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  1. Tools for a Better Life

    High quality sunglasses. Best purchase in my life. I'm serious here.
  2. According to the the author, it's the most stable with the least glitches. You can actually get 4K 60FPS which according to a few of my friends, is impossible on pc version.
  3. I missed the date you're right, for some reason I thought it was may... feel free to report it.
  4. That is true, but I do not remember seeing it here? Or am I wrong...
  5. This is more than bizarre if we're honest. So the best way to play PUBG on a PC is not to buy the Steam version, but rather to play the emulated version of a mobile port from a PC. Actually, just read the article and watch the video. I have nothing more to say. Where do you stand? Should the devs of PC game just invest more time and optimize the game? Source
  6. Is there a reason why the quotes in all your posts are ridiculously big?
  7. Native 4K? I wasn't surprised to see that, although let's see if it all stages will run it like that. Thumbs up to devs for this one.
  8. Hopefully, and I really mean hopefully, it will delete leftover files, like package cache, and gazillion other files. If it breaks Iet me dl it again. I swear, VS is one of the worst experiences I had with programs management.
  9. Yeah, for EU there is a list. Sadly US store won't ship up here.
  10. I forgot to pre-order it for my gf, now I'm on waiting list. Needless to say I'm walking on very thing ice here.
  11. As compared to your average joe laptop owner? That's some bulletproof logic.
  12. I like it. It's like Deus Ex meets Knight Rider meets Altered Carbon.
  13. Honestly, all things considered, I still consider SE to be one of better devs/publishers out there. Let's all hope.