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    Phenom II
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    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
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    8GB Kingston HyperX Fury
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    GTX 580 FTW HC2
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    Silverstone RV02
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    2TB Raid-0 7200RPM
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    Silverstone Strider 1KW
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    ACER 100000080 pixels 754000hz
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    Coolermaster two twelve
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    Logitech G710
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    Logitech G303
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    Onboard Realtek ALC 889 GODLIKE
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    Win 7 64 Ultimate MLG Edition

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  1. I have some free extra DLC, because i got the Anarchy edition (physical copy)
  2. I know it has it's issues and needs some tweaking to get running right but underneath that noise is a great game, the level design is top notch and the gun play is just awesome. Movement ability is really great too, it's like you are playing on ice, it feels so smooth and supple. Graphically it's alright, but it has it's moments where it can look rather amazing, the technology that uses 1 texture for the entire world is unmatched in giving a very seamless representation, however there are issues with it as i stated before that the game needs tweaks.
  3. 25 second disconnect keeps popping up throughout the match and freezing the game, off and on, yet i minimize my game in timeout and run a ping diagnostic and i have A grade for Ping test with zero packet loss...
  4. No stores do that and adults let them lol.
  5. Oh right a thread made many months a go is this thread that we are talking about, interesting retort.
  6. Huh? i think you are easily mislead myself, i never get actually mad at anything, i guess you can read words the way you want to.
  7. I run a MSI 790FX-GD70 so it's quite a recent board with PS2 ports, i can hot swap once the bios has booted with it plugged in
  8. Here, with Chrome minimized i get 7% idle because Steam is downloading which is normal, i can only hit 13%. With Chrome open, it idles at 13-16% then when i move the mouse i hit a max of 31% and averaging 29%.
  9. Does anyone know why this is happening? both my USB Logitech G303 and my PS/2 Gigabyte mouse cause 25-35% CPU spikes, which is a detriment to gaming. The thing is it is also pretty random, right now i can only get it to a maximum of 13% CPU usage and that's at 1000hz on the Logitech, but at other times the spike can be much larger for unknown reasons.
  10. Thank you just been a long time since i used PS/2 stuff.
  11. Do you need to plug in anything PS/2 at bios boot? or is it plug and play? you see i found my old Gigabyte optical mouse, it's a really good mouse from years ago that i can keep as a spare in case my Logitech G303 fails me. But i plugged it in and it does not work even though the laser is glowing bright red.
  12. Quantum Break system requirements out, Windows 10 required Update: Remedy has sent out an email clarifying that the announced requirements weren't entirely correct. The "Recommended" hardware initially listed is actually for the "Ultra" specification, while the proper "Recommended" spec is considerably lower. I've updated the requirements accordingly. Original story: A PC release of Remedy's upcoming Quantum Break was confirmed earlier today, but the question of whether it would be exclusive to Windows 10, or available to own