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  1. IDK if this helps. I found some documentation on it. Compliance_Rules_For_PlayReady_Products_10_November_2016.docx Defined_Terms_For_PlayReady_Compliance_and_Robustness_Rules_10_November_2016.docx Robustness_Rules_For_PlayReady_Products_10_November_2016.docx
  2. Oh. Interesting....... ^^^^ ^^^ Yeah. It's a shame really.
  3. Make a bootable Windows 10 Installation Media on a USB. I haven't had to re-enter Windows Keys when re-installing.
  4. can you snip your quote so it doesn't take too much space? thanks. I'll correct the placing although at that performance level it's really margin of error if one beats the other.
  5. No. Microsoft's DRM requires support for HDCP 2.2 which the Geforce Maxwell products do not support.
  6. Soz.
  7. Because everybody loves to run Crysis 3 at 7680x4320 at 30-40fps :D.


    1. themctipers


      You can play crysis with CPU only, I think toms hardware did that (when windows 7 was new)


      I want to try software rendering..

  8. Oh ok. I'll update this accordingly.
  9. oh rip. Lemme fix that.
  10. That is one of the reasons I don't want to ever live in the US. if the ISP problems don't go away then i'm not gonna live there.
  11. Understood. I'll take some time off for a little bit.
  12. ^^ Xamarin Studio is not really supported anymore.
  13. Read below. Windows 10 on ARM supports Snapdragon 835. Please. Stop. Windows Phone as stylized with a capital W and a capital P is dead. That's it. Windows on Phones or Windows on ARM is not dead. If you can't tell the difference then why are you writing this article when you have no business writing about something you know nothing about. No. it does not. You need help. Jesus Christ. i am depressed over your ignorance and hatred for Windows on Phones. You blatantly post articles which are not true or are vaguely true in order to push your own agenda. You clearly hate it or project a view of hating it.
  14. @Daring Can you please fucking stop. Every time I read the title of an article you make in reference to Windows I just really want to fucking stop going on the forum and I think very dark thoughts. It's incredibly cringe inducing. It makes PewDiePie look professional and damn PewDiePie is not professional. Stop with the fake news. Windows Phone was dead a long time ago. Windows on Arm and Windows on Phones will survive. Do you think this thread shows a lack of care? A lack of care would mean people ignoring threads like this. People have an active hate for Windows on Phones. There is no other logical explanation.
  15. My 650 is running better than ever. It's come to the point where people want Windows on Phones to die and not Windows on Phones actually dying.