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  1. I am disappointed. Since it's Gigabyte I expected the name to be Aorus Extreme Edition Max Air Force Cooling Hyper Plus with Performance Gaming X Edition coming later this year. AORUS ATC 700 is for casuals.
  2. Thank god. Give me 1600X and I might upgrade to that.
  3. Honestly, I prefer black/silver, sort of a minimalistic design. I actually like the way my N550 looks. It can blend in anywhere. As far as I can remember, ThinkPads never had such emphasis on the "red part" like the Y series does. Keyboard, speakers and red keyboard backlighting. I dare to call it blatant.
  4. I'm still positive that designers at Lenovo forgot how to properly design gaming laptops long time ago. And will you please drop the red/black combo? Please?
  5. And there is still the problem of other players talking to someone close to them, yelling or something similar. It all gets recognised. Once you get used to push to talk it's not complicated to use it in any situation.
  6. Oh right, Activision is the publisher. Forgot about that.
  7. I can imagine the money that Blizzard is getting for this.
  8. You don't really have a lot of reasons to love them if we're honest.
  9. Did you mean to say it's... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) ...epyc?
  10. While they had arguably the most seeds out of all torrent sites for some things, their page was your worst nightmare unblockable bullshit ad fiesta. Not to mention redirections.
  11. For me it's one of the best since it's a full blown mindfuck, and I like that.. But to truly appreciate it you have to play first 2 games before if. And then you go and play and Burial at Sea and then get your mind blown even more. Literally.
  12. Probably because you can hear everything they do, breath, talk to others, click on KBM, everything. And it can be annoying and distracting as hell.
  13. Ask someone to lend you $15 and return it later on if you don't have other options. We're not talking about a big amount of money here.
  14. The title that some news page had: So good.
  15. We know how it ends...