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  1. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to UMxMarky94 in Trust Linus? Front radiator setup in 760t   
    I have bean running a front rad in my 450d for around 6 months now and yeah my temps are 2 or 3 C higher, nout really
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    HungryHamster got a reaction from airdeano in ASUS Maximus VIII Formula SLI Spacing   
    Thanks a lot for the reply! This was very helpful.
    Since I plan on going with an EVGA HB SLI bridge instead of an Nvidia one, it looks like I will actually need to get the "1-slot spacing" because (for some reason) EVGA numbers their bridge spacing as 0 (40mm), 1 (60mm), 2 (80mm), and 4 (120mm).
  3. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to IND4Z0NE in 850w for 1080 SLI?   
    I have two 1080s in SLI and have no problems. Might not have room to heavily overclock but I'm not sure.
    Edit: I have a 850w psu as well.
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    HungryHamster reacted to comicsansms in 850w for 1080 SLI?   
    It is fine.
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    HungryHamster reacted to MaxBunny in GTX 1080 SLI or no?   
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    HungryHamster reacted to HKZeroFive in GTX 1080 SLI or no?   
    1. Yes, these issues are still present. Microstuttering, limited utilisation and driver issues are all common problems with Crossfire and SLI.
    2. Yes, you can. However, I would avoid these issues by getting a single card... ergo, the Titan XP.
    3. This is assuming that the GTX 1080Ti even exists. But no, you cannot SLI a GTX 1080 with any other card.
    In all honesty, get yourself a single Titan XP and avoid all SLI issues. Should be enough to run 3440 x 1440 100Hz quite well.
  7. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Enderman in GTX 1080 SLI or no?   
    Yeah I would do the same.
    1 titan X costs the same as 2x 1080, but you get 130-150% consistent performance, rather than 100% in most games, 120-170% in games that do support SLI, having to enable SLI every time you update your drivers, more heat and noise, and other inconveniences like that.
    Single card ftw.
  8. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to sgloux3470 in GTX 1080 SLI or no?   
    1. Microstuttering isn't really an issue.  I have GSYNC and cap my FPS to 59 with Rivatuner.  Frametimes are perfect that way.  Most FCAT test methodology is retarded.  This would be a bigger concern if you intend to leave framerate unlocked.  Utilization is rarely an issue and is usually fixed right away. (Usually limited utilization is a CPU bottleneck, like Dying Light had for awhile.)    SLI Support has been great since I got my second 980 in April 2015.  I had a worse experience with Crossfire between 2011-2014 with limited support and slow updates.
    2. It will work this way automatically, and you can configure it on a per game basis in the Nvidia control panel.  The only annoyance is you have to reactivate SLI after every driver update.  Just takes a few seconds in the control panel.
    3. No.  You can mix and match different models.  I.e I have an ASUS GTX 980 and an EVGA GTX 980.  But you can't SLI a GTX 980Ti with a GTX 980 for comparison.
    1080 SLI will be significantly faster than the Titan XP.  30-50% when overclocked.
  9. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to CoolJ S.A.S. in GTX 1080 SLI or no?   
    I've went from 580ms to 2 titan blcks, to three titan blacks, to 2 titan xs to 2 titan xps. In my experience, if micro stutters existed, it was only in games with 3 way sli that I was able to notice. With the titan XPS though, there's still a few games you'd have to turn your settings down for if you just wanted to use one card, but I've never had to do that unless I was troubleshooting. It's not as bad as people seem think when it's just two cards. There were times i thought i was micro stutering because of SLI, but it turned out to be because there were driver problems or something else. When I tested between 1 and two cards for games where 1 card was enough, I didn't notice a difference in smoothness, ever. That's just my experience though. I can tell you I'd never want to just have one card again, personally.
  10. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to sun2 in GTX 1080 SLI or no?   
    Ive ran SLI for many years now. And i cant advice anyone these days to get an SLI setup. You will run into problems for sure or no support. More power and heat. No sli support in games or lag spikes in competitives games. Streaming or vr cut in half. Really depends on what game your going to play. If its like battlefield games, sure it will support it. Other games, be warned for problems. And developers have the choice these days to implent multi gpu support. So dont expect much nor any.
    1. It can happen, myself havent got too much problems with it. But if you going to play esports games like csgo, avoid SLI.
    2. The game will utilize 1 card if it doesnt support SLI. Check with an OSD. But you can also disable SLI in the Nvidia control panel or run per game.
    3. No you will need to get the same cards.
    Pity to see such nice feature to go to waste these days. But the market is too small, and there are too many problems. So go figure
  11. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Lurick in PSU facing up or down?   
    The fan is supposed to pull air in so depending on where you'll be putting the PC and the current airflow setup in the case it might be best to have it pointed down.
  12. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to BlargKing in PSU facing up or down?   
    The fan on your PSU should be facing downwards so it can pull cool air through the bottom of your case as your case has vents on the bottom specifically for this purpose. 
  13. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Praesi in PSU facing up or down?   
    Down. The 760t has a dustfilter on the bottom extra for the PSU.
  14. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to DHelios in PSU facing up or down?   
    Fan facing down will allow your PSU to draw cooler air from outside, which will keep it slightly cooler. Do not do this if you're putting the system on a thick carpet, as that will starve it for air.
    Fan facing up will basically turn your PSU fan into an extra exhaust fan for your system. The PSU will draw warmer air from your case, but that should not be an issue considering you're getting a decent PSU that won't run too hot to begin with.
    So for the PSU itself it really doesn't matter. Things to keep in mind are:
    Fan facing up, you have an extra exhaust fan. They may cause negative pressure in the case, which may draw dust into the creases around the chassis. Having more total intake fans than exhaust fans is usually recommended (bigger intake fans than exhaust can also be used to create positive pressure).
    If your graphics card is very close above the PSU, its fan(s) may have to compete with the PSU fan for airflow. This can negatively impact the cooling performance of your GPU.
    Though in the end, any differences will be very minor, especially since I believe the RMi's fan doesn't even turn on until it's at pretty high load. I'd personally go for what looks best if you're using a windowed case.
  15. Funny
    HungryHamster reacted to keNNySOC in Thoughts on new Thermaltake ToughPower RGB PSU   
    Well...its RGB...
  16. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to aisle9 in Thoughts on new Thermaltake ToughPower RGB PSU   
    The Toughpower DPS units Thermaltake makes are good. That said, there is no way on God's green earth that you need an 850W PSU. You'll be buying a vastly-overpriced unit that's not as good as stuff from Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA and Super Flower, but it's RGB. Depends what matters more to you, and there's not really a right or wrong answer to that.
  17. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Imakuni in Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 RAM Question   
    Assuming the clock speed is the same (so for example, a 3000mhz CL15 kit vs a 3000mhz CL16 kit), the lower CL one will be a bit better, as far as performance goes.
    All you need is a 2x8 kit of RAM. Get something around the 3000mhz area; due to price, I usually recommend 3000mhz CL15 kits. But a 3200mhz CL16 is also acceptable if it's only a dollar or two more expensive.
    Oh yeah, and forget all this nonsense about "intel 100". Pretty much everything works with Z170, though 2 stick kits are preferred over 4 stick ones.
  18. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Zyndo in Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 RAM Question   
    well... C15 and C16 are a measurement of CAS latency (the amount of time it takes for the RAM controller to access a specific storage location on the memory). Assuming these models operate at the same frequencies, then the lower CAS latency will technically be better; but realistically there will be almost no performance difference between these two though. My recommendation would just be to get whichever is cheaper, or if one is in a more desired colour or something.
  19. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Zangashtu in H100i V2 or H90 (in Corsair 760T case)   
    If the top plate is important for looks to you yes you could get a single fan size radiator thing for use on the rear exhaust.
    As for the fan replacement they'll both be good as designed for SP (static pressure), it'll be down to looks and how loud they are I would say
  20. Agree
    HungryHamster reacted to Zangashtu in H100i V2 or H90 (in Corsair 760T case)   
    I would also say the H80i would be a better choice over the H90, but this is only because it comes standard with push/pull fans (which you could add/replace with SP's anyway) and the water block that goes over the CPU looks better
  21. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to IND4Z0NE in XB271HU Stand Dimensions   
    Facing the monitor, it's about 17.5" wide and 10" long.
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    HungryHamster reacted to IND4Z0NE in XB271HU Stand Dimensions   
    No problem! I have this monitor and it's great!
  23. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to STRMfrmXMN in how "future proof" is 750 w psu?   
    750W is the recommended guideline for most SLI/Crossfire systemsso it's pretty futureproof if cards get more power efficient. I wouldn't hold my breath that they'll use drastically less power anytime soon as Pascal cards use more power than Maxwell ones, but the general trend seems to be heading towards draining less power.
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    HungryHamster reacted to Dask933 in Finished my build, finally.   
    Posted a couple of months back, still didn't have the 1080 and the cables. Now it's done, everything came in, cable management redone.
    Planning to change monitor till next month (going for Acer Predator XB271HU).

    Album: http://imgur.com/a/pYG2r

    What do you think? What colour scheme should I go with the leds on PC/Desk? I like purple/violet and white more than red.
    All comments  and opinions are welcome, if I could change something to Improve it.

    Also have a headset but don't have a hanger underneath the desk yet so I unplugged it.
  25. Agree
    HungryHamster reacted to Dask933 in Finished my build, finally.   
    Nice! Yeah the stand rocks, I was thinking about the ROG Swift PG279Q but read many reviews saying that they have issues with dead pixels, backlight bleed etc, and RMA would take long. So I decided to go with the Predator, it pretty much offers the same features, on the same prize but doesn't have all those negative comments.