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  1. Wow the Corsair VS 2017 is higher quality than the much more expensive EVGA G3 and Seasonic Focus Plus. Thank God for this tier list. I had no clue.
  2. Everything in that list can be derived without reviews. Suggesting you don't even need reviews to tier PSUs in this list. There are so many more aspects I would endeavour before purchasing a power supply.
  3. Yeah cause it's subjective. All the creators of the tier list care about is protections which is stupid for alot of people. Ignore it. Who is hardly necessary untill you get to very high wattage (atleast 750). Or the very rare case of a short which the SCP of UVP doesn't detect, the multi rail unit should shutdown slightly earlier and may save a component How much a unit sells has nothing to do with the quality of the power supply.
  4. First of all, if you have the time and effort to create a thread and read reviews, DITCH the tierlists. They're crap for anyone that actually cares about the PSU choice. JonnyGURU doesn't write the reviews, that's just the name of the site (and the founder). Also, the number rating is almost as useless as the tier list. I suggest you read the whole review. No. You cant 100% depend on it. They don't go very in depth. Also, it's more reliable to judge based on a variety of review. Between 500 and 600w PSUs from the same model usually ha
  5. Plus years and years of research on power supplies yet alone general electronics. The same reviewer tested the GX-1000 too - https://quasarzone.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=qc_qsz&wr_id=313607&page=2 And the Focus PX (Platinum): https://quasarzone.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=qc_qsz&wr_id=307283&page=4
  6. You're writing reviews now? I'll save you the trouble of voiding your warranty. A quick google search found a review of the Seasonic Focus Gx-650, GX-750, and GX-850. It includes brief internal examination, efficiency testing, voltage regulation testing (with crossloads aswell), standby testing, and ripple testing.
  7. Usually it's not worth the price gap. But you're paying for more than just efficiency; the quality and electrical performance is what matters. It's simple math. Take a Cybenetics report of an efficient PSU (eg. Corsair AXi), and find it's efficiency at each load at your voltage (120V or 240V). Calculate how much power your system will use at different workloads, and the average length of that workload per day. Lastly plug in your electricity prices and repeat the math with a less efficient power supply.
  8. I couldn't find it, but the supervisor IC alone isn't enough to tell you if the protections work. Because it's subjective and has inconsistent sorting methodology. Depending on a person's situation they may value different traits of the PSU.
  9. Based on internal photos, it looks like a cut down Seasonic Focus. Key difference being a lower quality fan (sleeve/rifle as opposed to FDB), no passive fan mode, 7 years warranty instead of 10, only a single CPU cable, only a single PCIe cable with two connectors, and of course non modular. The issues with the Focus Plus involving the effects of over-current I assume are resolved in the Core series. There are no professional reviews or tests, so we can only guess it's electrical and protection performance.
  10. Not that I'm on anyone's side here... The S12ii and M12ii uses the HY510N as seen by this review. This IC does support UVP on the minor rails (3.3V and 5V) but not 12V. The PSU lacks OCP on every rail. And has no OTP. As per the review I linked, the 12V rail drops to 11.633V during a crossload test. Though in spec, this put strain on modern demanding components as the 12V rail deviate +-242mV as the workload deviates. The Haswell C6/C7 sleep states require a sort of crossload that this unit and any other group regulated power supply cannot hand
  11. So a manufacturer that claims to fix a specific issue in the newer model is less reliable than power supplies without anyone testing them that far? Seriously, that was very high overload ripple testing. Most power supplies on this list haven't been tested like that. Therefore all of them should also drop to tier D.
  12. Though I couldn't find reviews, there are a couple tear-downs. http://www.jiguo.com/article/article/82568.html https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/79814425 Looks like a Focus platform. For reference, here's a review of the Seasonic Focus FM (not Plus): http://www.f14lab.com/2018/04/review-seasonic-focus-gold-450w.html
  13. *Pre 2018 https://knowledge.seasonic.com/article/20-focus-plus-and-gpu-potential-compatibility-issues