. If i had to put a generic number on the difference at 1440p, it'd be 10%, the difference between a 3070 and a 3080 at 1440p is about 20%, so that 10% is worth about 100dollars (or if u want, the difference between the 3080 and 3090), but that's just how i think about it, it's not a big deal to some. If i was to build right now, there's no way i'm going intel. The diff
  9. in general corsair overcharges by at least 20% over other brands for the same stuff, if not more, so it's mostly just for looks if all you care about is capacity, they can go as low as 145CAD https://www.newegg.ca/p/pl?d=cl16+2x16+3200
  10. ram is ram. Both of those kits suck though, but if you want corsair then go ahead.
  11. i'd pick the cheap 3080 100% of the time if they were the same price.
  12. unless you can find a 9900k for 200usd, 5600x is the choice here. intel cpus aren't competitive atm.