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  1. Does anyone know the reason why they left specifically? Something about censorship, but could someone go into detail? 

    1. DeadEyePsycho


      Last big thing I was saw him doing was being a MS fanboy and defending them no matter what.

  2. I legitamiteoy think he's gone

    1. themctipers


      im going to say hes gone 

    2. JohnnyCorporalTech


      Yeah, I think he's gone as well, RIP AluminiumTech


      We can always ask him on Twitter. 

  3. I'm done. I'm just done. I'm not tolerating censorship anymore. If you wanna talk them I'll be happy to off of the forum.


    It's clear people want me gone off this forum and so this is Goodbye, if not for now then forever.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. FloRolf


      wait what? Who keeps me updated on things microsoft does?

      Plz don't leave :(

    3. themctipers


      Context pls

    4. vorticalbox


      What could you have possible said to be censored on this forum? 


      @FloRolf I know right :/ 

  4. I have the Felt Typecover and not the Alcantara version but if the alcantara version is anything like the felt version then it'll be fine.
  5. Good. I don't want things running in the background unless i specifically want it to and that only means a music app and nothing else. They weren't. Microsoft failed to talk to investors and shareholders about Phones thus far in 2017.
  6. You just had to post on the same topic as me at the same time



    1. AluminiumTech


      The code in Life.exe is broken.....



  7. It's your earphones. Your earphones are broken.
  8. It's a material used in premium/luxury sports cars. most laptop keys are plastic. It's Alcantara.
  9. sudo apt-get install thread_locking_tool && lock_thread
  10. Microsoft is committed to it. It's not going anywhere. This is the future of how you get apps......
  11. The <sarcasm></sarcasm> and /s sarcasm indicators exist to indicate to others that something is a joke or is sarcastic.
  12. It's not frozen when minimized? idk. Different UWP apps behave differently cos developers write them differently....... Direct X is as much a part of UWP as it is Win32. This discussion about Win32 vs UWP is over.
  13. Universal Windows Platform. Can we stop making assumptions about UWP and Windows Store? K. Thanks. Phones use flashlights. <sarcasm>Surprising, I know....... </sarcasm>
  14. A lot of fake apps have been removed. Scam apps also have been removed. Sure, the store is not 100% perfect but no storefront is. This is what i said........
  15. If you're not an expert on Windows APIs or SDKs, I wouldn't make intelligent comments about them if i were you. I use development tools and UWP is a lot easier to work with than Win32. WinAPI doesn't exist,