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  1. It's official now, LG is exiting the smartphone market. They just announced it at a board meeting. https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20210405001600320
  2. The article title is misleading - Android sends more data in terms of raw file size. Also, Apple sends MAC addresses. It's somewhat disappointing how Ars Technica has decided to use a misleading title for this article.
  3. "Miners are destroying the environment so we should destroy it too" Great thinking there bud
  4. "crypto mining bad because it use lot of electricity so bad for environment!!1!" proceedes to play video games on shiny graphics card that uses hundreds of watts per hour If gamers really cared about the environment they should stop playing video games and pick up a football lmao much more environmentally friendly and better for your health too
  5. Ok, you're childlish and bitter and please go out and touch some grass
  6. Good job, NZXT, this could have all ended if you just came out clear and replaced the risers, but you decided to give customers a cheap band-aid and now thousands of people know about NZXT's irresponsible business practices.
  7. A big majority of views and clicks are from release day. Why do you think reviewers release their videos the moment the NDA ends? Essentially his review will be late and he will make much less money, and his reviews may also be rushed. It *is* a big deal.
  8. Hardware Unboxed's tweet has 10.1k likes. The r/nvidia post regarding HUB has 21.3k upvotes and is currently #9 on reddit's popular feed. If Nvidia's plan was to quietly brush this under the rug... well, their plan isn't working out that well.
  9. Also, Gamers Nexus sent out a tweet yesterday asking NZXT H1 owners to contact them, so... coincidence?
  10. Even if it costs them (and the customer) more, they should still be offering to fix them for free, not just send out repair kits and make customers do the fixing. At least have an option for someone to fix it for them, give customers a choice. Offloading all the work to customers is wrong, even more in this case (lol) when it can be an actual fire hazard. Edit: Also, sending out repair kits and having hundreds of emails from customers who don't know how to fix them is going to be expensive too
  11. No, no, NO NZXT, THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DEAL WITH A SAFETY HAZARD. What you do is recall all the cases. Not send out "repair kits" and make users fix problems caused by design flaws. At the very least offer free repair for customers.
  12. Apparently they're using "second-generation" ultra thin glass. I assume it's going to be better than the one in the Z Fold 2.
  13. They're reportedly planning to use UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) for the cover of the Fold, so maybe a stylus could be used. We'll have to see though
  14. Summary Galaxy Z Fold 3: - Under-display camera - S Pen - screen cover will be Ultra Thin Glass - To be released on Q3 2021 or as early as June 2021 - Note series is expected to be discontinued - Possible Z Flip 3, Z Fold FE Please note that this isn't officially confirmed by Samsung (as in they haven't said these things directly) -this is all according to reporting from South Korean media Aju Kyenogje and IT Chosun. Xda developers and other media have reported on this too. Quotes (Direct translation from original sources)