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  1. No. They come with QuickSync which is an encoder that can be used by OBS but that doesn't mean that OBS comes with Intel CPUs. Also, AMD Ryzen CPUs like the 1700 or 1800X are better at x264 due to the higher core counts and thus it doesn't really give anybody an advantage.
  2. For streaming to twitch, I'd recommend a 1700
  3. The Mail app and all default apps in WIndows 10 which are UWP apps require the store to be updated. I don't disagree. I just think that the argument for removing Windows Store and/or complaining that they have to have Steam or Origin and then complaining about Windows Store being there seems a little weird. Yes, ideally a store should be platform agnostic where developers have APIs and SDKs to easily develop cross platform apps or games along with suitable amounts of documentation. Most digital storefronts don't do that. Some come close like Steam and GOG supporting Windows, Mac and Linux but generally they provide poor documentation on making cross platform apps or games along with little to no information on risks vs benefits for different types of developers and targeting different OSes and pricing etc.
  4. It was fixed in August 2016.
  5. By doing so, you are not elegible for Microsoft Support or any Windows support and you could potentially be causing more issues for yourself and others.
  6. IDK if anybody remembers but the 2nd generation Surface Pro was black instead of grey. This could possibly be a throwback to that since SurfaceBook 2nd gen could come out soon.
  7. I'm still pretty sure Intel and Microsoft probably have an agreement for the next Surface product whether that it or isn't the SurfaceBook 2.
  8. Hi guys, as CSMark comes closer and closer to 1.0, I've realized that some major things need to happen. CSMark needs to be more community driven, it needs to have a greater impact on open source as a whole and promote good examples of open source software and OOP. And it needs to be more user friendly and intuitive. CSMark is also growing and so I wanted to be able to better handle the project as it scales. Thus, leading to the new CSMarkBenchmark GItHub organization. This is effectively just a group of repositories that belong to the CSMark project. Some of which may not be entirely related to CSMark. The first repository to be added was the new AutoUpdaterNetStandard which is a port of an existing open source library which is no longer maintained. Changes were made to make it compatible with .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Core. And anybody can use it in their project. It is completely separate from the main CSMark repository. CSMark will reference this by adding the DLL to the project. The main CSMark repo has been moved to the organization to make organizing stuff easier. I'm thinking of moving the benchmarks and calculations to a CSMarkLib repo so that the CSMark repo only contains the code specific to the DotNetCore console app. Scaling is a big issue to tackle and it will need to be tackled elegantly soon. CSMark will probably come to the Windows Store in the shape of a UWP app with most (if not all) the same functionality as the existing dotnetcore application. This doesn't mean that the dotnetcore application will be depreciated or discontinued. CSMark may come to Steam either as a Console Application or as a standalone WPF version. The main reason for sticking with the dotnetcore console app is cross-platform support. I've heard rumours of Xamarin supporting more Desktop platforms in the future but I don't 100% know about that. One thing i do want is a lot of feedback and feature suggestions . I am aware that CSMark isn't feature rich and I'd like to add more functionality to it that people want. Features I'm currently working on include: A text based settings configuration for the DotNetCore application, adding more benchmark tests and providing better formatting for results. But please, feel free to leave comments below with things you'd like to see come to CSMark! Thanks for your support .
  9. Professional journalists at the The Verge can see it's a surface book. it looks exactly like one on the sides and the hinge design. I've seen SurfaceBooks in real life and they looked really similar except for being grey.
  10. CoffeeLake is a 14nm refresh of KabyLake with more cores. CanonLake is the first gen 10nm CPU arch and so its only for mobile.
  11. if they pull the same shenanigans they did with the OG, Base model will have Intel HD Graphics Base dGPU will have iGPU + a bad dGPU Performance dGPU will have iGPU + acceptable graphics. to be completely honest, I think a dGPU should be included in the base model with an optional better dGPU model for extra $$
  12. at the very minimum? i'd probably say yes.But it could also be more expensive by that point due to miners snatching up GPUs. I don't really know.
  13. The Ultimate SurfaceBook that can replace your laptop. :D.




    1. themctipers


      a surfacebook is a laptop

      starting at $1800 CAD


      might as well buy a macbook, its a chromebook+ too!

  14. Intel is showing off what could be the next generation Microsoft Surface Book in their 8th gen CPU marketing video. The product isn't specifically mentioned by name or even referenced except for scenes containing what appears to be a black Surface Book. The dynamic fulcrum hinge is present on the laptop and the Escape key looks just like what's found on the Surface Book Gen 1. This is big news cos the Surface Book is still rocking Skylake so potentially we could see a Black Surface Book Gen 2 with CoffeeLake/CanonLake. if that's the case then i'd expect a quad core 15w CPU and a GT 1030 or GTX 1050. Microsoft is clearly not a big fan of AMD Radeon Pro notebook GPUs (unfortunately) and so it's likely that they will stick with Nvidia. I'm definitely hyped for Surface Book 2 but since I already have a laptop I need to wait until at least 2020 to upgrade that. This seems pretty cool and I'm somewhat jealous that most people with new laptops in the future will have quad core CPUs whilst I'll be stuck with a dual core . Anyhow, that's just a guess. A rather educational guess made by intelligent people over at TheVerge. Thanks for reading .
  15. GTX 1060 6GB with an R3 1200