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  • Birthday Jan 01, 2006

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    Computers | Retro consoles | Drawing | Most tech related stuff
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    I'm a random 14 year old who likes computers and videogames I draw sometimes too (I suck at it tho) as a side hobby I like retro consoles / tech, I have multiple xbox 360s (maybe not retro but still a console)
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    Intel Core i5-8400K
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    idk something from asus
  • RAM
    2X16GB Corsair Vengance RGB Pro
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    ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 3gb
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    Some prebuilt ROG case
  • Storage
    128gb M.2 Sandisk / 4TB Seagate / 1TB Western Digital
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    500w Passive
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    2x AOC AOC G2590FX 24.5"
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    Shitty CPU fan with no brand
  • Keyboard
    Razer blackwidow elite
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    Razer deathadder elite
  • Operating System
    Windows10 / Ubuntu
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    Samsung Galaxy S9

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  1. Weird that both are off and it's Still doing it is there any other programs running and does it do this in every game?
  2. Try maybe using OBS to record and change the Mic settings to your likings or if your program has Mic settings use them
  3. Specs? Mic? Mic settings? Program for recording?
  4. Ohh umm check discord maybe? iirc there is a setting in the sound tab at the bottom that says lower volume when someone talks
  5. This is most likely caused by a setting on windows go into control panel sounds and then communication and then press do nothing
  6. I doubt the benchmarks on YT is actually using that GPU because I would be surprised if a tenthiddy (lol) ran the game but minimum is Intel HD 3000 so maybe but as for your issue updates makes changes in the game
  7. Well the fact you did a test before the newest update could be something, or it could be what you looked at did it ever get solved?
  8. Try offline, things change in online how long was it since you last tested the old rig?
  9. That would probably be atleast 720p and it would be a great deal looking at how much new ones are, keep in mind it is HDMI and you would need to convert the wii from RGB to HDMI
  10. few important things, are you in story mode or online? how much ram? and it might be that your CPU is just not handeling it
  11. Did they have the exact same system as yours another thing was it from a reputable source?