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  1. Some mods do not post often and it's been like that since the beginning. It doesn't mean they are not online or active. Not every mod is Ryan, Godlygamer or Goodbytes.
  2. Long story short, my folks at our beach house do not have internet connection and their neighbour will let them use his Wi-Fi, however we're talking 15-20 meters distance here so it's really bad. You guys know of any good Wi-Fi antennas/adapters that would be able to pick the signal? It doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough to survive.
  3. Asmentioned MS Pro L or perhaps Ducky Shine 5
  4. We are talkimg full size keyboard? Just to confirm. If so ajazz 104 or something similar is your best choice. If no, look at Anne Pro
  5. Any info on what drivers it was tested with? Any announcement that Vega should be getting new drivers? I'm a bit out of the loop.
  6. If only it was 60%. Also small note, they are refurbished, not new.
  7. That's subjective. It was worth it for me, so to say. Mind you I used it at work.
  8. It costs a lot more but ever thought of a let's split keyboard?
  9. If you can wait go for Aeron, used it for few months. Worth more than it costs. Yes I know what I wrote.
  10. Good luck doing that on phone.
  11. FPC recruiting? Mind running that by me again?
  12. Pretty much. New AMD release thread with 30 pages? Better start the tag train.
  13. I always heard how Azzure Coast was beautiful, but you need to experience it firsthand to realise how beautiful it really is. 

  14. I would not no, but I know people that would. And if they are trying to compete with only 8GB when their competitor had 12 GB last year, it is not good.
  15. All are only 8GB cards? Did I miss the info somewhere or is 8GB the limit consumers are getting?