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    Ex-floatplane subscriber

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    Technology, programming and gaming.
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    Student at Uni. Also part time self-employed programmer.


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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
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    MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
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    16GB DDR4-3200 Corsair Vengeance LPX
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    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 8GB
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    500GB Samsung 860 EVO, 1TB Seagate Barracuda + 2TB Seagate Barracuda
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    Corsair RM850i
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    1x 1920x1080 Asus VX238H + 1x 1920x1080 Asus VX239H
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    1x Corsair ML 140 Pro, 1x Corsair ML 120 Pro, 1x Corsair H100i v2
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    Corsair K70 LUX RGB MX Brown
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    Logitech G903 Wireless
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    Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Wireless Headphones
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

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  1. AluminiumTech

    What Annoyed You Today?

    35 Unsatisifed Apple customers who can't charge their iPhone XS Max . I'm still confused as to why we don't all just switch to the Metric system cos it's millions of times simpler and easier than Imperial.
  2. Oh my gawd! The clickbait is gone 😍.




    Such Title. Much Truthful.  😛



    When you realize they did this by accident and not on purpose.


    OOoof 😠.


    1. lewdicrous


      Somehow I don't think it's a mistake, it was posted 22 hours ago.. new form of clickbait maybe?

  3. When you see people say "my truth" in videos and TV shows instead of "the truth" -_-......


    [Self Censored part to comply with Community Standards and be "LTT Friendly"]


    It's just "the truth" there is no subjectivity to the truth. That's what makes it the truth.


    [Another Self Censored part to comply with Community Standards and be "LTT Friendly"]



    The truth is that this status update was modified to be "LTT Friendly" and you can view the original in my discord.



    Also, the truth is that most of my status updates or posts on LTT which involve opinions are probably self censored to some extent and not what I would say anywhere else or in real life.


    Gotta protect the children or smh! /sarcasm



    1. DrMacintosh


      I know what you mean, but I have a lot of head canon for movies and TV. Lol

  4. Yay! Just Uploaded 7.5GB macOS dmg to OneDrive and now to download it on another PC -_-.




    Reason why I had to do it this way instead of copying via USB is cos when i tried doing that theUSB got an error cos the file size was too large  -_-.


    1. vorticalbox


      what file system were you using on the USB?

    2. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      @vorticalbox He probably had fat32 on the usb instead of exfat, because fat32 has a limit of 4gb per file.

    3. AluminiumTech


      @Origami Cactus @vorticalbox  I believe it was "Large Fat32".  Although i'm surprised it's not called super fat 32 lmfao.

  5. Finished watching 13 reasons why.


    Definitely dissapointed in the outcome of Season 2.


    Spoilers in spoiler bracket:


    Felt like Bryce got off wayyyyy too easy.


    He should have gotten a far worse sentence imho.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DrMacintosh


      Wasn't there a whole thing on the news claiming that that show endorses suicide? 

    3. AluminiumTech


      @DrMacintosh I don't know but when it first came out, the High school I went to was advising parents not to let students watch it. Possibly for that reason.


      Before I watched it, I thought that it would endorse suicide.


      The name of the show didn't help. But I think in the end it didn't so much endorse suicide as explaining why some people think about it (and why others do it). Pretty fine line to walk but I think they managed to stay away from endorsing it.


      Spoilers in bracket:


      In Season 2 it was much more apparent that they weren't actually endorsing it and they were critical of it to some extent.


      Edit: Also my perspective:


      Not gonna lie, I have had thought about suicide. And ocasionally I still get suicidal thoughts but having a sense of purpose in life or reasons to keep going definitely helps.


      Edit 2: Oh and definitely don't watch the show if you're under 18 and/or in a bad place mentally.

    4. Lil Ramen

      Lil Ramen

      Back when Season 2 released in May I heard spoilers about


      the "shooting"

      and that held me off watching it until June. In July I got to that episode and was disappointed how that turned out. If there is a season three idk what they'd do.

  6. AluminiumTech

    Embedded attachments working selectively

    By the way, for OGG support in Edge you need to download this:
  7. Linus, pls stop doing this to me.


    Don't you know how annoying these are? Or is that why you force them on every Techquickie video -_-


    @nicklmg If these keep on being added to the front of Tech Quickie videos then I'm gonna stop watching all LMG videos. This is just ridiculous. 





    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jtalk4456


      honestly it doesn't bother me in the least

    3. WikiForce


      many other channels are also taking this approach now, extremely annoying. Someone tell 'em to cut the bullshit xD

    4. AluminiumTech


      @Origami Cactus Why though? That's such an asshole and dick move.


      It's almost like Linus doesn't care about his viewers and is deliberately going out of his way to annoy people so much that they pay for Floatplane or something.

  8. Kek.




    Defo needs more work on fixing the branding but at least I got it to build 😛.


    I still find it strange that Microsoft wouldn't build MonoDevelop for Windows although they probably want people to use VS instead.


    And speaking of VS, i'm surprised they didn't make VS for Linux using the MonoDevelop source code like how VS for Mac is based on Xamarin Studio which is based on MonoDevelop.

  9. AluminiumTech

    My mom says "FortnITe ToO VioLENt" PLS HELP

    One of the reasons why I really enjoyed turning 18 . Being able to make decisions for yourself without somebody stopping you and then having to deal with the consequences of it is great. Mind you, I was able to play violent video games for a while before I was 18 with my parent's permission. I started playing Battlefield and GTA when I was around 15. Definitely a place where I feel like most parents fail to properly prepare their children is in responsibility and making decisions (and then dealing with the consequences of those decisions). Parents can be as strict as they want while their kids live with them but the second they're out the door they'll do everything the parents didn't want them to and act rebellious. Parents imho are usually either too strict (by a large amount) or wayyyyy too "laisez faire". I definitely do feel a lot more mature than others my age. Then again, I find that conversations about mature topics like alcohol and sex usually end up quite immature and weird.
  10. T480 review still coming. 


    Also, my attempt at trying to build vscode failed miserably so I'm moving onto something else for now :(.


    I swear most companies try to make their open source software almost impossible to build so that nobody can compete against them despite having the source code available.


    Also, AluminiumTechDevelop/AluminiumTechStudio coming soonTM :D.




    This should be millions of times easier to build although still difficult. If it does build then I may end up forking it and making my own changes :P.

  11. When you go to Uni at 1am cos WiFi at home is such a joke 🤣.


    And I walked there with friends and not taking bus 🙁.


    Damn that was exhausting.


    Defo appreciate the uni keeping study places open 24/7 😄.

    1. bleedblue


      Oh I know how you feel. Used to go to walk all the way to a student lounge at 3 am when I was uni.





      ...but I did live in a dorm literally opposite the building where the lounge was.

    2. Windows7ge


      My situation would be the complete opposite. Wi-Fi at the college is throttled af. But if you happen to come across a Gigabit Ethernet port you can enjoy their sweet sweet fiber internet. Talking about almost a full gig up/down.

  12. When your Upload Speed is over 10x faster than DL speed 🤣.






    File being uploaded in top pic is around 6GB. Bottom file is 7.5GB.


    Both are still really bad tho 😠. Hopefully speed should improve when they install more lines to the property in a few days.


    Also don't worry, after I run out of BF4 videos I'm probably gonna switch to a new game to play for a while.

  13. AluminiumTech

    Samsung launches the Galaxy A9 2018, with 4 rear cameras

    Also, I'm somewhat surprised they're not dual-sourcing the SOC with an Exynos variant . Generally Exynos devices get better 3rd party support than Snapdragon with regards to Samsung products.
  14. It's not replaced per se but it's deprecated. Basically, apt-get still works but apt by itself is generally preffered going forward. See above.
  15. Tomorrow is money day :D.


    Or more specifically, the day that eBay gives me £150 (ish) for selling something over 2 weeks ago -_-.