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  1. Not if you want to build credibility, which is what LMG has been trying to do all these years. Hence why they abruptly dropped some sponsors after some incidents.
  2. Funny but even Kingston uses LTT video for DDR4 efficiency. https://www.kingston.com/en/community/ArticleDetail/ArticleID/665
  3. DDR4 requires 1.2V while DDR3L requires 1.35V. DDR4 is more power efficient than DDR3.
  4. This is not really a fine, but as the first sentence says, it's a settlement. Fb is gonna pay the amount and continue to sell your data as usual.
  5. We've heard so many promises from startups coming forth with such allegedly revolutionary products that I am expecting us to be able to build lightsabers in next few years. Seriously, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  6. You are really still trying to push the idea that random, non mod members should help with moderation. This reminds me of the idea that the community should nominate potential mod members (your thread long time ago). Here is the short version. If admins/super mods (if there are any) think someone can help with moderation (as in handing out warning), he/she is gonna probably be made a mod and do it officially. Once again, as I said in the prior mentioned, your thread, same outcome, there is bound to be drama, calling out admins on how they pick people, etc., pick your poison.
  7. I'm not sure how Sony OTA work, but 6.0 is released for the phone, so if there is no chance to update it with OTA, try with cable? I'm sure Sony has some PC program to update their phones, in case OTA doesn't work/wasn't released.
  8. Honestly, with the time I played with it setting it up (my mom had it), I didn't see the feature, I don't think there is a way to do that.
  9. People not realizing UK ISPs are the good guys here. Because of this a lot of people are turning the feature on because they weren't aware it even existed. This was a hidden PSA. In case you want it:
  10. Aurora Store. It's a non Google Play Store. Can't purchase stuff though. All apps from Play Store are there. It's a fork of the old Yalp Store.
  11. Last July? She should have gotten Pie months ago. By the time s8 got Pie, LG iirc had 0 Pie devices out. Looking at patches in the last year, Samsung was always more frequent than LG, to the point of some V30S or + versions being almost a year behind, while my verson goes up to 3 months behind before the update. And your phone with Oreo is the best example of what LG thinks of updating. I know my next phone won't be an LG.
  12. If it's the headphone jack and you care about music quality more than anything else, then V40. If it's basically everything else, then S9 out of those 2. As much as I love my V30 their update speed is horrible. Samsung is much better in that regard, not slightly as the other guy said.
  13. More privacy, as in not using a browser that literally follows you. Also better "ad protection". Brave said they aren't gonna go the same ad route as Chrome.
  14. I see the appeal in that, however that can be quite annoying with 16+ length passwords. I use it due to it having a great app, windows app and a FF add-on. That in combination with Authy as 2FA. Just my way of thinking.
  15. Use Bitwarden and you're golden.
  16. Bad wording I suppose? This is what I'm talking about. https://ioshacker.com/how-to/transfer-videos-vlc-ios-without-itunes After you add it would start transferring, but not in this case.
  17. Recently went from Chrome to Mozilla and am pretty happy. Mind you android FF is not the best but if we're to believe the nightly, it's about to be up there. Few additional add-ons but I'll live. It's the desktop that is so much better imo. Using it with HTTPS everywhere and Privacy Badger, really happy with it. I just wish Duck Duck go was a better search engine and Proton email had few missing functions so I can ditch Google completely.
  18. My gfs MBP is really not used a lot considering our other devices, and I don't tinker with it that often, so it was not something we did as in changed settings. It's always up to date. Literally transferring 30 episodes of Gintama on iPad Air 2 for the trip. First (shocker) it would not detect the iPad but would detect iPhone 6S. After few restarts of both, it detected it, just to completely freeze while using VLC as app in the library to transfer the videos. Waiting for almost 30 min, nothing happened. Connected to my laptop with Win 10, everything worked perfectly. Same cable, same everythin
  19. If I use iTunes on MacOS with iPad while transferring files and the app is unstable with transfer or hardware detection then yes, there is an issue with their ecosystem. To the point I had to transfer files using (ironically) Windows for the trip last summer. Their app was not stable on their OS. Would not detect the iPad and would freeze mid transfer. Glad to hear that. I've had enough issues to completely avoid it as much as I can.
  20. I really hope you are not using iTunes as something positive because it isn't. That shit needs to burn. Have had so many issues on PC with iPad or iPhone as well on a MBP with iPad or iPhone. In their freaking ecosystem. One of the worst apps I've ever used, year after year.
  21. I didn't have time to properly respond. Anywho... Just to be on the same page, since we obviously aren't. I was not talking about the author of the game, or the devs not making it policital, I was talking about the media, the RPS author and everyone else making a political mess out of it. I find this funny because by that logic, you can not have a no-political statement. Some people just have their opinion, it's others who decide if it's a political statement I suppose. Well it's not my problem if someone thinks everything is about politics. It's not.
  22. Well you could this a... surprise mechanic. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
  23. Unplugged all of them multiple times and plugged them in. EPS works on other system which is sadly not LGA 1150 to cross check the CPU.