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  1. Hi, As the title says does anybody have experience with Amex UK (American Express UK) charge cards? And if so, were you able to apply online for your charge card or did you have to fill out a form and send it to Amex UK? Thanks much.
  2. AluminiumTech

    Amazon reviews, or am I crazy?

    I wouldn't buy those.
  3. Yesterday ShsrkCard ManTM Silentprototipe and I were messing around and a friendly guy also messing around got out his flying dorito lmfao.



  4. AluminiumTech

    How Fortnite's success lead to intense stress at Epic Games

    I'd never dream of it.
  5. vAlVe tAkEs tOo mUcH mOnEy! 30% iS tOo mUcH! /s




    inb4 Valve is being sued by a probably very rich Casino. Aka why Valve really needs a 30% cut so they can pay for legal fees and other fees which are highway robbery.

    1. pierom_qwerty


      Why are they even being sued?

    2. AluminiumTech


      @pierom_qwerty Allegedly for "illegal skin gambling" and being unfair competition.


      Imagine that, a casino suing another company for being unfair 🤣 the irony is so real with this one.

    3. handymanshandle


      As many reasons I have to not like Valve, this is just a casino who just wants to troll lawsuit because they're acting like they're broke.

  6. Today I saw one of the biggest oxymorons I've seen in a long time 😄





    A SouthEastern Javelin "HighSpeed" train going about 5 miles per hour across a level crossing. 🤣


    For context a SouthEastern "Javelin" looks like this:




    Image isn't mine but the license allows re-use and sharing according to Bing.

    Also extra context:


    3 out of the 4 barriers at the crossing were broken and/or non-functioning so some NetworkRail engineers and a security guard had to stop people from passing by when lights and sounds came on and the train went through.


    Usually the train at the crossing probably goes around 30-50 miles per hour.


  7. AluminiumTech

    New Browser Brave. Is it Safe?

    No? Nothing about the brave browser is Blockchain based except their BAT currency for supporting websites with donations. And what do you mean smart contract? Anyhow back to the original question is it safe. The answer is yes. Arguably more safe than Google Chrome out of the box because brave has certain extensions like privacy badger and HTTPS everywhere pre-installed. Not to mention their native adblocking implementation.
  8. By the way if anybody wants me to debunk rewards apps and how bad most of them are then make sure to let me know.


    I probably will do it but I just don't know when at this point.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      @Hiya! That would be the case if it was a small program you found on Github, but think about it for just a second.

      Honey is a massively used browser extension, by a big company....

      Apply this principle: "If everybody wins, then no one wins".


      Also honey has been spotted using coupons with "honey" in the name, for example "honey10", so companies pay honey money to not actually find the best coupons on their site. The whole existance of honey is shady.

    3. AluminiumTech


      Well I would say that everybody does win. I will admit sometimes the coupon codes they have don't work or apply because of specific details about my account or something but they're not bad people.


      A lot of the coupon codes are actually submitted by other users cos you can submit coupon codes to their system from within the extension.


      And they make money by referrals and sometimes affiliate links which isn't shady.


    4. Hiya!


      @Origami Cactus the last sounds shady yeah

  9. I've had issues mentioning people on mobile in general for quite a while and the browser I use on mobile is usually Firefox. Keyboard I'm using is GBoard.
  10. Passed yet another Mondeo on the way to Uni lmao.


    For something which apparently didn't sell well there seems to be a decent concentration of them around here.


  11. Wow. Some of Paypal's websites look like they're straight out of the 2000s or something -_-.


    Website that you're forced to go to change that setting in Paypal in 2019.




    Cos Paypal really doesn't get the idea that my bank might (read: actually does 100% of the time) have better exchange rates than Paypal does -_-.


    And yes it's a legit Paypal owned site.


    1. Syntaxvgm


      you'll find a lot of payment providers are like that, on purpose. 

    2. AluminiumTech
    3. Syntaxvgm


      yah im sure it's partially regulations and partially keeping stuff like tracking scripts from being on payment pages, a lot of them i notice just have separated sties and they might not get updated as often. I work with payment processors at my job, but I honestly don't know the whole reason. 

  12. So LMG decided to just embrace the meme at this point? lol.


    First LTT video I've seen in a long time.


    Also, paying for something in Euros -_-.








    Also, low-key kinda nervous cos it is Huawei built hardware.





    And this is gonna be where my Unlimited Data SIM will probably go for the next 7-8 months once it arrives from European Union Republic Republic of Ireland xD






  13. Yeah so my conclusions on my very shortlived experience with an iPhone:

    • iPhones in 2019 are in some ways worse and some ways better than the last time I used IOS
    • the 8 Plus is one of the best pieces of phone hardware that I've ever used and yet the software on it is some of the worst mobile OSes I've ever used.

    What we low-key really need is someone to make iPhone like hardware (no not talking about Xiaomi's imitations) which actually uses great quality materials etc running Android.


    Using IOS 12.2 on the 8 Plus, I was actually pretty scared because so many people use iPhones and so they suffer the results of all the problems with anti-trust and monopolistic behaviour on the App Store. And as someone who sometimes wouldn't mind making apps for a mobile platform, IOS has fallen even further down my list of possibilities and I would now put even more emphasis on Android development than IOS.


    IOS is a great operating system for consumers (ignoring the anti-trust and monopoly issues) but one of the worst if not the worst development platform for developers.


    The only way to fix the cycle of developers needing to develop for IOS is for everyone using an iPhone to ditch IOS and move to Android so that developers can stop being forced to make apps using awful tools with awful restrictions on an awful platform.


    Android isn't perfect, far from it. But now I have even less respect for IOS. And if I was making an app, unless IOS users were willing to pay 5-10x more than Android users for the same app or features, I just wouldn't prioritze or put much effort into an IOS version.


    What a damn shame. The best phone hardware I've ever used with the worst mobile OS I've ever used.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DrMacintosh
    3. AluminiumTech


      The only thing I could really tell from that graphics is that A) people who buy more expensive phones tend to spend more in general B) sales numbers on mobile App Stores are still many orders of magnitude worse than PC or server sales of software. Also some devs just bypass the Play Store because Android allows real side-loading.

    4. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      @DrMacintosh Have you used android playstore/ Google Play?


      EVERY SINGLE APP ON THE APP STORE IS PAID. The same apps on Google Play? Free.

      Why? Because you need to pay Apple 100-200$ to get your app on their store, while Android is free-20$.

      The same problem is with the MacOs as well. Every little thing is paid, while on windows they are free.



      No wonder they make more money.

  14. AluminiumTech

    Experiences with non-techies

    Android apps have toggles to disable automatic updates or are you talking abou the Play Store?