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  1. I'd suggest trying to spare extra money if you can for a 2060 super, it's performance is like the RTX 2070 however it is about $80 more expensive than the regular 2060
  2. You shouldn't look at how old it is because it's from the same series so it will receive the drivers,updates,features as other RTX cards, if you want the best performance RTX 2070, but if your looking to save some money you may consider the RTX 2060 Super if you can find a good deal.
  3. I highly recommend against buying a used monitor unless you find a really good deal or know the person who's selling it.
  4. Would be pointless, it would not improve performance and regular SATA SSD's are more than capable to do that.
  5. You want to overclock your android phone?
  6. Totally not worth it IMO, better get a newer card with warranty than buying a used last gen, its like playing the lottery + the 1660 super has gddr6 memory compared to gddr5 memory and is more or less (typically more) similar to a 1070
  7. Yes it supports it, although you maybe need to flash the bios to the newest version.
  8. If you want to go AMD you could go for something like a 5600 XT if your willing to spend the extra money (the cheapest one is 320 euros on mediamarkt https://www.mediamarkt.de/de/product/_sapphire-radeon-pulse-rx-5600-xt-6g-11296-01-20g-2626247.html)
  9. https://www.mediamarkt.de/de/product/_zotac-gaming-geforce-gtx-1660-super-twin-fan-6gb-zt-t16620f-10l-2610921.html Not really, IMO from these prices the 1660 super is the way to go.
  10. You can't display anything if you don't have a GPU.
  11. Can you post a screenshot, but 99% a damaged panel.
  12. Shouldn't be the PSU, the 5700xt has crashing problems, here's a post on the AMD site you should check out https://community.amd.com/thread/241023