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    AMD A8 X4 5600K, 3600 MHz
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    Asus A55BM-E FM2+
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    8GB DDR3
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    AMD Radeon R7 260X 1GB GDDR5
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    Cooler Master K350
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    Western Digital 1TB SATA 3
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    Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500W
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    Fujtisu Siemens 1280 x 1024
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    Speed Link
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    Windows 7

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  1. So I just cracked my Samsung Galays S7 screen, phone is working but screen is flashing and its completley unusable I want to recover my phone data in case phone dies but when I plug it into my PC I am supposed to use my phone and I suppose allow data sharing My PC asks me what do I Want to do with a phone but I am not able to do anything because screen is cracked http://prntscr.com/ctddl0 Any way I can bypass this and access my data? How much does S7 screen replacement costs? Thanks in advence
  2. Because I need my PC to boot faster, and load stuff quicker such as videos,images,music and perhaps few games And everyone should have SSD in their PC because HDD is too damn slow.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/iRobot-650-Automatic-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B00YVQN4F2/ref=sr_1_8?s=vacuums&ie=UTF8&qid=1449271118&sr=1-8&keywords=irobot+roomba To my mother She is not really high tech user but it would for sure help her if someone else would do vacumming. Easy and simple to use and understand
  4. Holly fuck I am stupid I thought it was released this month LMFAOFMO
  5. I'd go with WD HDD and GTX 970 rather than 390
  6. Is it just me or Windows 10 upgrade is still not available for everyone? I know Windows 10 upgrade should have been available for everyone couple days after release but still after 13 days I don't have option for upgrade even I reserved. Did you guys get your upgrade or your still waiting? http://prntscr.com/7s3w7f
  7. Hi there I am wondering how does capture card works and what hardware/software you need to use capture card Also how does it connect and why is capture card better than using (For example) Dxtory+OBS
  8. Which one should I buy? Kingston v300 120gb or Kingston Fury http://www.links.hr/artikl-051.400.216 http://www.links.hr/artikl-051.400.310 Price is about a same
  9. Which one? Death Adder or Rivals? Please leave opinions and comments Please don't vote if you don't have any experience with it It would be used mostly for CS:GO