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    Computers | Retro consoles | Drawing | Anime
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    I watch anime and have a fuck ton of xbox 360s
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    Intel Core i5-8400K
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    idk something from asus
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    2X16GB Corsair Vengance RGB Pro
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    ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 3gb
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    Some prebuilt ROG case
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    128gb M.2 Sandisk / 4TB Seagate / 1TB Western Digital
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    500w Passive
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    2x AOC AOC G2590FX 24.5"
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    Shitty CPU fan with no brand
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    Razer blackwidow elite
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    Razer deathadder elite
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    Windows10 / Ubuntu
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    Samsung Galaxy S9

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  1. The hype is BIG the games in this series is lit and I hope this will be better than FH4 because I didn’t like it but already looking good with Mexico and we all know what that finally means we can drive on the right again 



    1. Levent


      FFS, I have been waiting for Japan since FH3 and looks like I'll still be waiting. 

  2. visiting the site should be enough, don't actually know tho since it wanted me to open EGS but it should work without it downloaded
  3. If you perhaps use discord and own epic games account, I would claim this because 3 months free nitro is always nice (free for first time nitros) How to redeem, claim it on EGS and then wait for an email to arrive where you will get a link (Make sure to have a valid email address when doing it) https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/discord--discord-nitro
  4. What is a good download manager I can use for next time I do this since I work with large files
  5. So I have some big files downloading from google chrome and I'm wondering if they will just flat out cancel if I hibernate or if I could maybe have the PC not audible when sleeping but still continue download when I wake up
  6. So my PC forced a Windows update yesterday while I was working on some stuff (it's gone now but doesn't matter too much) but when I started it now it took 10 minutes to sign in and now this and none of my startup apps has started either it's like the PC is in safe mode but it's not I have tried restarting. Also noticed when I restarted it reset my colour to blue
  7. Related to something @Murasakisaid in a status update but why does Nintendo go so hard on fan made games and emulation it's just stupid because of you then ask Nintendo they would be like just don't do it. How are we supposed to play your past masterpieces without paying ridiculous prices for consoles and games used

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    2. Murasaki


      Just now, Kanna said:

      The thing is they don't make any money of it

      What about those NES/SNES classic consoles? And I think there's stuff for the switch too.

    3. Kanna


      30 minutes ago, Murasaki said:

      What about those NES/SNES classic consoles? And I think there's stuff for the switch too.

      They make money off the switch emulators but the NES and SNES classic they don't make money off because they stopped producing them and now they go for much money in some places

    4. Murasaki


      Oh yay more things to scalp /s

  8. My brain is collapsing from reading this thread so much stuff is wrong and no just no a phone will never replace a gaming PC because performance
  9. The controllers are out of production since years and only chance is used or new old stock. Another alternative could be a Xbox one controller because it's mostly the same but if you really want a 360 controller I wouldn't be afraid to get a wired one used or a wireless with a receiver if something is wrong on it like a bad joystick it's replacable
  10. Well it doesn't do much gaming tbh. Yeah I will just try that price I said if I don't get it well it's fine I can't do anything about it