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  1. lol why buy a mac just to install windows on it? apple will be happy to sell macbooks to the 0.1% who would be dumb enough to do it and make that profit they otherwise would not be making
  2. All hail the battery king M1 Macs
  3. nobody did. show me an example.
  4. nobody else made a whole video whining about it. he made fool out of himself because every other reviewer had review units and knew apple was right and linus was wrong.
  5. exactly. and since he is being rebutted by the tech community because of his stupid video, he now has to stick to his opinion because of his big ego.
  6. can eGPU support be added via software or is it a hardware limitation? I think apple will make their own eGPU and sell it for 2 kidneys. they dont want to deal with amd and nvidia drivers again
  7. 0.1% of mac users will ever use eGPU. Apple does not give a fuck about them.
  8. So is the M1 more powerful than zen2 or zen3?
  9. what's stopping people from installing the app from apks? 99% smartphones there are probably android
  10. Summary Students will receive an Apple iPad Pro with available Wi-Fi and cellular data connectivity (activated and covered by the College for those students who have internet connectivity needs), an Apple Pencil 2, and the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad, which includes a trackpad. All interested faculty members and the staff who support teaching and learning will receive iPads that use Wi-Fi only to connect to the internet. Cato says the iPad Pro model was chosen for its overall functionality—coming closest to a laptop experience while including built-in cellular int
  11. Summary Apple is being sued for allegedly refusing to help those who have fallen victim to a iTunes gift card scam. An 11-count class action lawsuit has been filed against the company. Apple is accused of lying when it says that there is no way to trace or refund the value of the cards Quotes My thoughts I really hate these scammers who target the elderly and Apple should make changes to how these cards work to stop any such scams. If it takes a lawsuit to make it happen, so be it. It is not just an Apple problem, these scammers use all kinds of gift
  12. yeaf there is no difference between the US and the compnany aiding the chinese government which has forced millions of people in labour camps, illegally occupying Hong Kong, murdering dissenters
  13. Summary A group of digital advertising associations criticized Apple's plans to require apps to seek additional permission from users before tracking them across other apps and websites. Quotes My thoughts I love android and Apple both, but one thing Apple beats android in hands-down is privacy. That’s not to say it’s perfect, but people who are privacy focused should lean to Apple, not Android. Apple makes money on their hardware which disincentives them from making money from your data. Sources https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-google-app