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  1. So something like the RX 580? and you mean using both nvidia and an AMD gpu in conjunction with each other?
  2. I want to upgrade because I want to build my own system instead of using a pre-built from Best Buy
  3. My current specs are listed in my original post at the top and lol yes I have that monitor and I LOVE it
  4. I already have a Freesync Monitor, the Samsung Superultrawide 49" Monitor and I am currently on a prebuilt system right now and I want to build my own system part by part!
  5. I only play shooters like CS:GO, Ring of Elysium, Rainbow Six Siege, and GTA 5
  6. Building a new system and I want to build it around the graphics card because I want optimal performance. So my question is should I go with the Vega 64 or GTX 1080? In my current rig I am rocking a Intel core i7-8700, 16 Gbs of DDR4 Ram, and a GTX 1060. I'm open to run either platform, Intel or AMD, just want some input from the community! Thanks in advance!!!