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  1. Thank you, yeah they have worked themselves out. Being as this is my first hardline build and I have only done one soft tubing loop before, and i'm only 15, i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I think i'm going to leave it as it is because there is a black border on the glass of my case which hides the air pocket anyways.
  2. Oh okay, thank you. Do you know how to get rid of those small bubbles inside the res?
  3. Ive just finished my first hardline build, and I filled most of my loop, but a small portion is not filling. How do I fill this?
  4. Yeah, that's what i'm saying. I see people with my same cpu getting better idle temps with aio's which makes no sense.
  5. I have a custom loop, using corsair hydro x's waterblock and pump res combo, and I am not getting good temps or a good oc. I have a 3600xt and a asus b450f motherboard. idle, at a 4.5ghz set clock I am getting 40-50 degrees, and under load I am getting around 70. I thought my idle temps would be better? Also the overclock is not going higher than 4.5, even with voltage increased.
  6. I want to spend under 150, and I love raijintek cases, but I can never find them in stock. To be honest, my best option is kind of looking like the o11 dynamic right now, just because of the price, and its compatibility and style. I also really like the core p1 from thermaltake, but it's a little out of my budget.
  7. Yeah the case is nice, but also pretty basic imo, it's so popular nowadays and I wanted to make something a little more unique.
  8. I'm looking to get a new case since my current one has some issues with the mounting for my watercooling loop. I have to mount the fans on the outside of the front panel, which technically isnt even supported, I just have the front panel off currently so that the fans can be installed there. I want to get a new case so that I can hardline watercool, are there any that anyone would reccomend? I am looking to hopefully spend under 150, and a clean look. This is my current build:
  9. I'm looking for an ultrawide monitor 1080p, and atleast 144hz for as cheap as I can get. Does anyone know any good black friday deals that are coming up?
  10. Why would a 2700x bottleneck at 1440p 144hz? I think it should be fine. I am running a r5 3600xt at 1440p 165hz and everything is smooth. IMO, higher refresh rate is so much better for gaming since I only really play fps games, but if you play other visual games 4k 60 might be a viable option. I think most titles should be fine to run on both resolutions and refresh rates, but I don't have much experience with 4k, so I am not 100% sure.
  11. i'm looking to get a projector. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying not to spend too much, hopefully under 500, but if not what are my options?
  12. I wanted to build my dad a home theatre under 1000 if possible. I’m looking to get all my stuff on black friday so if the items go a little bit over budget that’s fine because there will probably be sales. What stuff should i buy, I need everything but a couch. Thanks!
  13. Never mind i'm just really stupid. Theres an option for it
  14. So I chose the device in icue, I set it as a gpu waterblock instead of a pump, what do I do?q