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  1. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    Which even further proves my point.
  2. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    For most people it can. If you were a normal user that doesn't game or do any professional work, you can literally use it for pretty much everything that a laptop could do.
  3. Best games to get right now?

    You need to be more specific than that.
  4. No one in their right mind would think that a Mac is a gaming system. Having better specs doesn't put it in gaming market.
  5. Why do people hate Apple inc?

    Just want to point out that you're comparing 2 graphics cards without a system that can't do anything on it's own, to a laptop/ultrabook which can fully function on it's own and do everything except play games. Going by your comparison, you can take any laptop and compare it to a 1080Ti and ask "Need I go on?". Don't want to be rude, but that is hands down dumb. Not everything in this world is about gaming, which is the only thing this forum cares about. Same reason why Dell XPS 13 costs the same as MBP 13''. It's a premium product. I'm not defending Apple, but if we're gonna call one company out, then we need to call out all of them. Which we never do. Even if you would use a gaming laptop for comparison, like Clevo laptops or something similar that can run all games for the same price, albeit not at 4K, then you'll see that these premium products do have some things that are better than your average gaming things, like the general build quality, screen, touchpad and quite often the keyboard, which are more important when you're using the machines for work. And guess what, they are oriented to that market, they were never marketed as gaming machines. It's like saying that the new Rolls Royce sucks because it can't match the speed of Lamborghini Aventador for the same or even higher price and can't match the lap time around Nurburgring. And you know what? It doesn't need to.
  6. Oh my god. Pitching me a sale here? But I suppose a COO needs to know how to sell.
  7. This, this is what I've been asking for in the V30 review and in general for a long time. Thank your for clarifying it. I wouldn't mind such a comparison each gen for flagships. Do you have an intention of making a video recording comparison?
  8. I've manage to use like 3-4 GB, but that's with 40 tabs open. I really wouldn't call that a problem.
  9. Build Of The Month (or similar)

    Iirc didn't Whaler used to gather them?
  10. Topre or Topre Like Keyboard Suggestions?

    FC660C or Realforce 87U. I've seen people saying Zealios 67g are the closest thing to Topre but yeah, easier and probably cheaper to get Topre keyboard.
  11. **HELP** Gaming Laptop, WHY LOW FPS

    I'll assume that's on idle. If so, that's normal. Check it under load.
  12. **HELP** Gaming Laptop, WHY LOW FPS

    Also that, open NV Control Panel and pick High Performance Graphics for the game.
  13. **HELP** Gaming Laptop, WHY LOW FPS

    Check if power saver is turned on. Download MSI Afterburner and check you GPU clocks. They tend to get lowered a lot for reasons unknown. And usual, reinstall drivers, etc.
  14. Even those lasted more than 15 seconds.