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  1. The school computers

    My school didn't have any protection, Pocket Tanks, NFS, CS 1.6, UT99, you name it.
  2. Do y'all recommend the Corsair Glaive RGB

    Easy. Mx Master 2S
  3. Least Key Wobble

    I'm pretty sure you haven't, very few non custom boards have them, and I'm pretty you can't buy or let alone test them in any shop. Kailh is actually one of the few companies that is "inventing" new switches. New ones can't even be compared to old ones. Cherry has been stuck for quite some time now, and many people prefer other switches over them. I for one completely prefer Gat Reds over Cherry Reds. I'm pretty sure Kailh box have even less wooble, out of the new switches. I have tested them but not speed ones.
  4. Logitech g403 or zowie ec2-a?

    Had the same dilemma, went which Logitech for few reasons. The sensor was not it, Zowie has 3310 which is good on it's own. My main problems were that you can not turn the glowing mouse scroll off, depending on the sensitivity that you choose, you're stuck with that color, and you can change the sensitivity only with a physical "key" on bottom. Bad place to put it imo. Logitech on the other side has software that gives you much more freedom, swapping what each button does and so on.
  5. Hot Deals of 17/10/2017

    They have been around for so long that you even have Vintage MX Blacks. Anyhow, anyone spending that amount of money on a Roccat keyboard is crazy. You can get much, much better keyboards.
  6. EA Shuts down Visceral Games

    Really sad to hear this. I've put countless hoius on LoTR: RoTK.
  7. I seriously hope that U doesn't stand for what I think it does. Sadly I feel it does.
  8. I said I was playing the devil's advocate. I suppose there is a reason why I was never interested in law.
  9. And there is still a difference between guarantee that you'll get at least the broccoli bubble gum fudge and paying money to the baker and hoping he might give you the broccoli bubble gum fudge and not tell you to get lost.
  10. There is a difference in having a guarantee you will get something in return and knowing there is a chance you might get something. This is literally a purchase.
  11. I'm, gonna play the devil's advocate and say it's not gambling. Here is the thing. There is a chance and no risk. Difference? There is a chance you will get better rewards, but there is no risk of losing anything because you can't. You paid for the box or got it or w/e, but you are guaranteed to win something.
  12. Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    Are those Zealios?
  13. Let's wait and see I suppose. Really skeptical about this.
  14. Their laptops (this covers XMG and Sager as well I suppose) have already had full desktops 7700K in them. Mind you the strongest models were quite thick, but they had the cooling and were more than capable on running them.
  15. [Free Steam Game] Crazy Taxi

    The nostalgia