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  • CPU
    9900k 1.3v 5.0 avx
  • Motherboard
    z390 taichi ult
  • RAM
    gskill 14-14-14-32 3733 1.49v 4x8gb
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080 ti xc slim
  • Case
    corsair graphite 780t (wanted a TT level 10)
  • Storage
    970 evo nvme 512gb + 2x 860 evo 512gb raid 0.
  • PSU
    evga g2 1300w
  • Display(s)
    predator x27 (gaming) pa272w (streams)
  • Cooling
    noctua d15
  • Keyboard
    g710 brown
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    z5500 5.1 (falling apart)
  • Operating System
    10 pro

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  1. i wouldn't mind c-die for apus, think @freeagentand @ShrimpBrimewould know more about clocks and timings, theres some crazy fun stuff ppl are doing at 4400 or 4800 with the 5600g, there isnt a good video that pushes it to the limit and i'd have to dig thru buildzoid's channel
  2. i think the worst mem controller i personally saw was 1.19v for ddr3600 4sticks, 2x16 is likely to oc higher. if you are asking these questions gskill b-die is recommended, i saw these the other day, can't guarantee it's the best deal but pretty good. https://www.neweggbusiness.com/product/product.aspx?item=9b-20-374-084 you could do ddr4800 and do some weird fclk ratio to get it to 3:2, but i think it'll be slower than 2x16 3733 in practical use. on intel i bench 2% faster and game 1% faster on ddr4000 cl15 vs cl14 ddr3733, but everything runs alot hotter,
  3. might not be able to get it lower than 8bit depending on ur monitor
  4. it's not fixed, it's peak all core, theres a peak single core somewhere, last i saw it was 1.49v some settings won't even save, just the weirdness of amd, i'll probably just stick with this profile forever lol, good thing i wasn't gonna push it any further with just a drp4 anyway. This was all done in a rush the first day i put it together, wasn't even expecting 4.55, got 4.55 and i'm just happy with it. It's just pbo with a negative offset with the oc switching on with the dark hero, i followed what buildzoid did. 2/3 times the bios won't save so i'm probably not touching it anymo
  5. my cinebench temps are almost the same as gaming temps, doesn't make sense but as long as i don't see 95 ever i'm just not gonna worry about it
  6. you can shove ur face as close as you are comfortable, the experience is better if ur peripheral vision doesn't see outside the monitor, i sit a feet from a 27inch and it's just right, 32inch is too big, it's personal perference really. for 7feet 50inch sounds ok
  7. this was just in another thread lol, 12600k rumored to be 240w and 12900k 330w, 11900k was 300w https://videocardz.com/newz/intel-core-i9-12900k-overclocked-to-5-2-ghz-on-all-performance-cores-reportedly-consumes-330w-of-power impressive single core, but there's also rumor of latency issues with ddr5 which makes it less optimal for gaming and the score less meaningful, (if you are gaming with the build), i'll be looking at 12th gen ddr4 vs zen3d ddr4, ddr5 might be functional since i dont trust the leaks 100%, it'll be very interesting soon
  8. amd basically did the same thing as soon they got the lead. Anyway the benches are out november 4th and i expect an amd counter right after, i'd wait.
  9. you've waited this long, might as well wait for 12600k benches and zen 3d, dunno why they'd be off the table since they've been the better bang for buck for the last year and a year.
  10. not really a hdr monitor (cheapest is an oled tv), but if has a combination of wide color gamut, high refresh rate, and deep enough contrast for an ips panel. There are usually some type of compromise, (LG model has low contrast so has trouble with black and grey) the non-qd version loses alot of the gamut and some of the contrast. I think for those nz prices, i wouldn't pick the LG, if you are willing to pay 600 for the LG i'd recommend 800 for the QD, but i'm not sure it's worth double of the non-QD
  11. 1440p 144hz one of the best 1440p monitors are only 400usd (msi mag274qrf-qd) gpus can actually run it cheaper than 4k, same image quality except hdr so unless you have a source that absolutely benefits from 4k (netflix hdr, consoles), go with 1440p. I think i was playing some anime game at 60hz and forgot to switch back over to 100hz when i played borderlands, the very moment i tried to turn horizontally i noticed it was 60hz. So having higher refresh is huge. 4k hdr simply cost too much atm and the cost doesn't justify the differ
  12. can't give a recommendation on this one, it's not a setting i'd run personally.
  13. it could be remnants of the settings you applied messing with the card, since it's working on their pcs. At this point i think a quick windows reinstall might be the fastest way to do it at least we know the card aint dead, grats
  14. i hated my 8600k i still remember on launch the top comment on youtube was "100% usage in games lmao"
  15. evga did ask for a triple deposit when my card's fan acted up, (msrpx3) the math was something like a new card+repair deposit+holding fee, given the current gpu market i decided not to rma for a fan . From what ive read, they've start off by sending out defective stuff, then on the 2nd or 3rd try new stuff, and it'll eventually get solved. Unless it's the 3080ti and 3090 getting blown up cause of the aoz chokes, those get new cards. gskill legit just sends out new sticks without a deposit (i have some 60dollar sticks as backup), though i suspect the margin on motherbo