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  1. Verizon to lock phones in spring

    Since I work for a carrier, I see people on daily basis that need the phone unlocked. The reasons are mostly: giving the phone to someone in the family who is another carrier using the phone for another number that you own from another carrier swapping networks but the phone is still working great so no need for upgrade The problem is that some carriers to unlock your phone, want to take your phone due to some excuse and it takes them up to 2 weeks to unlock them. Even the carriers that just give the you unlock code via phone sometimes (read: quite often) have to get the code itself from another party in another country, and that can also take some time. It's quite inconvenient if we're honest. Hell it's the same thing for members form my family, who have swapped 3 networks in 4 years and still have the same phone.
  2. Verizon to lock phones in spring

    It's funny because even my country has a law that prompts carriers to unlock all new phones.
  3. Afaik there are no high quality wireless numpads out there (from a known brand). Just look at how many wireless high quality mech keyboards there are, it should tell you where the market is focused.
  4. It worked with no issues on movies and shows like The Wire, Grand Tour and Supernatural. Tried watching Friends with my gf which worked great on 2.2.5 and it crashes on every episode on 3.0 just few seconds in. Tried default Win 10 player as well, no issues whatsoever.
  5. Battlefield 1 Origin Access No More???

    Only if it gets added later, which it surely will at some point.
  6. Battlefield 1 Origin Access No More???

    Only if it gets added later, which it surely will at some point.
  7. Battlefield 1 Origin Access No More???

    It was listed in Origin access just a week ago, but not anymore as I see it.
  8. I do have a lot of fate here. I've played both betas before it was released on PS4, and the game was a stutter fest, more so in the first one obviously. When the game was released it was a completely different animal. It may not be 60 FPS, or even close, but after dozens of hours on the PS4 Slim, I have encountered 2 times that frames dropped enough for me to call it stutter, and it was due to a shit ton of stuff it was happening, explosions, dozen enemies, elemancy, and so on. I do really hope that all parties do the part on their end. I reckon I'll buy it again for Steam. I think the game is awesome, and I haven't even finished it yet. Disclaimer: screw you Sony for not being able to fix the courrupted save file bug that your system is having, thus ending in me losing 50+ hours. And no, I don't have PS Plus for backup.
  9. Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    I'm not sure how to react to that.
  10. When did you come back from the dead?
  11. Microsoft Rumors

    Same went for Sony and Vita. But what can you do.
  12. Microsoft Rumors

    Streaming is one, natively running it on another hardware is another thing (every single game). I reckon it's possible, much easier than on PS4 which doesn't even support DirectX which XBOX does. But I'm pretty sure that the game devs would have to play with their games to enable them to run, if it's even possible. How complicated would it be? I honestly have no idea. I reckon Prysin could give more insight on this. I won't tag him though.
  13. Microsoft Rumors

    Origin by a huge margin. From my experience, anything is better than Windows Store. I'd swear uPlay is better than it. I subjectively still rank Origin higher than Steam. Hell, their Origin access is awesome for starters, just bought it myself.
  14. Microsoft Rumors

    I'm talking with no game development from first hand here, but maybe and only if the devs converted whole games for the XBOX, which makes no sense. It has specific hardware (they are PC components to a point, but it doesn't just work like that) and software for it, so if you're talking playing them out of the box, then no.
  15. Microsoft Rumors

    I don't see it happening. They might be interested, but both EA and Valve are in no financial problem, their income is increasing every year, and there is no reason for them to sell. On the other hand, I could see an obvious reason for MS wanting to buy them, if this is true. Considering how hard MS wants to push Games for Windows Live, buying a company like EA would be oh so suitable for them, from games alone but also for Origin as a platform. No need to explain Steam. But I can easily see them buying PUBG. Same situation as Minecraft.