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  1. it's a tn panel, u can get a new VA on newegg right now for 250-280usd with better color coverage, so 200usd is a hard no. Pretty sure if u had the time to look up specific ips model that are more updated you can find one for 200used. i've seen this for 250usd new on ebay before https://www.amazon.com/ViewSonic-VX2758-2KP-MHD-Frameless-FreeSync-DisplayPort/dp/B07VJJXDBX/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=rlncg40d-20&linkId=1bd5cb4a3f1940f2b62834bf8bb2cc29&language=en_US
  2. Even the best data ive seen about rocket lake has a negligible lead over a 5800x, there's no point of waiting, buy zen 3 when they are in stock.
  3. i think thats just the haloing on fald, use a dark background and move ur mouse around with hdr on. If thats the "problem" ur talking about, it's normal, otherwise probably a defective panel.
  4. he'd have to physically see the 16gb sticks to be 100% sure they are dual rank. The only surefire way is getting 4 sticks, and 8gb sticks can tune alot better to maximize the cpu if he doesn't need 64gb ram.
  5. depending on how much ram you'll actually need 4x8 or 4x16
  6. i wouldn't say it's obsolete for work. For gaming it isnt very practical imho what with the gpu being too weak for AAA games and compatibility issues. Personally i'll just stick with 16:9 and hope gpu within the next 2 gens can play 4k/144hz.
  7. if you are willing to sac high refresh then it's down to pro art, the 27inch 4k entry model is 2500usd sometimes. If you have to have a 27inch 1440p model then i suggest saving some money and buy used, but last gen mons won't compare to proart mons. (something like a pa272w, i've seen them for 300usd used.) Now if you want a hybrid with decent colors (for gaming monitor standards) then it's down to the 27GL850 for 450usd. It's a tough choice but if you are willing to sac high refresh then i'd decide between going all out for a proart or just get a 1440p ezio or nec used
  8. i'd buy both, keep the 69, sell the 3080, assuming you have a AIB 69 it's considerably faster. Especially if you don't game at 4k
  9. ur better off with 4x8 vs 2x16, for a 1500usd build, the efficiency of buying cl16 is decent, so it's ur call.
  10. depending on the prices you are looking for, if you are looking for 1 around 800usd, probably never, it's tightly pegged to eth atm. Everything remotely close to MSRP will be bought up. As many as nvidia can ship. There's some hope for the 3090 and 6900xt after march.
  11. not yet, been thoroughly disappointed with the delays in the port updates over the past 3 years~
  12. 3060ti cant drive 1440p 144hz in AAA games, go with 1080p and save some money.
  13. they all do, but the lowest gpu i'd pair with a 3090 without upgrading is probably a 9900k, maybe a 9700k if lazy. if i was doing a new build with a 3090, then it'd be 5800x minimum, more likely a 5950x the 3090 is 1k usd more for 10% more performance, the 5% average from SAM (rumored to be feb for nvidia cards), 2% from pcie4, 5%~ from zen 3 with tuned ram and better single core performance, they all add up.
  14. for those prices id go for the 9700k or the 9900k
  15. i think z390 was the gen where asus dropped the ball, iirc asrock and gigabyte were better.
  16. depends on the game and refresh rate, but yes above 100hz, it's rather small though, and that's the case with a 3080.
  17. there's absolutely no incentive for nvidia and amd to go against the miners, they'll just remain silent on the issue. In theory if 1 eth =3080 then most of the cards will go to miners as they can offer to pay more. certain cards aren't worth to mine with, i.e. 3090 and the amd cards provide worse return than the 3070 and 3080. Gamers will have to pay miner prices or wait for it to trickle down.
  18. oh and for any real world load, r20 would be enough of a test to test power draw and temps at 100% loads, p95 uses something like 140-150% real world power draw, so a 65w setting (like 3.7ghz) can draw 95w. For a 10700k, 4.3 would be about 95w, and 4.7 would be about 135w depending on silicon lottery (make sure the vrm can handle it)
  19. best guess, bios is capping you at 90C or 95w, maybe both, a different cooler would solve the temp issue, but not the power limit, you'll have to mess with bios.
  20. best thing to do is to show ur friend a VA panel first and see if he notices the smearing, if not then g7 and g9 will probably do, the other option is a 46 LG oled tv, c9 or cx. The newer hdr monitors are coming out in 2021.
  21. as long as you can make sure they are 2R
  22. it's from kimi's twitter yesterday and today and other youtube channels, the 20gb leak is old news. but hey, you do you,
  23. i think it came out like yesterday or the day before, from the same credible sources that called the leaks before. Mainly reason the 20gb model would make the 3090 completely pointless, just look up 3080ti 12gb. Specs can still change before a card come out of course.
  24. regarding an unlimited budget, if that's the case, i woulda just picked up a 3090 on ebay to use for these 2-3 months. As for the 3080 ti, given that EVGA's the only brand with a trustworthy warranty, i'd be looking at the ftw3. 20gb model is cancelled btw, it's likely gonna be 12gb (which is good news, no backside ram that's running at 85C). Other option is to just skip this gen, i already beat cyberpunk. I'm willing to overpay for next gen if prices keep trending higher, the longer it takes for the 3080 ti to come out, the less i'm interested in it.