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    Whateverchan reacted to Zberg in Thinking of returning 5600 XT.   
    Amazons policy is fortunately awesome
    RMA, get an Nvidia  
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    Whateverchan reacted to Gohardgrandpa in Thinking of returning 5600 XT.   
    So I’ll chime in on this one. 
    Asus strix rtx 2060 not a single issue
    Strix rtx2070 not a single issue
    Bought a xfx dd ultra rx5700, nothing but issues. Tried every driver imaginable, every setting changed, I  spent probably 20 hours messing with it. Returned to amazon
     Bought a sapphire pulse rx5700xt. If I have amd enhanced sync or Radeon anti lag on it crashes. I didn’t change any other settings, turned just those 2 off and the card has been great. 
    In my experience nvidia is easier if you don’t want to tinker with settings. I will be buying nvidia only from now on. 
    Nvidia being loud is funny. Any card can be loud if the fan speed is thru the roof. I haven’t had an issue with either company being hot or loud. 
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    Whateverchan reacted to Zusafek in Thinking of returning 5600 XT.   
    I've had zero issues with my 5700xt since purchase just after launch. No crashes, no issues at all. Unlike my 2070 which I had to rma 3 times in 4 weeks. Now I'm not saying amd is better than Nvidia. I'm just stating what I have had happen. 
    And why don't you have the box?  I usually keep the box during the duration of return window at minimum. 
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    Whateverchan reacted to Spotty in Thinking of returning 5600 XT.   
    The noise level of the graphics card really depends on what fans/heatsink the card manufacturer slaps on there, the default fan profile set on the card, and if they screw up and use 10mm of thermal pads between the heatsink and the card. Different generations of cards will be different as well... So the notion that "Nvidia GPUs are loud[er than AMD cards]" is basically meaningless.
    Before buying a card (either AMD or Nvidia) try to find professional reviews of the card that test noise levels and performance.
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    Whateverchan reacted to Nishant Kumar in Using W10 key from old laptop?   
    Agreed with @Slottr, most probably it happens with the OEM keys.
    One more possibility can be there, if you have ever used pirated Win 10 on that PC, then the activation process tells you that "Could not activate your license due to could not connect to the MS server"

    Make sure 'Windows Update' and "Software Distribution" services are in the running state. Hence, make sure Windows is getting updates properly.
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    Whateverchan reacted to kirashi in Using W10 key from old laptop?   
    We cannot discuss keygens as that constitutes piracy. As for cheap keys off eBay, most of them violate the terms of the Microsoft EULA as they're usually not retail keys from authorized resellers. Your best bet will be to purchase a key from the Windows store, from a local box store / retailer, or from Amazon.
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    Whateverchan reacted to Kanna in Using W10 key from old laptop?   
    It's probably and OEM key that was purchased by the company who sold you the laptop and can only be used by the company (If I'm not off-track) and not by an user on another computer 
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    Whateverchan reacted to Slottr in Using W10 key from old laptop?   
    Probably an OEM key so you won't be able to transfer it
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    Whateverchan reacted to BlueScope819 in Almost done with my build. Anything else?   
    Looks good to me. No need to tape the cables or anything, that's normal. You do better cable management than me. The top doesn't really matter perhaps ask the company for a filter to slap on there, no need for cardboard. Plug it in and tell me if it works!
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    Whateverchan reacted to BlueScope819 in Almost done with my build. Anything else?   
    Okay. Follow this:
    The machine doesn't do anything. No beeps, LEDs or spinning fans.
    Check if your power cable is firmly plugged in on both ends (you would be surprised how many issues this resolves) Check if the power supply (PSU) has a button to cut the power to the machine. Check if this button is in the position denoted with ON or I Check if EVERY power cable is plugged in securely, reseat if necessary. Check if the power button is installed correctly (consult your motherboard manual) Try shorting out the pins you connect the power button to manually. If this powers on your system, you have a faulty power button. Check with a device of which you know that it works if the power outlet you're using is actually providing power. If this hasn't solved the problem, check if your PSU isn't dead. To do this, you can follow these steps:
    Unplug your power cord and/or flip the switch on the back of the PSU in the position denoted with OFF or 0 Unplug every connector coming from your PSU (this is very important) Using a bent paperclip, short out the green wire on the 24 pin header with any of the black wires, like so. If you have a PSU that shuts down its fan under low load, or a PSU that is fanless, connect something small like a hard drive to it. Plug in your power cord and/or flip the switch on the back of the PSU in the position denoted with ON or I If the PSU does NOT power on (the fan/hard drive you connected should start spinning) after following these steps, your PSU is in all likelyhood defective. Request an RMA.
    If the PSU DOES power on, then the problem is most likely your motherboard.
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    Whateverchan reacted to BlueScope819 in Almost done with my build. Anything else?   
    To add onto that, I checked the pictures again and it looks like you are using a modular PSU. Make sure that all of the modular cables are firmly plugged in, both to the PSU and to the motherboard.
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    Whateverchan reacted to BlueScope819 in Almost done with my build. Anything else?   
    Well done. Sorry I did not see that you tagged me there until now. All of the control stuff for RGB is done though software, so download MSI Mystic light to control all that stuff. Each company has their own RGB control software. The GPU fans don't turn on unless the GPU is doing something, to reduce noise.
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    Whateverchan got a reaction from ColdPressCoconutOil in Almost done with my build. Anything else?   
    Thanks! I'm not sure if the company will be that generous, lol. I want to tape the GPU cables because I'm gonna put some decorations inside the case, so I want less cables sticking out as possible.  Just plug the power cable in?
    Yes, they are. I swear they don't have virus or anything, lol. I use links so it's easier and faster for the page to load.