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  1. Coincidence or is YT now recommending me videos based on flexing poses in the thumbnail 🤦‍♂️


  2. CPU support list for your mobo: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-MAX-WIFI#support-cpu (you will probably need to update your BIOS to use the latest Zen3 CPUs). Now just because a CPU is on the support list it does not mean it is a good fit for the mobo, let's check how good are the VRMs on that mobo: https://linustechtips.com/topic/1137619-motherboard-vrm-tier-list-v2-currently-amd-only/ Nothing spectacular, but not too bad either. Now make a choice: a) Stay with iGPU, Ryzen 7 5700G would be a nice pick. b) Get a d
  3. What @Electronics Wizardysaid regarding port forwarding and VPN, just adding that you will also most likely need to setup Dynamic DNS because your IP is probably not static. There are many free options out there, I personally use: https://freedns.afraid.org/
  4. Your are welcome. Yeah I've seen that you don't need this solved, but leaving useful replies might help someone else that stumbles upon this thread . Beside bad ram settings (which CMOS would resolve) and like @SupaKomputa said contact cleaning (to get rid of tiny layer of corrosion / dirt that can form and cause higher resistance between the stick and the slot) there is only two more things I can think of: 1) Trying with different combinations of sticks in dual channel slots (if you have more than 2 sticks obviously). 2) Don't use ECC RAM in a mobo & cpu that doesn't support i
  5. Oh yeah, honestly I haven't been paying attention to what videos are displayed on the right. Heh true, these are all user hacks, they don't need be perfect . Speaking of hacks, here is a quick and dirty one in case someone uses js injectors (like Violentmonkey plugin for example), it leaves only Topics. quick links (Discord, merch, etc.) and Recent Status Updates (if on root page): const cjsAddCSS = s => document.head.appendChild(document.createElement('style')).innerHTML=s; if(location.pathname == '/'){ cjsAddCSS('#ipsLayout_sidebar > div.cWidgetContainer > ul.ipsList
  6. Number of videos varies if I am not mistaken. So you will most likely hide "Recent Status Updates" on the home page sometimes... better to use nth-child range selector and add an exclusion for last child if on home page.
  7. I've got WinApps setup, it is just a Windows VM client running in the background to which your host (Linux) connects to via RDP protocol + some file manager integrations and shortcuts. It works OK-ish most of the time but still, FreeRDP has a few bugs, also you are running a full fat VM in the background so there is quite a lot of overhead and even if that is not an issue if you've ever used RDP (even Microsoft's own client) you will know not to expect the same experience as if you are in front of a real Windows PC. Also worth noting is that WinApps is looking for a new maintainer,
  8. I would never replace the mobo if the only problem is missing CPU cooler RGB heh. This the manual for your mobo: https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_b450-aorus-pro-wifi_1002_e_190528.pdf In it you will find the location for the 4 pin RGB header:
  9. For a server you should pretty much always pick LTS (Long Term Support).
  10. You can turn on TPM. Secure boot on the other hand will depend on your Linux distro... For example, Ubuntu will work with secure boot out of the box, but if you are on Arch you will have to mess around with manual signing... hence why I didn't bother with secure boot on my dual boot system, I have TPM enabled, secure boot disabled: And TPM works fine:
  11. Yes. But for Dead Space 3 coop it ain't an option, which is the only game I mentioned here. Besides, game/software piracy is an excellent way to stuff your PC with malware if you aren't extra careful. My money my problem if it is wasted or not. Did you read why I did it? EA games shut down Visceral Games. Buying directly from EA at that point in time would only benefit EA, not the developers behind the game. I don't want to reward EA with my money when they do crap like that. Since then EA has made some good moves, like the release of C&C Remastered wher
  12. Depends... But anyhow for that use you'd want high endurance cards (not high performance). High endurance cards are designed to be used with devices such as dash cams, security cams and alike where video is constantly being recorder (and written over) on the card 24 hours a day, every day of the year and sometimes in harsh (well harsher than normal) conditions. They can last several years. Another use for high endurance cards is in SBCs like Raspberry Pi... Though all that being said a regular old HDD or an SSD will usually outlast and pretty much always outperform an SD card.