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  1. No. If it used the iPad Pro then this would cost $1200-1500 + for the iPad variant.
  2. It's actually quite respectable for the pricing options. They used to charge people $100 to go from 16GB to 32GB and then another $100 to go to 64GB.
  3. On a $200 iPod Touch, they previously donated around $20 USD per unit. I'm guessing the minimum amount they have to give is 10% per unit.
  4. I was expecting this video to be very triggering but I was mostly happy with it.


    Linus didn't mention battery though.......



  5. I'm effectively multiplying the amount of cores by their clock speed. The A8X has been known to run at between 1.4GHz and 1.5GHz. A9 is not a "upgrade" from A8X. It's a side grade. It's like going from a GTX 770 to a GTX 1050. Sure, some areas are better but others are worse.
  6. More efficient architecture does not automatically mean more performance. Most of the perf improvement from A8 to A9 came from clockspeed bumps with a minor IPC improvement. A8X was a 1.4/1.5GHz triple core SOC. A9 would be slightly slower than the A8X without architecture IPC improvement as shown below. This assumes IPC is the same. 2x 1.86GHz = 3.72 3x 1.4GHz = 4.2
  7. possibly. You'll need to contact support and ask them.
  8. These are also sold at some retail and online outlets.....
  9. Where did you buy your key? RETAIL licenses can be re-installed on ANY PC hardware configuration. The Key can be only used on 1 PC at any given time. OEM licenses can be installed and re-installed on THE PC hardware configuration that it was setup on. The Key cannot be activated on PC hardware (specifically motherboard + cpu) other than what it was originally installed on.
  10. if it is a RETAIL license then yes. If it is an OEM license then no....
  11. The most IPAD iPad ever.


    10/10  IGN.


    Read: 5th Generation iPad with Retina Display (Early 2017)



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    2. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Looks like a expensive futuristic drink coaster 

    3. wrathoftheturkey


      Rounded Surface* 

      With a capital S

    4. Factory OC
  12. Back on topic: This is a let down for me. Price is OK. the SOC is not. I'd really like an A10 chip instead of the A9 but I recognize that this is a lower tier budget iPad.
  13. Why are you lying to yourself? I see at least 10 people using tablets EVERY SINGLE DAY. Android Tablets, iPads and Surface tablets.
  14. This is a charitable foundation which aims to reduce AIDs and HIV in developing countries. Product (RED)TM products have a portion of the revenue generated by the product which go into the foundation so they can reduce AIDs hopefully.
  15. I don't think performance would be much better tho...... Going from a TRIPLE CORE A8X to a DUAL CORE A9.......