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  1. Is there a chrome extension to swap the left and right audio channel?
  2. Is it possible to have VPN on only one specific tab instead of the entire browser?
  3. So whats next? we will have cameras installed inside our house monitoring us 24/7 because some men committed some crime somewhere? Every one is a criminal now? Because these laws are the digital equivalent of that being done to anyone.
  4. Jesus christ what is up with this CSAM bullshit? Why is every sketchy law and policy related to CSAM. People are acting like there is an epidemic of children being abused going on. Its a rare crime. Probably even lower in Australia since it is a low crime country.
  5. Do you think Nvidia will make ARM open source or at least free to license to combat RISC-V?
  6. they need to ban social media before video games. if they are really going to be a nanny state, atleast do it right
  7. nice try but you clearly said that I said 4k was a stop gap for 8k which I didnt. I said 4K120hz is a stop gap for 8k120hz. you clearly did not read what I said before replying
  8. Big TVs are getting quite cheap. even this 8K 120hz TV is less than $3000. It will only get cheaper. 75 inch will be the standard TV size in the next couple of years. You can get 4K 75 inch TVs for less than $800 now. I firmly believe size matters more than any other parameter when it comes to TV.
  9. Summary Several months ago, Hisense held a press event where it unveiled several new products. One of the items mentioned was an 8K TV. Today we’ve spotted an official Amazon listing, and it surprisingly costs less than the company had originally planned. This Hisense 8K TV sports several notable features: a 74.5-inch panel, native 120Hz refresh rate, 7680 by 4320 resolution, and a peak brightness of 1,000 nits. There are also 180 local dimming zones, which should play a vital role in the visual accuracy when viewing dark scenes and content. Continue reading to learn more.
  10. onlyfans was not built for sex workers. it was intended for creators. onlyfans has a lot of creators who are not sex workers. sex workers started joining onlyfans later. they have never acknowledged the sex workers on their platform. fansly was built specifically for sex workers. they have no other kind of creators. all the creators of fansly are sex workers