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  1. Dangerous Dave. Good old DOS games.
  2. I don't really, if you know what I mean.
  3. That's kind of debatable. I don't have it because I git bored halfway through the game when it was released.
  4. I own all mentioned games and have played all of them. Doom is a great old school shooter with the emphasis on "If it moves, kill it". Bioshock is the most story driven here, with great gameplay and mindblowing story. Borderlands is the most fun as in pure laughingand is an RPG of sorts. Doom will last you 10-20 hours and I am still playing it, whule I have 50 hours on all Bioshock games together with all DLCs and have 72 hours on Borderlands 2. And Borderlands 2 has co op. All games are pretty fun and different.
  5. DMC3 and Bayonetta are a must then. Both are superior to DMC4 imo. Naturally, if you can, play DMC1 and 2 as well. EDIT: forgot MGR: Revengeance.
  6. I'm just here wondering how you're not sure about the number of mice that you have.
  7. THat is not really a special deal, they had a discount on official Samsung page last week, it was $600-$700 iirc.
  8. Yes it is. They are a bit late it seems.
  9. As long as the prices normalize in the consumer/enthusiast market for normal GPUs I'm fine with whatever they want to sell people.
  10. And here I paid $75 for a wired G403.
  11. When is Vega launching again? Wasn't in Q2, which is practically over?
  12. Plot twist when all published software has a built in backdoor.
  13. I was actually dead ready to buy the phone after the summer since I need an upgrade, and I could live without IP67/68, wireless charging and QHD dispaly, but not for that price. That is too much. I'm kind of out of ideas which phone to buy now, every single one has some flaw I don't like.
  14. The drama.
  15. I bet they were snooping in some refrigerators as well. Is there even type of a device they haven't forced their access in?