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    26,000+ SSG-08 kills in CSGO
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    I'm toxic, but not that toxic
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    edgy csgo player who also happens to like computer related things

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  1. going to Disney Land with my choir until Sunday! I'm really excited and I'm leaving in a few hours

    1. Mr. horse

      Mr. horse

      did you win a football game or something.

  2. are you FUCKING kidding me I don't have the money to buy a new phone
  3. Thank God warowl knows what he's doing with this PC for the most part. He even gave some good tips about the nh-d15 and made a verge joke.



  4. fantasia.

    i5 6600k with rtx 2070 bottleneck?

    it's already known that they're much more power efficient and they're going to have more cores but that's about it. It's likely that it'll be priced well since AMD has had a track record with good value CPUs and GPUs. It depends on what you're playing. A 2700x performs like a 8600k when they're both at stock for gaming. The 2700x will easily pull ahead for streaming and editing though. The 2070 is going to be a fantastic 1080p card and can also manage 1440p.
  5. fantasia.

    i5 6600k with rtx 2070 bottleneck?

    I wouldn't get a 2700 or 2700x because 1) depending on where you get the 7700(k) from, you might end up spending more on a cpu+mobo+ram combo rather than a CPU. 2) Zen 2 is coming and I think it's actually your best choice to just tough it out and wait for Zen 2 to get released this July.
  6. fantasia.

    i5 6600k with rtx 2070 bottleneck?

    I'm not remembering any boards of the top of my head but there are a few b450 boards that are pretty solid got the price. As for the CPU, a ryzen 2600(or 2600x) or if you get a deal on a better chip is what I would pick
  7. fantasia.

    i5 6600k with rtx 2070 bottleneck?

    I mean quad cores are kinda out now, 6 Cores is so cheap. I have no idea where you're located so I can't say prices for sure, but a new 7700k's price usually can get you a decent motherboard and CPU. The only thing is that you have really slow ram and ryzen performs better with faster ram
  8. fantasia.

    i5 6600k with rtx 2070 bottleneck?

    That would be fine. A 7700k is pretty good but if you're spending enough money for a 7700k I suggest that you go and spend on a ryzen CPU and motherboard
  9. I think it should fit, based on this toms hardware thread here. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/lga-2011-vs-lga-2011-v3.2223701/ It'll just work best for you to test it though.
  10. fantasia.

    Anyone else gaming facing the exhaust heat from PC?

    whats your specs? I mean I have a somewhat toasty PC due to my stock cooler but it isn't melting my right leg
  11. fantasia.

    i5 6600k with rtx 2070 bottleneck?

    yeah that'll bottleneck, the old quad core i5's aren't terrible but are weak compared to what's for sale from AMD and Intel now (cough cough AMD value king). If you want, a 7700(k) would help but I would personally wait for Zen 2/Ryzen 3000.
  12. fantasia.

    is my cpu broken i cant test it

    you have to quote fasauceome because he won't get a notification without you quoting him. You can quote people with the arrow at the bottom of their comment box and it'll say "quote" when you hover over it.
  13. fantasia.

    Budget PC Build