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    27,000+ SSG-08 kills in CSGO
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  1. fantasia.

    Sony vegas 16 crashed when press render as

    yo have you tried uninstalling the program? That might sound really really stupid but it's work for me every once and a while.
  2. fantasia.

    is windows 8.1 faster than windows 10?

    i would think that 10 would be better optimized since microsoft focuses on it the most, but I'm not entirely sure
  3. fantasia.

    I Need Your Dankest Memes

    the word dank.... oh man oh man it depends on what you think is funny because edgy, really obscure shit is whats the best right now
  4. fantasia.

    What size form factor is this board

    yeah looks like an mATX mobo to me
  5. fantasia.

    Looking for a parts list - new build

    Ohhh ok that makes more sense.
  6. fantasia.

    Looking for a parts list - new build

    I'm really liking what you did here. My only suggestion is that you get a different PSU with maybe lower wattage to save some money.
  7. fantasia.

    On 1080P for awhile again

    I fucking love my dell to death. It's what my brother and I used to play minecraft and roblox on and it's a decent second monitor for discord and multitasking
  8. fantasia.

    On 1080P for awhile again

    nah dude 5:4 master race my dell 1905fp has 20ms response time and the worst ghosting I've ever seen in my life
  9. Man, asian culture is crazy. Kpop, all the self absorbed Koreans and other asians caring about their looks constantly.. My mom tells me about how it was in Korea before she was adopted. I feel pride for being half Korean but sometimes it feels kind of empty since I really have no background history. What my mom has told me about her time in Korea is really depressing and it fucking sucks. Filipino kids call me white washed, which is true but it's completely out my control since my mom was adopted and she got white washed. I usually just call the filipino kids fake asians and boy, does it make them fucking mad. It's so funny when they get all pissy about it, but honestly it's kind of true. I say it to make them mad but I believe it a tiny bit. They're not part of mainland asia (neither is japan or indonesia, but eh) but what stands out to me is the clear Spanish heritage in a lot of the Filipino kids. Lots of them have Spanish last names and they say "I'm pure" but they're obviously a tad bit Spanish. Of course a lot of it is gone but, I mean the evidence is clear. Hell, my great grandpa's last name is Marquez..


    Idk if anyone will read through all of this but I've been thinking a lot about my background and I'm really curious to learn about it. I'd love to go to Korea.



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    2. fantasia.


      They're actually the double shot caps that come on the leopold fc750r. $110 for a quality korean board with mx blacks and really nice caps.

    3. Nowak


      Ahhh. Wish it came with non-Cherry switches.

    4. fantasia.


      Yeah I'd like to try some other switches but it's going to be my first board and I'm fine with blacks. My brother has told me about how his fingers have pressed keys because the reds are too light. I was going to build my first board but the board I wanted to do, a YMDK 96 (I think that's what it's called) has a lot of parts from AliExpress and it would have taken a while to ship from china and such. I'll probably do it for my second board since I'm finally getting a job soon.

  11. fantasia.

    Cassette Tape Recorder Promposal Help

    yeah that boombox that he showed, that's one of the things I used before I moved to a whole system
  12. fantasia.

    Cassette Tape Recorder Promposal Help

    I'm looking at the first one and it looks decent. I see it on B&H and they spec it with a built in mic and a USB audio line in (plug a usb in and send audio to it). I'll be honest, I have no idea how the recording process will go for this little shoebox thing but I'm taking a guess that you just select it as the audio output instead of your headphones or speakers. I would suggest picking up a 3.5mm audio jack to USB adapter so the PC can easily recognize an audio output. I wouldn't pick up the second one, by the way. It's a newer attempt with cassettes and its pretty cheap in quality. The reviews speak for themselves. I'm not sure if you were wanting to pick this up as a player for your recorded cassettes but either way this thing sucks. As for the tapes, don't worry too much about it. The first ones you linked are perfectly fine. They're not the best for sound quality compared to expensive type 4 cassettes, but they sound fine to me, no issues. If you can spend a tiny bit extra on this walkman, I would recommend it as I used to own one. It sounds quite good and is durable since it's a Sports model. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SONY-SPORTS-WALKMAN-MEGA-BASS-FM-AM-W-HEADPHONES-WORKING/293032807799?hash=item443a1dcd77:g:LkcAAOSwpkJco72w
  13. fantasia.

    Cassette Tape Recorder Promposal Help

    The best way for your budget is to pick up a used boombox/mini boombox that can record cassettes from the audio of a USB drive/SD card and a used walkman/off brand walkman from eBay (or amazon if you get lucky). The newer USB stuff is easier to use than what I do (record from my laptop, into hifi system which feeds into my double cassette deck). I personally think you're going to have to leave behind the idea of going for retro stuff, because people charge a lot of the old cassette gear (unless you get a great deal of course). My used walkman from the early 2000's costed me $25 on amazon, used and it still works great ever since I first bought it in middle school.
  14. im watching the stream of the e girl i fucking destroyed a little while back, and she's unbearably toxic and a terrible player. She just said she got deranked from master guardian 1 but she's absolutely terrible and has no knowledge of how to play the game. She probably got carried to MG by some stupid soy boys. Anyhow, I have her added on my alt account and she doesn't know its me. I'm gonna stream snipe hard B)