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  1. How dare Gigabyte criticize our Chinese overlords. People should immediately take out any Gigabyte component they may have burn them in public to show them their place. Such insolence cannot be tolerated.
  2. you could always keep using your m.2 ssd when you upgrade your pc. there is no reason not to buy it now and use it with your current pc, if you are going to end up buying it anyways when you upgrade
  3. so your ssd is a sata ssd and you plan to upgrade to a pcie nvme? like these ones? these are a lot faster than sata ssd.
  4. Seems like there are standards for Li battery. The problem is there are too many standards. I skimmed through the article but you can give it a read. Microsoft Word - The Regulatory Maze of Lithium Battery Safety - Final White Paper (batterypoweronline.com)
  5. just because they are changing the whole logic board does not mean it is going to the landfill. they are changing your board with a refurbished board and your board gets refurbished and goes into the next guys phone. louis does not have a supply of refurbished boards and hence he needs to change the resistors and capacitors. he would do the same if he could do it and fix yours board at a later time for somebody else. it would greatly speed up the process.
  6. i am not against right to repair. I just dont like the way louis is presenting it. like once the bill passes everyone can repair their own product. everyone cannot and do not want to repair their own products. but they will get the choice to either go to apple or a third party repair shops like louis to repair their product. which is a good thing. i agree. I just dont like Louis's holier-than-thou attitude that apple is the greatest evil that in the world and he is doing humanity a great service by passing this bill. Louis will gain f
  7. what ever bill louis manages to pass (if he does) will not change the way apple designs products. this bill is not going to force apple to design a phone whose back camera can be replaced the bill will only allow access to spare parts, softwares and documentation that apple has to third parties like Louis so he can repair the products there is nothing stopping apple to just design the phone in such a way that it cannot even be repaired by apple itself. then the bill will not work since there exists no way to repair the product, and you can bet if push c
  8. I have not watched all his videos but I have watched some. then you are 0.0001% who can repair their own product. 99.9999999999% cant Step 1: You give louis money to help fight for right to repair Step 2: Louis passes bill that will allow him to repair products Step 3: You give Louis money again to repair your product Step 4: Louis profits The only person who profits off of this is Louis.
  9. performance matters when you have 10 extensions installed. laptop can slow down considerably.
  10. he only shows you the ones he wants to show you to further his agenda. "Right to Repair" my ass who is actually repairing their own product? nobody knows how to. the only people who can repair the products and make money off it is Louis
  11. really? the guy who makes his livelihood fixing apple products constantly telling you to come to his repair business instead of going to apple? huge conflict of interest. how do you know he is telling the truth? and now launching a Right to Repair "movement" because he can no longer get access to apple parts This guy only cares about making money
  12. just because he believes in right to repair doesnt mean he isnt capable of skimming money off the top. those 2 are mutually exclusive. there is no transparency with what he is doing with the money